Project management is a challenging task demanding many responsibilities. However, by using, managing projects goes smooth and stress-free!
CaseCamp is a tool that enables you to manage the whole project and control the Software Development Life Cycle Management effectively.
Here you can create the phases like Definition, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Alpha release and Beta release. Also create a To-do List, set the priority and assign to resources.
You can track the time taken to complete each task, status of the To-do list, status of the employees, in addition to, managing the employee’s vacation, Payroll and many more useful functionalities.
Every information gathered by can be represented via statistical graph, chart and get downloaded or printed out for easier access.

• Gives an easy to understand visual display of the scheduled time of a task or activity.
• Makes it easy to develop “what if” scenarios.
• Enables better project control by promoting clearer communication.
• Becomes a tool for negotiations.
• Shows the actual progress against the planned schedule.
• Can report results at appropriate levels.
• Allows comparison of multiple projects to determine risk or resource allocation.
• Rewards the project manager with more visibility and control over the project.

How to Manage Virtual People with Project Management Tool

Managing a virtual team is hard. It needs you to form and maintain a robust company culture remotely. In addition, it needs you to use the correct ways so your team will keep producing. But some of the free project management software will help you manage your virtual team.

Choose the correct people

If you wish to effectively manage your virtual team, you need to begin with the people. Not most are cut out for remote work. As a frontrunner, you need to be able to establish the correct candidates. Not only that, you may need to verify who’s the most effective match without ever meeting them face to face. Some free project management software might give you guidance.

Look for people who have expertise working remotely. It’s also a decent plan to offer them some tasks to complete a test. If you’re unsure regarding an individual, odds are they’re not a decent match. Rather than making an attempt to coach them, you’re at an advantage moving on to the next candidate.


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Use video conferences wherever possible

Some free project management software might include this feature. With numerous video conferencing applications at our fingertips, it only is sensible to utilize them for virtual conferences. If you’re having a conference with your team, you must continually use video calls whenever possible. 1st and foremost, video conferencing is more personal. Since you don’t get to visualize your team face to face in the office, you need to create the extra effort to see one another.

Additionally, you can develop some sign language from your team. Often time’s body language is the best way to tell what somebody is really thinking or feeling. If you constantly have conferences over the phone, you’ll miss out on all of that.

If you want to manage your virtual team effectively, you need to look out for right tools that will fit your requirements. More importantly, you have to use cloud technologies like free project management software. Whether it comes to project management, invoicing, customer relationship or anything, your team needs to be able to access these platforms from anywhere.

2 Kick-starters That Will Help You While Working Remotely

Work culture could seem dizzy and unproductive if you are used to a typical office setting with regular working hours from nine to five. In this post, we’ll go through a number of the steps to take before deciding to transition into part or entirely remote work. We have a tendency to explore a number of the pros and cons, or challenges of working remotely, from each a business and private team standpoint. Hopefully, it’ll help you evaluate if it’s one thing for you, and a few steps to ultimately getting started.

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Here are 2 main points with which you can start working remotely with a little help from the best online project management tool.

  1. Create your personal productivity area

Even if you do not favor to go to a co-working space, it’s still super necessary to create a dedicated working area. Whether it’s in your home, a collection of cafés in your local area, or a spot outside, if you reside a warm location, make it your place. The importance here is that you just check that to keep it separate from your supposed life outside of work- the perpetually asked for work/life balance. This can set your brain up for obtaining stuff done instead of browsing the web in your bed for hours on finish.

  1. Build up a practical, lasting routine

Initially making a productive routine, lends to maintaining smart lasting habits. When do you go to bed? What does one kill the hours leading to sleep? When do you get up in the morning? What is your first activity? Do you jump of bed, take a run, shower and eat a healthy and nutrient breakfast? Yea, I agree that seems like the perfect morning we all attempt for- but at the minimum, set up a practical morning routine that you just enjoy. Your morning actually defines the rest of your day.

Ultimate Guide for a Creative Process

Making a creative has its own ups and downs. When you are patiently nurturing your creativity with a light mood and inspirational thoughts, and investing hours into the work, you shall be careful while refining your ideas before you present the work in front of your clients. But sometimes, some clients can urge for changes at odd hours and its 2 AM in the midnight, you must change the design because it is to be launched at 8 AM in the morning. Here, your tensions can bring you down to knees. Here, a clear creative process can save you and allow your hard work, wisdom, and experience to get the job done.

But what is the best process of working with creatives? Here is an ultimate guide:

Understand The Need for The Process

You must be having your own process to create the design from scratch; you never formalize the process and think about it in a detail. Improve your consistency and your ability to plan for a better understanding of the process. Understanding what client needs can give you a better vision. If you are working as a designer in an organization, many people will suggest you changes but ultimately it all depends on what client wants and how do they want the creative. Analyze your work what will work for you and what won’t.

Develop Your Own Process

First, examine what you are currently doing, and then what is expected. Cross check your abilities and demands from the client. A good process will always allow you enough flexibility while working with the various layers or creative freedom and expectations from the clients. By focusing on one aspect or different aspect of your process, research, and plan for execution with extreme care.


First, identity about the things you have done for the similar kind of project, this will save half of your time. Identify the vibe that needs to create the design perfectly. Then ask your clients for expectations and modifications or generate a whole new design for the same.

Describe the direction and objectives and message to be conveyed to your clients and then get a tangible creative.

Plan Out

Sketch your ideas for a better vision. This is a mechanical process but it saves a lot of time. Once you start to work on the actual design, there is no turning back, but if you make a raw version of it, it will be more easy for both you and client to modify the changes easily.


Use the research and plans you create and then start moving your pixels around. Fulfill the demands and expectations of the clients and be bold while defining your creative head into the design. Be sure and confident while serving your design to clients and have a great success.

How to Reduce That Headache of Design Revisions

After years and years of working, one of the most intimidating feelings is waiting for client’s response to the work done. Will they be satisfied what you have done? Does it meet their expectations? What if they said something negative?

“Can we have a little more curve here?”

“I think this color doesn’t suit here.”

“This thing is awful near the corner.”

It doesn’t matter if you are new to working with clients or you have been doing it since years, dealing with client feedback is always exerting. Whatever the time is, you must deal with them lightly, because if you begin to bend for them, you can easily lose control over the project.

So how to handle these times where your clients request repetitive revisions? Most importantly, is there any way you can prevent this from happening? Yes! We have an answer to that.

Be Selective

There come a few clients that love to use their designers as their technicians. They like to take advantages of your skills and use them for some grumpy work. The best way you can get rid of them is that you must avoid them and turn them down at the first step. But you must be wondering how to detect such clients?

  1. Such clients can be recognized in the manner they communicate. How they explain their work and how they are serious about the job being get done.
  2. Look for how passionate they are about the project.
  3. Do they know their goals?
  4. Do they show avid interest while working with you?

By asking and evaluating such questions, you can easily avoid the annoying clients.

Define Some Things

You are smart if you already know how to handle revision beforehand and that you state on your website about some policies, in which you can state your conditions and terms about design revisions.

The client must understand how hard the work is and how much brains you are pouring for work, after all, the design is a game of imagination, and you cannot sell your imagination for a few bucks.

So, get to work, have some awesome clients and define your goals. The design is a process of learning, creating, getting rejected by annoying clients and you avoid them today if you follow some good things.

2018 Updates for CaseCamp making it the Best Project Management Tool!

Every organization needs a project focus which can benefit in order to achieve specific objectives and goals within the certain timestamps. Whether the projects are currently the lifeblood of your company or not, they must be managed effectively to get the maximum outputs. The benefits of project management software, of course, are financial but some benefits can include more winnings, better client relations, and a competitive advantage. To help prepare you for the New Year, CaseCamp has modified some features and specification in its software that definitely support all the Project Management trends in 2018.

So, let’s have a look at what we have changed for your good.

Being one of the top and popular project management tools ever made, CaseCamp never compromises any of the aspects of the project management. This tool will help you develop, remind and enhance the final output based on the requirements.

CaseCamp now makes sure that it will provide analysis in order to complete the project in a more enhanced way.

To-Do List

The To-Do list is one of the popular and ancient ways of keeping tracks of things to happen in more organized and effective way. Most of the projects are known to possess various aspects to manage. So it becomes difficult to manage all the tracks of these requirements at one place, but with CaseCamp you can now remind and manage the time in the easiest way possible. The internal notes and applications need a good control over the project management tool because it helps the user to work on the tool without any hassles from time to time.

Benefits of To-Do list in 2018

Easy Reminders: An organized To-Do list in CaseCamp facilitates you remind your goals and tasks in an easy way. The list helps people to achieve their daily and weekly targets without cutting on the quality in an effective way. It is utmost necessary for every person to organize their tasks and projects effectively because it plays an important role while working on a huge project.

Time Management: Time is money and thus money has an important role to play in every project. It is indeed necessary to have an efficient project management tool, which will help you remind tasks and saves your time in order to complete the project on time without compromising your quality and efficiency to work.

It’s a High Time for Fair and Linear Growth Companies Today!

Aggressive growth brings glory. Every startup story that features on the cover page of any magazine has something to flaunt with them. Competition is cutthroat indeed. But every startup needs fair and linear growth, like who doesn’t like?

Linear growth can be achieved where domains are not fascinated with unnatural network effects. The simple and good products that are sold at reasonable prices with which customers are happy are the real bill for any business. That goodwill received from customers themselves is the real nectar of all the hard work of the business and its employees.

But they need limelight as well. Slow methods create negative growth in their minds, but only slow methods can grow the business aggression and that’s the truth.

This world is filled with problems and those need a solution by people who are willing to put in the work for the long run. We are not talking about exponential working hours but the patient and sustainable work that is very much useful in the long run.

Capitalism as a system brings many types dysfunctions with it. But few of them can be deadly as monopolies are associated with the aggressive growths. That’s why we call it a cut-throat competition. Markets are acting as a force for good quickly break down and get manipulated when only a few power players remain to call all the shots.

The world needs reprogramming of the entrepreneurs. So many decisions are taken in the earlier stages of the businesses with the hustle and that’s why a few ventures turn back to the dust.

More people should choose the path of the linear growth, they should embrace this growth with vigor and pride rather than embracing the glory that is achieved in a hurry. They should not make any apologies for the need of an aggressive and non-sustainable business that cannot live in harmony with other businesses of the similar description.

The path of Linear Growth has been a proud thing for CaseCamp. This growth is sustainable and people already know and believe that we are here for a long haul.

We wish you the same with all other brands. Competition is good but it should be for a better tomorrow.

What is the Best Project Management Software for 2018?

You must be thinking that what are the best management tools or software that creative agencies, in-house team, and studios use to create their best creative work. These fields of have one thing in common in their work, that is, they work so creatively. If you got to know about some of the best project management software for 2018, you will be able to produce better work.

It will be so great if you will find out about the perfect marketing project management software that can handle everything in your agency. The best project management tool is a more than just a one trick pony, it can do everything, replacing the slew of other tools you rely on.

What is the best project management software used by agencies?


While most of the software of project management is on the list of cloud-based or site-specific, but Synergist offers the users a choice of how they prefer to use it. It includes the users of the Android and Apple devices. Either way, the product can be accessed from multiple devices and is fully scalable as your agency grow. It mixes easily with your current email program and also with the CRM software.


It is very affordable and powerful agency project management tool. It tracks time, manages projects and help in analyzing the results and then make sure that you get paid for the mixing of the different accounting tools. You can use the trigger for the easy-to-use design.

Function Point-

It is the tool which is built on the primary use of the creative industry and digital industry. You will get a good overview of using the software. It covers all functionality requirements fully with a tool that includes an all-in-one cloud-based workflow for the task and project management.


Workfront is an online software for project management which is designed for agencies, service team, IT teams, for collaboration between internal and external clients and for the marketing team. The software allows you, for task management, tracking, and prioritization.

Types of Project Management Software and Tools

Types of Project Management Software and Tools

Project management software tools are available in a variety of types, scopes, and prices. If you want to use these types of software, first you need to know about them, according to your requirement which suits best. For choosing the best software you need to first know about the different project management software available.

Let us begin with the different types of tool management software-

Desktop project management software– It provides the user the most responsive and high-graphical interface. Generally, desktop applications save the data in their local file, although some allow collaboration between users and save the data in a central database. A simple file-based project if stored on a networked drive, then it can be shared between users and only one user accesses it at any given time.

Web-based project management- This software can be accessed through the availability of the internet through an intranet or extranet, that has all the usual advantages and disadvantages of the web applications.

Single-user project management systems- In this only one person is needed to edit the project at any time. This system can be used in small organizations or only by a bunch of a few people who are involved in project planning.

Collaborative project management systems– They are designed to enable multiple users to modify different parts of a plan at the same time, such as updating their area of responsibility so they can be integrated into the overall plan. Web-based tools usually fall into this category, but only when the user is online.

A comprehensive system- It combines project management or project planning with many other aspects of a company’s operation. For example, you can assign error tracking issues for each project, the project customer list becomes the CRM module, and everyone in the project plan has its own task list, message, calendar, etc. associated with its project.

How to take case camp and Build product similar to for managing internal docs

Case camp is one of the top and popular project management software, which has attracted a lot of people to work on various projects from time to time. It is necessary for every individual to look for easy and convenient options to manage a project without effectively compromising on any aspect. is one of the fine software management tools, which helps people to develop, remind and enhance the final output based on the requirement. Case camp has been widely recommended for both small and big projects because the options in the tools ensure to provide analysis in order to complete the project in an effective way.

The to-do list is one of the popular and traditional ways of keeping things organized to complete in an effective way. As most of the projects are known to have various aspects to cover, it is necessary to have a good tool in order to remind and manage time in an easy way. The internal docs and applications need to have good control over the project management tool because it helps the user to work on the tool without hassles from time to time.

Benefits of TO-Do list in case camp software

  • Easy reminders – A proper TO-DO list in the software helps you remind your future goals and further tasks in an easy way. The list helps people to achieve their daily and weekly targets without compromising on the quality in an effective way. It is necessary for every individual to organize their tasks and projects effectively because it plays a crucial role while working on a big project from time to time.

Time management – Time management plays a crucial role for every user because it is necessary to complete the project on time in order to be productive in an effective way. It is necessary to have an efficient project management tool, which can help you reminding tasks and saves time in order to complete the project on time without compromising on the quality on a regular basis.

Best Project Management CaseCamp Vs BaseCamp

What are CaseCamp and Basecamp?

CaseCamp is the straightforward software for project management, that has all the features and capabilities that are needed by a company to manage its projects and team members in unified and a single location. It provides the clutterless and a neat user interface that allows for the smooth navigation and access to information, it also provides the fast and seamless communication to the team.

BaseCamp is one of the most popular online project management systems which suite according to today’s need and branded as a reliable service that provides simple setup and needs short learning time. The first place in this category, however, is held by Wrike which has subtotal points of 9.8 out of 10 and it is the winner of best project management software awards which was held  2016. You can compare the Wrike with BaseCamp to see which is suitable for your company.

General description on CaseCamp and BaseCamp-

CaseCamp is a free web-based project management system and collaboration software tool. It offers structures, including to-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones.

Whereas the BaseCamp is a software app that helps a company to wrangle people with different roles, objective and aim towards a common goal of finishing the project by being together.

Available Integrations-

CaseCamp participates in the below business systems and applications-

  • Slack
  • BaseCamp GitHub
  • Twilio
  • TimeDoctor


BaseCamp claims of massive integrations, apps, and add-ons, which includes-

  • Everest
  • Head
  • enRoute
  • Daypack
  • Carabiner
  • Feeds

Benefits of CaseCamp and BaseCamp-

A team needs the functionalities and tools which are needed to work on the projects and CaseCamp is that project management tool. It comes with the traditional tool which keeps everyone updated about the tasks and carried out the complete degree of priorities urgency associated with each task.

BaseCamp covers many bases when it comes to managing the projects, even if members of the team are far from each other. It comes with the myriad of features and tools that makes companies able to efficiently monitor their projects and complete the projects in the time and under the budget.

Using Agile Process in the CaseCamp Software

It is necessary for people to have quality project management software, which can be used to perform various tasks in a quick span of time. The best free online project management software has been designed and developed in an effective way, which helps people to access multiple options in order to perform the task without hassles.

Some of the benefits of falling agile process in CaseCamp

  • User-friendly access – The user-friendly access plays an important role while using the agile process, as it helps every individual to access the feature in an effective way. A quick and easy process helps every individual to follow the process, which helps the company to be productive and grow in the market in an easy way. It is evident that most of the people prefer to use the agile process in the project management software, as it helps them to use it on a regular basis. The user-friendly access to the tool and the agile process has helped a lot of people to save time while exporting reports from time to time.
  • Quick operation – The quick operation is one of the most important aspects of managing a project, as it helps the organization to improve the productivity from time to time. A quick activity could help people to use the software to generate various reports in an effective way. It is evident that agile process has been widely recommended by a lot of experts, as it helps them to use the features in an effective way from time to time.


It is evident that people would prefer to use the process on a regular basis, as it helps them to perform the task in a quick span of time. As most of the people prefer to save time in order to work on other things in the project, it is obvious that agile process would be highly beneficial in an effective way.

How to handle big repositories with CaseCamp

CaseCamp has been one of the reputed project management software developers, which has been widely appreciated for its products from time to time. It is necessary for every individual to understand the features of the product, as it helps them to use it in an effective way. As most of the companies are known to have involved in working on different kinds of projects from time to time, it is essential to have quality project management software to be productive in an effective way.

  • Handling tasks in CaseCamp – There are various kinds of projects, which are known to come with different types of requirement. It is important for every individual to handle different kinds of tasks in an effective way. As some of the projects are known to have different kinds of tasks to be done on a regular basis, it is important to have a user-friendly interface in order to complete the project in an easy way.
  • Quick completion and accuracy – The quick completion plays a major role regarding evaluating the productivity of the employee and the team from time to time. It is necessary for people to have a quality project management, which provides easy access to complete the project without compromising on the accuracy from time to time. Project management software is known to make the job easier by providing both access to different apps and by providing automated reports in an effective way.


It is evident that people would prefer to use the software to improve the productivity from time to time. It is necessary for every individual to understand the features of the application, as it helps them to make use of it in an easy way. The Casecamp is widely known as one of the popular best free online project management software, which has been used for a long time in an effective way.

Migrating Project Management Content

It is very much necessary for people to understand the features of CaseCamp software, as it helps them to perform various tasks in a quick spa of time. It is easier for people to migrate from any other project management software to CaseCamp, as some of the feature and options are known to be friendly to set up easily. The setup options play a crucial role in every organization, as it helps them to quickly organize teams and other necessary opportunities in an efficient way. There are various companies, who would prefer to change the project management software without affecting the product from time to time.

We have been working on different kinds of projects from time to time, and it is necessary for us to have convenient and efficient software to manage the project efficiently. Our team has been highly dependable on project management software, as it helps them to communicate with other team members and work efficiently. As some of the project management software is known to come with limited options, it is necessary to go with CaseCamp software to improve the productivity from time to time. We managed to change or migrate all our professional necessities from our old project management software to the CaseCamp software in 3 months, which has helped our team to get back to work in a quick span of time without hassles.

  • User-friendly features – We have a group of people, who are known to work on different aspects of the project to finish effectively. It is necessary for us to go with project management software, which has user-friendly features to use the software from time to time.

Easy setup options – the easy set-up options have been highly beneficial for most of our team members, as they managed to set up the software in an easy way. The setup options play a crucial role in the software, as it helps people to access options and work on it in a quick span of time.

Ten ways to get kids coding in 2018 via CaseCamp

It is necessary for every organization or an individual to have quality project management software, as it helps them to evaluate their work and revenue in an effective way.

Why code in the project management software

  • User-friendly tools – The user-friendly tools have always been a beneficial factor for most of the users, as it helps them to work on various aspects in an easy way. It is essential for people to understand the advantages of the tools, as it helps them to work on the project and effectively increase the productivity. The user-friendly tools to code in the software would be highly important, as it saves time for people to edit or code in the software directly.
  • Multi-purpose software – the multi-purpose software has been an important aspect for most of the companies from time to time. As some of the software is known to work on various aspects on a regular basis, it is evident that people would like to go with quality multi-purpose software effectively. The multi-purpose software helps people to use various aspects while coding in the software, which helps people to save time on a regular basis.
  • Quick access – The quick access to various options and features is widely recommended for people to use it on a regular basis. The quick access to other features would help people to utilize the software to the maximum extent. As most of the people prefer to use the software for different purposes, it is easier for people to switch between programs to work from time to time.


It is essential for every project management software to provide various options for people to use it in an effective way. Project management software has been appreciated by a lot of experts, as they get to figure out the glitch in the system and rectify from time to time.

Why use project management tools and software?

Most of the organizations prefer to have qualified employees in order to finish the work in an effective way. As the technology is advancing, it is evident that people will have various options to perform different kinds of tasks in a quick span of time. It is evident that the modern technology tools are providing convenient options for people to handle different kinds of projects and tasks in an effective way. It is very much important for people to understand the tools and software, which can help them to perform the tasks in a quick span of time.

Why use online project management software?

It is very much essential or people to look for the best online project management software, as it helps people to perform the tasks in a quick span of time. As saving time plays a crucial role in most of the business organizations, it is important for people to look for alternate ways of finishing the task in an effective way. As most of the online project management software is known to provide quality outputs without compromising on the time, it is obvious that people would look forward to using the tool in an effective way.

Gone are the days, where people used to sit and complete the project manually. It is essential for people to understand the better ways of completing a particular project in a quick span of time. As most of the people would prefer to do it manually because of quality and accuracy, it is widely recommended for people to pick the best online project management software in order to use it in an easy way.


It is widely recommended by most of the experts to make use of the modern technology equipment and software, which helps people to perform the tasks in an effective way. As the tools and software are known to perform the work in a quick span of time, it is evident that people would prefer to depend on any of the best online project management software on a regular basis.

Case Camp – Open Source Project Management Software

It is widely recommended for people to look for the best open source project management software, as it helps people to be productive from time to time. The project management software is known to perform tasks in an effective way without compromising on the quality on a regular basis. As the automated projected management software is known to perform the tasks in a quick span of time, it is evident that business organization would prefer to have their employees work with the best project management software in an easy way.

Why use open source project management software

  • Cost effective – There are plenty of project management software or tools available in the market, which can be downloaded for free of cost from time to time. It is very much essential for people to look for the cost-effective option, as it helps them to save money while performing a particular task. As most of the project management software is known to be available for free of cost online, it is important to choose the perfect software in order to work n an effective way. Project management software comes with various options, which can be used based on the requirement from time to time.
  • Multiple options – Most of the project management software provides multiple options for people to work in an effective way. As there will be different kinds of projects available in the industry, it is important for the team of developers to develop versatile project management software in order to use it in an effective way. As there would be plenty of options for people to use, it is evident that the project management software would be used based on the requirement.


It is essential for people to understand the benefits of project management software, as it helps them to be productive from time to time. Most of the business organization suggests their employees use the best project management software, as it helps them to perform the tasks in a quick span of time without compromising on the quality factors on a regular basis.

Best Online Project Management Tool

It is very much essential for people to look for the perfect project management tool, as there are various tools available online. As there are plenty of tools and software available in the market in order to work on a particular project, it is very much important for people to know the features of the tools in order to pick the right tool for the requirement. The main purpose of any software or a tool is to minimize the user’s work and to provide productive output in a quick span of time.

Top 2 Features of best online project management tool

  1. Plans and tracks online – Planning the project plays a crucial role, as it helps you to follow a particular process in order to reach the target from time to time. it is important for every user to track the progress, as every plan needs to be implemented at the right time. The Best Online Project Management Tool offers people to plan and track tasks online, which let users complete the tasks quicker and in an effective way.
  2. Automates work – The manual work usually takes a long time compared to automated work. As the technology is advancing to a great extent, it is important for every individual to save time and energy by automating work in an effective way. It is widely suggested for people to use automation techniques and some of the Best Online Project Management Tools in order to perform the task in a quick span of time. As most of the tools are known to be effective in output, it is obvious that people would prefer to use it on a regular basis in order to get the result in an effective way.


It is suggested for every business organizations to have plenty of project management software, as it can help them to be productive and generate more revenue from time to time. It is widely commended for people to consider some of the vital features in the tool in order to make the best utilization from time to time.

Workzone Vs. CaseCamp

Using project management software for the purpose of managing projects is not a fad rather it is considered as a necessity. Today, you shall come across different types of project management tools, but not all tools are good enough to serve your purposes. Among those tools, you can take CaseCamp as one of the best tools. Apart from the CaseCamp, several other tools are there and Workzone is one of them. Both these project management tools come with many useful benefits in offering. In the following section, we shall take a look at the comparison to these tools.


This is a leading application for the purpose of effective project management. Using this software for project management can be quite useful, as it comes with a fee of $25 only for month. With such minimal cost, you would hardly find any other project management tool. So, cost-effectiveness is definitely one of the major aspects of this project management tool. But, apart from the cost-effectiveness, you shall get convenience in other aspects as well. It comes with all advanced features or options for project management.

You shall get excellent convenience in the process of project management with this software. It includes features like to-do-list, date, calendar, deadline tracker, project file upload, dashboard for checking all projects, managing unlimited multiple projects, etc. Overall, this tool has been developed for the professionals. You shall obtain seamlessness in using this tool.


Like CaseCamp, Workzone is also a project management tool, though it lacks adequate features as well as options. This tool comes with high fee for registration. Though, you can avail 15 days trial version as the initial or new user. Once the trial period is over, you need to purchase the premium plans. The plans are on higher side when compared with CaseCamp.

Moreover, Workzone lacks features which are easily available with CaseCamp. Workzone is not suitable or ideal for the freelancers, but CaseCamp can be used by freelancers as well as others.

Workzone vs. CaseCamp – Best Free Online Project Management Software

Project management tools or applications have been used for the purpose of effective project planning. Today, manual project management has become obsolete. Two reasons are there behind this. The first thing is that project management tools bring more accuracy as well as productivity. You shall be able to track project progress with more perfection. You shall be able to conclude the projects within the right time length. Secondly, the project management tool limits your hassles regarding doing paperwork. When you use a tool or application, you shall find that paperwork has become minimal. It saves cost and at the same time supports the green revolution.

In this article, we shall check out a comparison between two useful as well as popular project management tools.


At the first step, we have WorkZone to be discussed. This is a well known tool for project management and it comes with excellent ranges of features to make project management process easier or seamless. The main problem is that the software is costly. Minimum package price starts at $200. For small businesses, it may be a little difficult to afford and freelancers would surely get hard time to deal with this amount. However, WorkZone is a complete tool for project management. It gives features like automated reports, group calendar, project overview dashboard, workload reports, etc.


One of the Best Free Online Project Management Software these days is CaseCamp and it is highly recommended for the freelancers as well as small businesses. It comes with many useful ranges of features as well as options. CaseCamp is considered as leading application for the purpose of effective project planning. It is poised with excellent ranges of features that give convenience in the process of project management.

It comes with features like to-do-list, dashboard, live project tracking, file uploading feature and many more. Overall, CaseCamp is known to be the most convenient as well as professional tool which makes the overall project management process simple as well as seamless. Minimum package price starts at $25 per month and this is affordable for even freelancers. You enjoy unlimited space for uploading files and also you can manage unlimited number of projects.

Zoho Project Management vs. CaseCamp

Using a project management tool has become quite a common thing for small scale business to large scale businesses. Managing multiple projects at one time is always daunting. It involves a lot of things and all these things are not easy to be managed with human skills as well as aptitude. This is why we need tools as well as automation. That means instead of human brains machines shall work and they shall bring out the best results. With project management, use of software or application is imperative as well as essential. It makes project management process seamless as well as productive.

In the following section, we shall find out the differences between the two most important as well as popular project management tools. The first tool is Zoho Project and the other tool is CaseCamp. Both these tools come with many interesting ranges of features as well as options. A sharp comparison between these two tools has been given at the following section.


CaseCamp is largely marketed as well as regarded as project management tool for everyone. From freelancers to small and large scale businesses, everyone can use this tool without facing any issues. CaseCamp comes with many interesting ranges of features or options. First of all, it gives multiple project management facilities. You can add as many projects as you like at the same time. You can set the deadlines and also you can track project details. You can check project progress easily and can make changes in instructions with ease. So, overall, this tool acts as an interactive as well as interesting project management tool. CaseCamp is also highly affordable in comparison with other Best Free Online Project Management Software systems or tools.

Zoho Project Management

Among various project management tools or systems, Zoho Project Management has been noted as one of the best tools. However, this tool has some drawbacks in offering. This is not as professional as CaseCamp. Though Zoho is more affordable, it lacks certain advanced project management features. Small businesses and freelancers can definitely use Zoho, though they would do better if they embrace CaseCamp as the latter is better in terms of features and options.

Best Online Project Management Software Is CaseCamp

Finding a project management tool is important for managing a business, and small business owners understand it better than no one. Managing various business management processes and then dedicating time in project management process is quite a difficult thing indeed. To make things simpler, they need robust as well as advanced project management tool. Tools should be used for three reasons. First of all, it brings accuracy, secondly it saves time and thirdly it proves to be affordable.

CaseCamp – Online Project Management Tool

A lot of online project management software are there, and different tools come with different set of benefits or advantages in offering for the users. If you are searching for a simple tool with reasonable investment of money, CaseCamp can be the best option. This has been regarded as one of the best project management systems that come with a lot of benefits in offering. The tool is impressive in terms of features that it has to offer to users.

CaseCamp makes project management easier by giving option to manage unlimited number of projects at the same time. So, the tool is suitable for small as well as large scale businesses. Even the freelancers can use this tool. You can add multiple projects, and set different project goals. It gives calendar and to-do-list for the project managers. You can track project progress at anytime and can change project goals or update project instructions for the employees who are working on those projects. It acts as the centralized hub for managing all projects and bridges a connection between senior managers and employees. Projects files can be uploaded by the employees so that project managers can check real time project progress.

Facing No Deadline Related Hassles

With CaseCamp, you have limited chances of facing deadline related hassles. As you can easily track projects, you can judge the project completion rate as well as expected dates for finishing projects. This helps you to manage tasks according to deadline. Moreover, it helps you to make optimum use of the resources. When a certain group of employees finishes a particular project, they can be deployed to work on another existing project.

Easy Project Management Software Is CaseCamp

Project management is a complex process, and to make the process a little simplified one can consider using robust as well as feature rich project management software or system. Professional project management systems come with many interesting features as well as facilities so that both time and money can be saved in the process of project management. Apart from these things, software or tools bring accuracy. You shall be able to follow deadlines with more precision. You shall be able to track project progress with perfection, and any possible mistakes shall be detected easily at the initial stage. Detecting mistakes at the early stage is time saving as well as affordable.

When it comes to using project management tools, one shall find that a lot of tools are available in the marketplace. CaseCamp is one of such tools. This Best Online Project Management Tool has earned excellent reputation for many reasons. In the following section, we shall find out some of the notable features of this project management tool.

Useful for Everyone

CaseCamp can be said to be useful for everyone. From freelancers to large scale businesses, it suits different people. It comes with multiple project management options. That means you can enjoy managing more than one project at the same time on a single platform. Small business owners face a lot of challenges in project management process. They have to deal with a lot of management tasks, and thus they cannot focus properly on project management process. CaseCamp gives a sigh of relief to small business owners, as it helps tracking projects seamlessly. You can check project status at anytime, and estimated time for completing the projects. The software shall provide you reminders so that you do not miss the important deadlines.

Affordable Tool

CaseCamp has been found to be quite affordable for many reasons. First of all, it reduces paperwork. Secondly, it saves your time in the project management process. Most importantly, CaseCamp comes with easy as well as reasonable membership plans. It gives free trial up to 10 projects, and after that users need to purchase membership plans. It is online based tool, and thus there is no hassles regarding installation of the tool.

Best Free Project Management Software Is CaseCamp

The process of project management is complicated, and that is why one needs to find advanced software for managing the projects. Most of the organizations have to deal with multiple projects at the same time. This creates a lot of hassles for these organizations. Mostly small business owners act as project managers though they have to cope with other crucial responsibilities as well. Thus, to make the process of project management easier and hassling free, using CaseCamp is suggested. CaseCamp can be introduced as one of the leading project management systems that come with robust features to make the process of project management seamless.

The benefits of using CaseCamp have been analyzed in the following section.

Time Saving Software

Managing projects in traditional way is a matter that involves a lot of time as well as hassles. Business owners have to deal with many things, and thus spending a large portion of time in project management process hampers the other sections of the business. To save time, CaseCamp can be used. It gives you the freedom to manage multiple projects at the same time without actually wasting any time. It makes business owners or senior managers more efficient.

Follow Deadlines Perfectly

Many businesses as well as freelancers face problem regarding deadline management. They cannot follow deadlines properly, and that leads to negative reputations as well as financial losses. Few clients are absolutely strict about deadlines, and they do not accept the projects that have been submitted after the stipulated deadlines. Some clients accept the projects, but for future projects they tend to find a service provider that follows deadlines with perfection. If you do not want to lose projects or dent your reputation, you should give a try to CaseCamp. This project management software comes with reminders and status of work in progress. This will help you to follow deadlines with precision.

Affordable Cost

Traditional project management process involves a lot of paperwork, and with CaseCamp you have minimal paperwork. As a result, using CaseCamp proves to be affordable for a business to be the Best Free Online Project Management Software. Both large and small scale businesses and freelancers shall be benefitted with this.

Best Online Project Management Software

What are the team members up to? While working on a project, the members of your team may be at different locations. And, even if they are under one roof, they may not be necessarily before your eyes. The collective goal of a project cannot be achieved unless each individual works in close association with the other team member. Briefly speaking, without the highly efficient project management software, it is quite a tough task to successfully complete the project as desired and intended. However, with the CaseCamp experts near you, there is no need to worry about getting the best online project management software. You can see the CaseCamp portal and explore the project management software that can duly enable you manage the projects in an efficient manner.

Dynamic software

With years of experience in developing different types of software, our experts at CaseCamp know what type of software you require for managing any project. The software developed by our experts consists of almost all the features required to successfully and efficiently manage a project. Embellished with highly elegant and lavish features with project planning and scheduling, team collaboration, time checking, reporting, project budgeting, billing & quotes, calendar, and many more features; it will, surely, prove to be the best online project management software. If you find it hard to believe, you can use the trial version and see how it enables you to desirably manage the project.

Freedom and facility to customize the software

We provide the readymade project management software. But it is not the end of everything. If you find it inadequate and desire to include some more features as per your requirements, you can speak to our experts at CaseCamp. Our professionals are available round the clock to help you customize the software and make it the best online project management software holistically fulfilling your needs.

Round the clock customer support

Not to worry if you find it difficult to use any of the features of our software. The CaseCamp customer support executives are available round the clock and you can get in touch with them if you face any kind of difficulties. We have always resolved the issues of our clients and you will, surely, not be an exception.

Tips for a Better Project Management

Project management requires some efficient skills. These are important as you will have to meet the requirement to finish a project within the deadline. Project management demands your discipline, your initiating power, your planning power and your executing power to deliver the project within time and budget.

Here are some rules that you must follow to initiate a better project management.

  1. Agility is important

In project management agility serves the best purpose. You must divide the task in short phases that are easier to manage. You will have to assess the project at every step, so agility will help you to assess and reassess the project and adapt it according to the plan.


  1. Micromanage is not beneficial

As a project manager you are a leader and micromanaging at every step is not fruitful you should check and assess at every step but don’t control the flow by trying to make it perfect. Perfection is an illusion. You will only end up disrupting the work flow and ethic.


  1. Keep learning and improving yourself

There is no end to learning as technology is always evolving. Try to keep up with the latest innovations and incorporate them to make your project management skills better.


  1. Continuous planning

The most important part that a project manager plays is that of a planner. You need to plan in a detailed and organized way that will require the participation of your whole team.


  1. Work with diligence

Time is a huge constraint in project management Software. As a project manager you must be on every team member’s shoulder, motivating them and hurrying them to complete the task on time.


  1. Communicate well with your team

An efficient project management is possible when you communicate all the details of the project with your team. Don’t be vague, visualize the process beforehand and then explain them to you team thoroughly.


  1. Initiate open communication

Good and healthy workplace is possible only when you are open to receive concerns and queries of your team member. Make them feel welcome to ask you any questions they feel requires immediate answer. Be accessible through phone and email as well.

CaseCamp is the Best Agile Project Management Tool

People look for project management tools for effective project management purpose. They employ project management tools for the purpose of seamless management of the project with perfection. Conventional project management method is not suitable these days. It can lead to confusions and it also involves a lot of paperwork. Hence, eventually the process of project management becomes costly with traditional method for project management. To cut down cost by reducing paperwork and to attain more organized or systematic approach for project management, using CaseCamp is highly recommended.

Agile Tool for Project Management

CaseCamp has been regarded as open of the leading and agile tools for project management. It comes with interesting ranges of features and advanced options CaseCamp comes with all standardized options for project management. It gives option for adding multiple projects, project completion rate analysis, deadline, to do list and many more. Creating a new project and running the project is hassling free experience. The software can be shared as centralized project management platform among the remote users. Overall, the software is poised with all sorts of advanced features and options to make the process of project management tactful and robust.

Cost-effective Tool

CaseCamp is a cost-effective tool. It comes with some basic project management features as well as options. The software comes with trial membership. Users can have up to 10 projects with the free trail membership. This is one of the best benefits of this tool. Other project management tools do not offer such wide range of options with trial version of the software. They do not also offer free use of the tool till 10 projects. Apart from this, CaseCamp is cheaper in terms of price of membership than other project management tools. Due to all these reasons, CaseCamp can be termed as cost-effective or affordable project management tool. It comes within the range of affordability for both freelancers and small businesses.

CaseCamp comes with many advanced features as well as options for effectual and tactful project management. The software is user-friendly and also poised with excellent ranges of options. With simple, modern and robust interface, it makes the process of project management simpler.

Casecamp vs. Freedcamp

When it comes to using project management software or tools, you shall find different types of tools available for your use. The essence of using project management tools is beyond any description these days. From small businesses to freelancers, everyone understands and acknowledges the essence of having professional as well as reliable project management tools. But, finding a good project management tool is also essential. Certain project management tools are good for small businesses, while some of them are good for the both. On the other hand, some project management tools offer excellent features and functions to both freelancers and small business units.

In the following section, we shall find comparison between two reputed as well as trustworthy project management tools and they are CaseCamp and Freedcamp respectively. So, let us checkout the difference between these two tools.


FreedCamp is considered as more costly than CaseCamp. CaseCamp comes with free trial up to 10 projects. It is notable that users shall get most of the project management features or options during the trial period. FreedCamp users would not get satisfactory trial period, as most of the options are blocked for the trial users. Apart from this monthly premium membership of CaseCamp is quite lower than the membership of FreedCamp.

Robust Features

CaseCamp is poised with many robust as well as advanced project management options of features. As a result the software gives the optimum or utmost benefits to the users. On the other hand, FreedCamp is also a robust tool and it is also poised with many advanced features or options. However, CaseCamp comes with more interesting options than FreedCamp. CaseCamp offers to-do-list, data and time, project details, attachment and many more features. It is a complete and more user-friendly or suitable project management tool.

Usefulness for Everyone

FreedCamp has been basically marketed or promoted as tool for freelancers or self-employed people. On the other hand, CaseCamp is a complete tool for project management. It comes with convenient features for everyone. From small business to freelancers, everyone shall find it beneficial. For all these reasons, CaseCamp is known to be the leading tool for the purpose of project management these days.

Why Freelancers Should Use CaseCamp?

CaseCamp is known as one of the most effective as well as leading tools for the purpose of project management. A project management too is something that everyone should use so that projects can be managed in better way and they can be approached in systematic manner. When project has been approached in systematic manner, it gets completed within a certain deadline and the final output becomes satisfactory for the end-users. If executives fall into a mess while managing projects, the final result or output eventually becomes non-satisfactory. This is the reason why project management should be considered as an important thing.

For effectual project management, you need to find robust as well as systematic project management software. For this purpose CaseCamp can be used. Freelancers can get the following benefits by using CaseCamp project management software.

Effective Time Management

Freelancers often suffer from time management issues and thus they lose projects as well as clients. To retain projects and clients, you can consider using CaseCamp. The software shall help you in the process of project management with its unique features or options. You can set daily based targets and to-do lists. Thus, it would become easier as well as systematic for you to organize as well as execute the projects.

Managing Deadlines

Freelancers often have to work on different projects at the same time. Thus, it is important to schedule the tasks for the projects as per the project deadlines. For deadline tracking and checking work progress on constant basis, you can simply use CaseCamp. This software will give you constant updates on the deadline of various projects.

Tracking Work Progress

It is important to track work progress time to time so that you can manage the projects in better way. For that reason, freelancers must use CaseCamp.

Project Updates

With CaseCamp, freelancers can register new updates and client inputs on the projects. This will make the process of project management completely seamless. CaseCamp is a simple to use and robust tool. It makes the process of project management convenient for both freelancers and small businesses. Being a cost-effective platform, it is suitable for freelancers particularly.

Remote Employees’ Best Tool CaseCamp for Project Management

For project management, different kinds of tools or software have been used. Among those tools, CaseCamp is considered as one of the modernized as well as highly effective software or tools. Project management process is always considered as the key for steady performance of a company or organization. For enhanced company revenues and better business reputation, it is essential to have professional tools for effective project management. A lot of tools are there, offering standardized features and options. However, CaseCamp has been distinguished as one of the tools that come with many advanced features along with the conventional project management options.

Centralized Project Management

Often small businesses face problem with project management process. Even though they remain organized with the approach for project planning and execution, they end up facing a complete mess. This basically happens as they do not find a centralized platform for managing the project. A centralized platform should serve both executives and project managers. It must show progress report, project details, guideline amendment, deadline changes and many more. All these things can be attained with professional project management tool. CaseCamp helps with precision in this case. The tool offers centralized platform, where project managers can see project details, completion rate, attachment files and many more.

On the other hand, employees can find different essential things for completing their tasks. They update their tasks accordingly on the project management software. They get suggestions and they can see amendments from the managers. This even helps as well as encourages companies to hire employees at remote locations. Different employees, working from different remote locations, can work seamlessly without facing any mess with the help of professional project management tool like CaseCamp.

Simple and User-friendly

CaseCamp is known as a simple and user-friendly platform. It has a well organized interface. It comes with basic as well as advanced features of project management. The overall interface is simple, but very nicely or elegantly designed. CaseCamp comes with many advanced features, but all the features are simple to understand. In terms of user-friendliness, this software has been highly appreciated by the existing users.

CaseCamp Code Deployment

The CaseCamp software that is used primarily for building ecommerce websites involves various types of tasks in order to implement the application successfully on the web. One such main task is the code deployment related to the CaseCamp software. This is required for different types of projects in the CaseCamp software. In order to make sure that the projects function successfully, the code running behind the same ought to be deployed in a proper manner so that there are no issues in the live scenario. Therefore, it is highly crucial to deploy the codes according to actual steps.

Steps for code deployment in CaseCamp software

First and foremost, the main prerequisites that are vital for code deployment in CaseCamp are the GitHub user-id and password because these will be required while executing gradual stepwise code deployment process of CaseCamp. For instance, in the Group Reverse Auction, the initial step of CaseCamp code deployment process is to login with the GitHub credentials followed by addition of the project to be deployed in the depository of GitHub. After this, it is important to set the path of deployment in the concerned screen that will denote the exact location where the code of a particular project will be stored.

After updating all the necessary details related to code deployment of the project in the concerned areas, the user now has to click on the ‘Deploy’ button. The code deployment will be completed within a few seconds after which, it will be possible to view the code in various platforms as well. This is very essential so that code gets seamlessly integrated into the different types of platforms where a certain project will be running because nowadays, there are varied platforms running the same projects and hence, the code ought to be deployed in such a manner that there are no compatibility issues while deploying the project.

In fact, the details of the server such as the host, username, deployment path and other allied characteristics will also be shown in the screen after the deployment that will make it easier for the users to maintain the same in the future as well. The code deployment process is pretty simple and can be used by various companies without any hassle.

Casecamp reports, time sheet and activity: Hours (Hours worked per day)

Time management is an important prerequisite for any project because it is crucial to complete the deliverables well in time in order to avoid any delays or undesirable situations later on. Moreover, the project that is usually divided into sub-segments is easier to manage if time is divided between these segments properly so that each of the team member work according to the specified timelines predefined in the project. However, it is not quite possible to manage all these manually and therefore, CaseCamp software has been developed that is a brilliant time management tool. If an organization or a company buys this software and implements the same in the project, then surely the time management and subsequent work management becomes much simpler.

CaseCamp utilities for effective time management

Any project will be given a set of jobs to be delivered within a stipulated time and those set of jobs are then divided into the sub-teams each having a certain number of team members who are assigned to do a particular task. Each member therefore has to make sure that the task is over within a given time because one cannot take own sweet time when there is a task to deliver. CaseCamp brings such functionalities packed inside it that time management and task completion can be tackled simultaneously. The following features are available here which make time and task handling easier:

  • It has a got a very user-friendly interface from where it becomes hassle-free for the managers to keep a track on the individual progress of the project tasks on a regular basis.
  • There are special provisions of display of the activities along with the team members who are allotted with the same. These can be updated and viewed by the managers so as to keep a note on the overall working of the project as a whole.
  • There are specialized time sheets and reports for every single team member of the project so that the tasks assigned can be managed according to the status of the work updated regularly.

Hence, the CaseCamp software makes project management smoother owing to effective time management.

CaseCamp vs. BaseCamp

CaseCamp is always known as one of the most effective as well as useful financial management systems, having plenty of advanced features in offering. On the other hand, BaseCamp comes with similar reputation as well. Demand for good project management systems is increasing with the advent of time. Today, you shall find different types of project management systems, having different ranges of features or services in offering. Choosing the right project management system will prove to be an excellent decision for the benefit of your business. Good project management software comes with many advanced features as well as options to offer.

Features of BaseCamp

BaseCamp is a well known project management system. It is fast, robust and enriched with many advanced features. The software comes with different pricing packages. To start with, it would not be hard for a small business to pay the monthly premiums of this software. In fact, the software is also projected for the freelancers. You can create a group of freelancers and can mange extensive projects with perfection. BaseCamp comes with many project management features like file uploading facility, hourly project settings, assistance for creating invoices, etc. The most highlighting part is the seamlessness of this software. Even though you face some technical hassles, professional customer support center will provide you the assistance in this regard.

Various Features of CaseCamp

Like BaseCamp, CaseCamp is another project management software with many advanced features. Those, who are well versed with BaseCamp, shall definitely find CaseCamp to be a better option. It comes with many additional features, like adding data and time, tracking project details and completion rates, setting reminders and many others. It comes with free trial benefits. You can avail free trial for as many as 25 projects. Nevertheless, CaseCamp is also poised with many other interesting features that are not available with other software. So, overall, CaseCamp is a fresh and highly suitable project management system for everyone.

It is essential for the small businesses or freelancers to choose project management software carefully. Inapt selection of project management system will lead to various troubles. On the other hand, choosing the right software is always beneficial.

CaseCamp vs. Intercom

Professional project management software or system is required by everyone these days. From freelancers to small business owners, everyone needs to adopt better project management process for financial development or advancement. Better project management is actually the key of seamless business process management. When projects are managed with precision, things become quite simpler for a business to be managed. Now, for project management, different tools are used. Here, in this article, we shall find a sharp comparison on various features of CaseCamp and Intercom.

Basic Difference

While CaseCamp has been considered as a dedicated project management system or tool, Intercom has been noted as a fundamentally new way of communicating with customers. It is a project management tool as well, having some basic differences in offering.

Differences in Customers

CaseCamp has been considered as an effective project management system for different customers, including freelancers, small businesses, startups, large scale businesses, etc. Intercom is mainly suitable for small and medium scale businesses.

Difference in Pricing

Difference in pricing between CaseCamp and Intercom is marginal, though CaseCamp comes with some interesting features with a very low pricing. It also offers free trial for up to 25 projects. This is definitely one of the most interesting benefits of using CaseCamp.

Differences in Various Features

Both CaseCamp and Intercom are enriched with many interesting features as well as options. CaseCamp offers group discussion feature to the user and as a result it becomes suitable for the small business users. One can easily upload project files or share project documents with other project members. On the other hand, Intercom comes with team inbox, real time updates and customer user profiles.

User Review and Customer Support

CaseCamp possesses excellent user reviews due to its modernized features as well as options. Using this software is always seamless experience. You may get some technical problem, but there is nothing to worry as you can always call customer support center for help. CaseCamp Is known for its professional and expertise customer support care. On the other hand, Intercom is considered as one of the most cutting edge systems for project management. It too has excellent customer support in offering for users.

Assembla vs. CaseCamp

Project management is one of the most important things for the business house. Both small scale and large scale businesses use different kinds of project management systems to make their project management process seamless. With the advent of time, we find more effective, simplified and user-friendly systems for project management. Here in the following section, let us find some basic difference between the two popular project management systems. One is CaseCamp, while the other one is Assembla. Both these systems have their unique benefits in offering. So, here is the comparison for you.


When it comes to finding a project management system, cost-effectiveness emerges as one of the most important factors. So, we shall try to find cost-effective of these project management systems. On the basis of cost-effectiveness, CaseCamp is ahead of Asembla. CaseCamp offers free usage up to 10 projects. Assemble offers trial version, which does not provide access to all the major features. Moreover, monthly cost of CaseCamp is lower than Assembla.

Unique Features

CaseCamp is known for its unique ranges of features. It gives you the convenience of using Gantt charts for the purpose of best project management software. It additionally features to do list and many other project management tools. CaseCamp comes with more language support than Assembla. Due to all these unique features in offering CaseCamp has been found as one of the fastest growing project management systems. Assembla is also good, but unavailability of certain features is the most daunting part. For example, Gantt chart analysis feature is unavailable with Assembla.

Types of Customers

CaseCamp is a professional project management system for everyone. From freelancers to small or large scale businesses, everyone can use this project management software. On the other hand, Assembla is mainly developed to suit small and large scale businesses. Freelancers would not find this system to be effective or useful for their purposes.


The most important factor to judge software is user-friendliness. CaseCamp comes with an interactive as well as user-friendly platform. Assembla is also another user-friendly application for project management. However, if they are compared, CaseCamp can be found as one of the most user-friendly systems.

Jira Vs Casecamp – A Comparison between Two Popular Project Management Systems

With the advent of time, businesses have identified that project management process plays key role in business progress. It helps reducing inflation, maximizing uses of resources and increasing client satisfaction level. As businesses have realized the importance of project management, it has turned important for project managers to perform with more precision as well as accuracy. Today, project managers rely a lot on the project management software or system. Software makes the process of managing projects simpler. As a result, more organized as well as productive approach can be taken to conclude the important projects of an organization. Here in the following section, we shall find a sharp comparison between Jira and CaseCamp. Both these systems are considered as advanced and effective for accurate project planning as well as management.


We shall take a look at the case of CaseCamp at first. This software is comparative newer than Jira. But, it has gained good popularity over the shortest period of time. It features 100% client satisfaction report, while Jira shows 90% client satisfaction as well as retention report. CaseCamp is an advanced system, but at the same time it is highly cost-effective. Users can kick start with the trial version of software. Trial version is completely free. But, the best part is that, trial version allows managing as many as 10 projects. For small businesses, using CaseCamp over Jira or other project management software is definitely more convenient idea from the aspect of cost or expenditure.

CaseCamp is poised with a lot of interactive project management features or options. From creating ‘to do list’ to tracking project progress status or employee performances, this software gives a realistic as well as rational approach for effective project planning and management.


Jira is a popular and well known application or system or project management. It also comes with trial version, but with limited features only. Users have to opt or the paid version for getting better control over project management process. Top brands, like eBay, Cisco, etc. use Jira. On the other hand, CaseCamp also bags some reputed clients, including NDTV, Wedding.Com, Eriksson, etc. CaseCamp offers ticketing, calendar and Gantt chart analysis. With Jira, such features are unavailable.

SmartSheet Gantt vs. CaseCamp Gantt Charts

A project management system is required by the projects managers these days. Software makes the job easier, and it also brings accuracy in the process of project management. Since there are a lot of projects management applications available, it is a sheer dilemma for the users to find the best project management system. Different project management systems are poised with different features. One of the common features that every project manager looks for is Gantt chart. Both CaseCamp and SmartSheet include Gantt charts. So, in this article, we shall find a sharp comparison between Gantt charts of these two project management software.

SmartSheet Gantt Charts

SmartSheet comes with an interactive Gantt chart feature. It helps visualizing a project, and it makes easier to under situation or progress or condition of a project. With conditional formatting, you can customize the project seamlessly. You need to turn on critical path to check the tasks. It helps to estimate project completion date. As a result, you shall be able to plan project completion with more precision as well as accuracy. As you make finishing project on time almost a habit, you shall start getting immense appreciations from clients.

SmartSheet Gantt chart offers simple drag and drop editing. To add an item, you need to drag and drop the item. This project management software makes it easier for everyone to update project, adjust deadlines and assign fresh tasks to the employees. Overall, Gantt chart is considered as a great visual layout for effective project management. Using SmartSheet Gantt chart is more than satisfactory experience for everyone.

CaseCamp Gantt Charts

CaseCamp is considered as one of the finest project management systems these days. It comes with many benefits in offering. It has clinched almost 100% client satisfaction record as a professional application for project management. The Gantt chart is the major highlight of this software. Gantt chart of CaseCamp is more interactive in comparison to the charts of SmartSheet. You have more choices and options for customizing the chart with this software. As a result project managers get better control over the projects and can plan project completion within the stipulated deadline.

CaseCamp vs. Asana – A Detailed Review

Project management process is considered as an important thing for every organization. Effective project management can bring higher productivity, profitability and business popularity. The aim of project managers should be completing a project within the fastest possible and with minimal expenditure so that companies can find higher profitability. Optimum usage of resources is the most important part of project management process. These days, projects managers rely upon various online based tools for project management. In this regard, you have options like Asana and CaseCamp. The following section of this article shall provide detailed review on CaseCamp vs. Asana.

Asana Project management Software

This is a popular online based project management system that comes with free initial membership. You can start as a free user, and then can move to become a paid member. Free members have limited access to resources and features, while paid members can avail all the features of the software as per their membership plans.

Asana comes with many features to make project management process seamless experience for the users. It gives you an activity feed to take a look at various projects. You can add new assignments and attachments for managing projects. Apart from these automatic email updates and deadline reminders are some of the common features of this system. You can easily track various tasks and add new followers. The software is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, etc.

CaseCamp Project

CaseCamp is comparative new software than Asana, though it has earned immense popularity over a short period of time. The main benefit of CaseCamp is that it is highly cost-effective. Trial version offers greater access to users on various features or options of the software. You can manage as many as 10 projects with the trial version of this software.

Paid members shall be introduced to unlimited project options and a few new exciting features for seamless project management. Unlike Asana, CaseCamp offers you to create a to-do list, which is a great help for the project managers. It also provides email updates and deadline reminders. You can check project updates, add assignments and track employee performances through this advanced project management system that supports all contemporary operating systems.

The battle between CaseCamp and Wrike project management software

The domain of project management has undergone a massive metamorphosis for the last few decades and with the advent of digitalization that is increasingly being incorporated in the different app-based interfaces, the tools of project management have also underwent an evolution. The two most crucial software of project management are the CaseCamp and the Wrike project management software. Although each of these tool is aimed at the similar aim of devising streamlined and successful project management strategy, yet, there are some points of differences between these two software that form the basis of selection for different kinds of businesses. Some of these distinguishing features are:

•    The CaseCamp project management tool provides the flexible feature of code/Github integration that is not quite prominent in the Wrike tool.

•    The interface of the CaseCamp tool is more interactive than that of Wrike. In fact, there have been issues related to the ‘less-intuitive’ feature of Wrike’s interface that may hinder the smooth flow of project management process. This is completely eliminated because CaseCamp brings an extremely user-interactive interface where team members and groups can seamlessly communicate with each other.

•    CaseCamp is comparatively simpler than that of Wrike and therefore, businesses having small or medium-sized project development requirement with normalized ambition can better opt for CaseCamp rather than Wrike, which is a bit more complex.

•    The feature of messaging is present in abundance in the CaseCamp software, which is visibly missing in Wrike. Instead of the built-in chat app, Wrike has a @mention facility that performs the messaging functions but not in a very interactive and swift manner.

•    The iOS App tracking and Android App tracking features are another main domain of difference between the CaseCamp and Wrike software.

•    Some features like ticketing system and employee tracking system are exclusive of CaseCamp software that are absent in such forms in the Wrike project management tool.

•    Other than these, the collaborative feature in CaseCamp is superior to that of Wrike although Wrike is more focused on improving the speediness of the project deliverables.

With these differences, each tool has got separate demands in different kinds of businesses having varying project management requirement.

The confrontation of CaseCamp and Trello tools in project management

Project Management is an important aspect of software application development and businesses are increasingly resorting to handy tools that make the whole process of project management very much streamlined and smooth. This obviously enables the team members to work hand in hand so as to deliver the output as desired by the clients. However, based on the kind and size of business along with the requirement of the business, the type of project management tool varies from one type of project to another. This situation is taken care of with the help of different options for project management tools that are available presently in the market. Two such crucial project management tools are CaseCamp and Trello, each having its own distinguishing features to cater to a specific pattern of requirement. Although the one and only aim of these tools is similar, yet, the processes and other features vary in different ways. Some of these differences are outlined hereunder:

•    Sign-up process is easier in Trello rather than CaseCamp.

•    The Trello project management tool has confined capabilities unlike the CaseCamp tool, which has got lots of attractive features that will simplify the tasks of project management to a great extent. These include the Gantt chart based analytics features, budget management, time management, ticketing system, employee tracking and the like. In other words, the former tool is a pretty ordinary one having just the basic features whereas the latter comes incorporated with certain exclusive features that can transform the project management experience today.

•    The to-do list of Trello tool is of very preliminary nature whereas that of the CaseCamp software is an extremely well-developed feature that enables grouping of tasks in a hassle-free way.

•    There are certain security loopholes in Trello software that are eliminated completely in its counterpart called CaseCamp.

•    CaseCamp has optimum compatibility with iOS and Android based apps and platforms that are absent in case of Trello tool.

Apart from these major distinguishing features, there are other features like document management, calendar, communication interface and other allied features in CaseCamp, which will be found missing in the Trello project management tool.

Choosing between CaseCamp and TimeCamp

The pleasure of project management reaches its zenith with the help of the innovative and impressive project management tools that perfects the domain of project management with the diversified features. A proper project management requires seamless integration, collaboration and operation of all the tasks of a project by ensuring active participation from all the team members. Though the output of a project management tool is similar for all the tools today, yet, the features of each tool might differ in certain ways. These differences make it very easy for the businesses to identify the exact product that can be chosen in order to meet the requirements. Two of the major players in the genre of project management are CaseCamp and TimeCamp. Both these offer various services related to project management but there are some distinguishing factors between the two tools. These points are mentioned below for better understanding:

•    As the name goes for TimeCamp, there are certain exclusive time-related tools here like time entry notes, time entry time-to-time, graphical timesheets, computer activities assigned to time entries, automatic time tracking with rules and keywords, away time detection and timer unlike CaseCamp that does not have so many time tools although has a designated time management system that perform almost the similar tasks as those mentioned above.

•    Gantt chart analysis, which is a fabulous feature of the CaseCamp software, is not present in the TimeCamp software.

•    There is a separate ticketing system in CaseCamp project management tool that cannot be found in TimeCamp tool but the feature of providing support in the TimeCamp software is present in different form.

•    The Code Integration facility is one of the best features of the CaseCamp project management software whereas the TimeCamp software does the active directory integration.

•    Other main differentiating points between the two tools pertain to the domain of document management, task synchronization, creation of teams or groups in a project, iOS App tracking, Android App tracking, calendar based project management and budget management.

All these points will enable the businesses of various types to select the actual project management tool that will be suitable for a particular business.

Which one to go for project management? CaseCamp or FreedCamp?

Project Management deals with the seamless integration of all kinds of works in a particular project so that the resultant output comes out in an effective and efficient manner. There are various project management tools present to cater to the various types of requirements of businesses and software development projects. These tools offer plenty of platforms to interact and improvise upon the ways of project development and ensure a charismatic communication between all the team members of the project in order to work in sync with each other for better project development. Two such project management tools are CaseCamp and FreedCamp tools. Each of these project management tools has almost similar functions but with some basic distinguishing features. These can be summarized below:


•    The major difference between these two tools is the cost factor. As the very name suggest, FreedCamp comes for free whereas CaseCamp comes with certain price tag. It goes without saying that businesses having budget constraints will obviously opt for the former whereas businesses, which are looking for the top quality product where price is not the factor will definitely want to go for the CaseCamp project management tool.

•    FreedCamp has an excellent feature of extendibility, which means several interfaces can get easily integrated here and this is available in a web-based app format in both free and paid versions as well whereas CaseCamp has certain restrictions in terms of compatibility but works superior to FreedCamp in the iOS app based platforms.

•    Features like employee tracking, creation of teams and groups with specific roles, to-do list and calendar management can be done extremely well with CaseCamp software whereas FreedCamp has time tracking and task management features that perform almost similar tasks.

•    CaseCamp makes use of interactive Gantt charts for analysis purposes which is missing in the FreedCamp software.

•    There is a provision of ticketing feature in CaseCamp software that cannot be found in the FreedCamp software although comparable features can be done by issue tracker of the FreedCamp software.

In spite of these very minor differences, the two types of tools run almost parallel based on the customized requirements of various types of projects.

Top 5 Task Management Software

Traditional method of task management has been replaced with modernized methods. Today, task management process has become modernized with the introduction of latest technologies. Managing small tasks is convenient with traditional method. But, when you have been awarded the job of managing extensive tasks, you have to be careful on certain things. The process of task management should be robust and advanced. For that, you can deploy a few tools. So, for your convenience, here are top 5 task management systems:

1. Centrallo

As the name suggests, this open source task management system aims centralizing your life. It makes task management process more logical and seamless. It gives you the convenience of effective task management with its arrays of features or options. Positive part of this system is that it feature drag and drop interface. It comes with 1 GB free storage. The downside is also there. It comes with limited attachment size. You can attach only 25 MB at a time.


EasyNote makes it easier to take notes of the daily basis tasks. For effective task management, using this system is always effective. EasyNote comes with many advanced options. It gives you the freedom to schedule tasks, as per your desire. It gives you the convenience to check status of various tasks that you have listed with the system. The best thing is that the system is updated regularly, and thus it stays user-friendly as well as robust. The downside is that the system is not free after certain time. To use all the features of this system, you need to purchase membership.

3. PinTask

PinTask is a simple open source platform for effectual and systematic task management. It comes with many advanced features or options. It has a simple interface to feature. The system is user-friendly and free to be used. Though it is marketed as free, certain extension of feature or options would require extra cost.

4. CaseCamp

This is the most advanced project management as well as task management tool. Being an open source system, it is convenient, user-faintly and easy to be accessed. You need to purchase membership for using the system. CaseCamp is noted as 5th most popular group in LinkedIn.

Top 5 Bug Tracking Software

Managing a software development project is not an easy thing, as it involves a lot of hassles. Typically, a software development project has unique lifecycle that includes planning, implementation, development, testing and final product delivery to the client. Each step is important, but software testing and bug management is recognized as the most critical part. For effective bug management, you need to understand a few basic things. To make the process simpler, many developers or software testing executives deploy bug tracking software. Open source bug tracking software can find the bugs accurately and can give you the convenience of easy bug fixing.

For bug tracking, you can use the following systems or software:

1. Unfuddle

This is a secured project management platform that helps in effective as well as accurate bug tracking. The major highlight of the system is that it looks seamless as well as user-friendly. It comes with many advanced features or options for the bug tracking and project management tasks. Not just bug tracking; it also helps in client payment as well as milestone tracking. So, basically it is a project management system that comes with robust bug tracking options.


It is a famous issue tracking system that comes with many advanced features or options. Using this system has certain exceptional benefits that you may not get with other systems. First of all, it is fast and robust. Secondly, it is accurate with bug tracking and fixing tasks.

3. Salesforce

This is yet another web based project management system that comes with effective as well as advanced bug tracking features. You can track bugs and can fix them with ease with this robust tool. Using this tool has many other benefits. In addition to bug tracking, you can plan, execute and schedule your projects.

4. CaseCamp

When it comes to choosing bug tracking tool, CaseCamp is recommended for its amazing as well as interesting features. This open source system is also a project management system. CaseCamp Group is the 5th most popular group in LinkedIn for project management. It shows the popularity of this project management system.

Top 5 Project Management Software

Project management is one of the most important tasks that business houses have to deal with. Conducting a project properly is important to clinch high end client satisfaction and better profitability. Not just profitability, proper project management also enhances reputation of a company. It helps a company to grow, and thus it has unparallel importance in today’s world. For project management, using open source software or systems has become the latest trend. If you are searching for such an application, here is a list for you:


This is an excellent open source system for effectual and accurate project planning as well as management. This agile system comes with many advanced features or options. It gives you the convenience of a free private project. You can enjoy having unlimited public projects. If you want more than one private project, you need to purchase the membership options.

2.  Plan Project Management Software

You can easily download this system and install to your desktop. It is fast, robust and convenient system, offering cutting edge options or features. This project management tool is free to use, and you can have any number of private projects as per your needs. Extensive manuals and complicated options are the major drawbacks of this system. You may also encounter a lot of technical problems with this system.

3. Zoho Projects

With a small investment, if you are seeking a professional open source platform for conducting project management tasks, you can easily choose Zoho Projects. It has advanced features or options in offering. It makes the job of project management simple as well as seamless. With $25 per month, you can enjoy the convenience of using this project management software or system.

4. CaseCamp

CaseCamp is one of the Best Online Project Management Tool. It is an open source system that has many options in offering. It gives you the convenience of project management with ease. It comes with some exciting membership plans, and all those plans are highly affordable. Make your project management process convenient with CaseCamp. It gives you an accurate platform to track status of your project and to check other important project details. CaseCamp Group is also 5th largest group in LinkedIn.

Benefits of Joining Facebook Project Management Groups

Project management is a big time hassle for many businesses these days. Proper project management can enhance profitability. Nevertheless, it can help your business to move more systematically. Project management is also important for reputation of a business. These days, clients closely monitor project management processes of the service providers. They tend to rely on those services, which have advanced and professional project management systems to showcase.

Social media website, Facebook, has a major role to play in our lives today. Not just personal level communication, this platform is also used for professional communication purposes. For better project management and to know latest trends in project management process, you can consider joining a few Facebook Groups. Joining these groups will help you build a good network, where you can share innovative ideas on project management. Joining Facebook project management groups has many benefits. These benefits are discussed in the following section.

•    At Facebook groups, veterans often share unique as well as groundbreaking ideas. Getting these ideas and implementing them in real time project management process helps a lot of entrepreneurs. Your project management process would get more seamless as well as accurate with the implementation of these innovative and interesting ideas.

•    Using Facebook groups is always convenient experience as it helps you to get constant updates on the latest project management systems or software. Using these software or applications will give a better platform to your business in term of project management tasks.

•    You can get excellent suggestions on management process of a complicated project from the proven industry experts as well as veterans at various reputed Facebook groups.

Several groups are there at Facebook for those, who are interested in sharing ideas on project management. Among those groups, CaseCamp has gained significant recognition. It is one of the most reliable groups that boast of having a lot of active users. CaseCamp is also number 5 LinkedIn Project Management Group. Hence, joining this group is highly recommended for the small business owners or enthusiastic startup entrepreneurs and others. You shall get the opportunity to learn a lot of new as well as cutting edge concepts from others.

Case Camp Status Report

Case Camp is the new project management software build especially for mobile devices. It helps bring employees and customer on the same page. All the information related to the project is easily accessible and the communication gap between employee and customer has been filled by CaseCamp.

A major role in reducing the communication gap is played by the feature of Status Reports. The employees have to send these status reports periodically which can be accessed by the customer using the Customer Interface of CaseCamp. These status reports notify the customer of current progress of the project and help them take appropriate actions accordingly.

The employees can send the status report by accessing the Status Report tab on the Employee Interface, selecting the project they want to give report about and filling the required details. These details include the name of the case under progress, time spend on it, detailed description about what exactly is being done, picture of the employee or the case and current location of the employee.

These status reports are represented in the form of a list to the customer. This list include details like name of the team assigned to the project, time at which the report was saved, name of the employee who has saved the particular status report, number of hours spent by the employee on a particular case, location of the employee when he has saved the report and the image attached to the status report by the employee.

Employee can attach their own picture in the status report, image of the case under progress or screenshot of any issue faced during the completion of the case. These status reports are stored on a database and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as and when required.

The format of these status reports covers all the essential questions often asked by the customers when they ask for the progress report of their project. They also fulfill the task of reporting any issues faced by the employee in the process of completion of any of the cases assigned under their project.

Case Camp Employee Interface


Case Camp is the project management application for mobile platform developed by Auction Software. The idea behind the app is to provide a simple and clean way to manage teams and projects, developed keeping in mind the needs of software development companies.

The application is divided into Customer Interface and Employee Interface. Employees can enter all the information about the ongoing projects such as name of the project, number of cases involved, tasks involved, number of hours spend by the developer and description of what is being done using the Employee Interface.

Employee Interface has functionalities like login through which the employees can access the application using the credentials allotted to them. After logging in they can see two tabs, Activity and Status Report. The activity tab displays all the activities previously completed by the employee with details including date, time, number of cases involved and hours taken to complete the activity.

The Status Report tab displays the name of the projects along with the date and number of cases involved. These projects can be sorted as Fixed Projects and Hourly Projects. If the employee wants to update the status report of any of the listed projects they can simply click on the project name. They are then redirected to a screen where they can feed the number of hours spent on the project and its description.

When the employee save a status report their photo and current location is also saved along with the details entered by them. This way the reviewer can know exactly who was working on the particular task, what was the location of that person, what was the time taken by them and what are the details of that task.

The employee interface of CaseCamp also allows the employee to change their password. The passwords should be changed periodically for added security. Employees can edit their account details by selecting Edit Account option from the Drawer Menu.

Employee Interface of CaseCamp allows the accumulation of information about the ongoing projects into a central database from where the progress of the project and efforts of the employees can be easily reviewed.

How the really low price and great customer support of CaseCamp rocks

You already invest so much in a business or office making, that you feel like you must earn back the investment through fast and fat revenue generation. And in such a point of time only you realize that all you are lacking is a good and efficient project management software and system. What do you do then? You have two choices. One is to wait for some time till you get the best project management tool for your business. The other way is to get anything that fits your budget for the time being to suffice the work.

A better decision

Now there is actually no point investing in stuff which won’t yield. And if you plan to buy something now, and later invest again on the same thing of better quality then also it would be a waste of money. Hence, a good sensible decision would be to do whatever you want to at the very best, without quality compromises. And when you have the CaseCamp project management tool so affordable, then you don’t have to worry about budget also.

Low price of CaseCamp’s project management tool

If you did not get the time to compare between other project management software with Casecamp’s then watch now that it costs only $25 for unlimited number of users every month. This means you have to spend only $25 dollar monthly for the special facilities, and no the higher amounts of $75 or $99, which other rival softwares of the same type asks for, without even offering half of the features that CaseCamp’s tool offers.

Great customer support

Besides the amazingly low cost, great features which are the best in the market, with mobile apps etc, which it offers, you also can get great customer support. Their customer support team is available 24/7, which means you always have help. Now in the first few days of trying the software, you would face some issues. And while you learn there may come queries. To handle all that you would get a full time customer support and this is a great assurance of service to try and buy a product.

Management your project management tool through smartphone

When you are using some project management software, it’s very important that you get certain features in it. The feature of tracking and viewing results, managing few things, connecting with the software, and handling in remote should be the very important features. Specially for those who cannot sit in one seat all day to work through the software. Various managers and entrepreneurs, who have to constantly stay in movement may not be able to access a computer all the time, and for them their tab or smartphone is the tool. Hence the modern day best online project management tool provides the exact same feature, through which you can access the software and work on it through your smartphone too. And by smartphone it’s not just meant to be the android phones, but the iOS platform too.

The requirement of on the go working

In the move, and on the go, you still may need to check how the employees are working and performing, the reports of the last day’s work etc. You may need to fetch a graph or sheet from some old date and may have to send a report online from there only. How would you manage all these things if you don’t have access to the project management system? That is why CaseCamp has developed the brilliant project managing software, which can be accessed and worked upon from an iOS phone or Android phone without any problem.

App based management makes work tracking so very easy, and CaseCamp developers had realized it well ahead. Thus with the software the app is also given to you.

Free trial period

One of the best things about Casecamp’s software is that, you can try it well for a free period of 10 days before you buy it. Now you are investing on the best online project management tool, and this is no small investment. Hence you must have a nice experience of the system before you make your mind. That is why the trial period has been kept for all prospective customers. You can try it for 10 days, and 10 days is no less time to realize how a tool is performing, thus making it easy to decide.

Try and use the best free online project management software

The job of a project management system is quite complicated, while as the end user you enjoy the simplified results. This is actually desired of any project management system, which actually should work on the basis of data fed into it, or data it extracts through automation. And on the other hand it should process and shows results which are really simple to perceive and view. And such an efficient project management system which offers 10 days of free trial with the full version to its users is the CaseCamp project management software. It’s an online project management system which can be tried fully free to know how efficiently any business, office, or online business can be managed.

What is expected from a project management system?

The best free online project management software actually helps sort many of the things that matters in a business or office.

CaseCamp has the most efficient employee tracking system. This will show you if your employees are working or not. If an employee is performing good or bad, coming and leaving office on time or late, making a lot of absenteeism or not etc, would all be shown here. Besides the volume of work from each employee, the productivity of the employee would all be shown.

A To Do list and calendar is another must have a in a good project managing system. If you can’t list the To Dos, and schedule them, and later view them or get alerts as the scheduler works, then the system is of no use. You cannot put your mind into everything and yet remember all tasks. Hence with a proper office calendar, the project management system must have this To do list and tracker too. CaseCamp fulfills this requirement.

An efficient ticketing system can be integrated using the project management system. If your business is dependent on some sort of ticket raising, or the customer care ticketing is to be automated then you may do so by the online ticketing system of CaseCamp.

Hence, you should invest on the project management software after you have tested the best free online project management software through it’s trial period.

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How to hold the grip of your ecommerce business with CaseCamp

Whenever you think of eCommerce, and making your career in it, you would have to think of setting up your own blog or website. And when you set up a blog or site, you would need many processes within it. Any online business cannot be flourished without a strong backing and support of a management team and system. However one person alone, and single handedly also can manage things to a huge extent, if the supporting software is good. And in eCommerce one of the best support systems you can get is through the CaseCamp project management system.

What is the CaseCamp project managing system

This is an online software. This means you see it online, watch tutorials and demo online, down load it online, try it , and when you are satisfied then you buy it online. This software is to manage your business online. This means everything you need is presented in front of your eyes with total detailed reporting and graph comparison, and SWOT analysis and all, and things are really managed. All this happens through the online software which manages things in real time.

Your job is only to feed important data and accesses, and the rest will be handled by the system. This is the amazing CaseCamp system, which is deemed the best online project management software.

The official site tells about the software while comparing it with two other competitors. And the analysis shows clearly, that the many features which the other rival softwares do not offer some seamless with CaseCamp’s project management system.

The best features of the project management system

Some of the best features of the system are the To Do list, the Time Management system, Calendar, Ticketing system, Employee tracker, Document manager, Team tracker and Smart phone app. The other rivals like Jira and Basecamp do not provide all of them. But this project management system by CaseCamp has all of it and much more.

The best online project management software can change the face of a business, and make all the wrong things right with gradual improvements all round. That is why you must implement one at the earliest to keep things in tight control.

Casecamp –User-friendly project management software with highly advanced features

With the competition intensifying in every filed of business, it has become almost indispensable to use the advanced technology now. Can anyone think of managing a project without the application of the project management software? Really speaking, the project can be managed without software, but it would not only very much difficult and inconvenient, but at the same time, it would be quite a time and energy consuming task. Also, the project managers may find it difficult to ensure the timely completion, and this may further adversely affect the achievement of desired result. However, with the advent of the Casecamp, the project managers needn’t worry about any difficulties. As the highly advanced and user-friendly software, it would prove to be the best technology to facilitate the efficient management of projects.

Salient features of Casecamp

There are several highly advanced features in Casecamp that render immense convenience and ease to the managers to manage the projects in an effective manner. Below are some chief features of the Casecamp:

•    User-friendly software: Casecamp is quite user-friendly and the managers do not need to take special lessons to learn operating it. Also, all the other concerned parties can conveniently use this project management software.
•    Effective time management: Not only does it facilitate tracking of the working period of employees, but at the same time, it also reminds that a particular task needs to be completed in the given time. It intimates all the concerned parties to complete their respective tasks within a given time period.
•    Tacking of budget: It helps tracking the budget and the managers can ensure the completion of the project without causing the increment in the budget.
•    Management of resources in an efficient manner: By facilitating the assignment of tasks and updating it on regular basis, Casecamp helps the managers efficiently manage the resources and achieve timely and desired result.
•    App for Smartphone: Casecamp can be used through Smartphone through a simple app. So, the managers, sponsors, employees, and customers etc. can use this project management software using their Smartphone.

Briefly speaking, Casecamp, as the project management software is a complete package ensuring the on-time completion of projects in an effective manner.

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Efficient Management of Projects Using Casecamp Software

Despite making sincere efforts, sometimes, the projects get delayed and it becomes difficult to achieve the desired results. Not all may really understand how difficult and tedious it is to manage the projects, but the people managing the projects know what it means to manage a project. And, it is for this reason that they tend to look for the best online project management tool. It is not that there is a dearth of tools, but that it is important to make right selection. Amidst various project management tools, the Casecamp appears to have been very popular among the managers, sponsors, customers and employees etc. Here are a few salient benefits of Casecamp:

•    Effective Management of all the components of the project: Casecamp facilitates the effective management of all the components of a project. Be it the managers, customers, sponsors, or employees etc. all can use its different features and work towards achieving the common goals in the best possible manner. The managers can see everything before their eyes and they can communicate with the concerned parties on an instant basis and thus manage the project in a better way.

•    Best utilization of resources for achieving optimum results: Determination and dedication alone are not enough to efficiently manage the projects. The managers are required to utilize the resources in the best possible manner, and it is not quite possible without using the best online project management tool like Casecamp.

•    Real time tracking: Whether the employees are working or not can be very well observed. Also, the duration of their work can be tracked. In case of any irregularity, the employees can be provided with the required instruction.

•    Instant and non-stop communication: If there arises any urgency to instantly communicate with any concerned parties like employees, customers, or sponsors etc.; Casecamp facilitates communication on an immediate basis. Any and every concerned parties can communicate with each other in a non-stop manner from anywhere and everywhere.

Truly speaking, Casecamp by far, has been considered by most project managers as the best online project management tool. Yes it may take a little time in getting used to it, but it would take much time in learning to use as it has a simple and user-friendly interface.

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Explore rich features of Online Project Management Software and enjoy the ease of business

A successful business relies on its ability to handle projects which is a direct measure of the capabilities of a company. A client offering projects is not too much concerned about the resources of a company as long as he can trust a company. A company builds up its reputation in the market by proving its potentials through projects. Once a company has a project in his hand, it needs to ensure that the project is completed before deadline irrespective of the hurdles. Along with timeline, quality of the work is as much important as meeting the deadline. Thus, it is important for any company to have some Best Online Management Tools that can help in managing the projects efficiently.

Software that can help in managing the various activities of projects is the Best Online Project Management Tool that can assist you with advance features. If you are searching for a good Project Management Tool, it is important to focus on the functionalities and features instead of cost. CaseCamp is among the top software firms that have years of experience of offering project management software with latest and innovative features. It has a team of experts that constantly update the features to offer the best to its customers.

The primary objective of a project management tool is to bind the team together and facilitate a strong communication between the team members. Even the client can be allowed a controlled access to the updates on the project through Project Management Software. Thus, it is the most transparent ways to let the client know about the status of the project.

Managing the deadlines of the projects is crucial. Every minute is crucial and thus ideally, any changes in plans, updates, modifications etc must be immediately brought into notice. It might be easy during the working hours but other times it can be terribly difficult. Thus, it is important to choose Best Online Management Tool that can help in avoiding any such complicated situations leading to delays. Software can completely transform the way you handle your projects and surprise you with its features.

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Online Project Management Software is the simplest way to Store all the Updates of the Project

Managing a business can be hectic especially when it comes to managing numerous projects. A Project Management Software works comes as a great savior for businessmen as well as project manager. A lot of websites provides free online project management software but instead of looking for Best Free Online Project Management Software, you are much better of spending some cash for paid software. CaseCamp specializes in Online Project Management Software with different software available in different categories to meet the requirements of every type of business.  Free project management software can also be obtained but does only fulfill the basic requirements, missing out on some key features.  It is worth spending money of paid online project management software as these little features can defeat the purpose of the software.

Project Management Software helps in bringing out the true capabilities of the employees by revealing a detailed report of the work submitted by each member of the team. This helps the Project Manager and the businessman to classify the work force on the basis of efficiency, skills and knowledge and reward them accordingly. Some of the Best Online Project Management Software makes it easier to assign the right responsibilities and load according to the capabilities. This works in the favor of the complete project and can significantly improve the pace of the work on the project.

One of the main advantages of introducing an Online Project Management Software in your business is that it keeps a detailed record of all the activities of the project. This is an excellent feature that saves the tedious paperwork of preparing reports that are time consuming. The precious time and efforts saved in the process can be utilized to complete some other important tasks. The software keeps on updating the records as soon as more work is submitted by any of the team members. This record can also be used to prepare quick presentations to represent the status of the project before the client. New employees can also use the records stored in the Software to enhance their skills. It is extremely important to have the Best Project Management on your side to have all the useful features.

Online Project Management Software ensure optimum results and best utilization of resources

Project management is one of the main challenges especially with moderate and large scale businesses. Even the best professionals can find it hard to sort out projects efficiently. Project Management Software Packages are the perfect solution for managing every type of complications related to project handling. There are several websites that offer various project management software packages but if you are looking for the Best Online Project Management Software, you need a reputed brand like Case Camp. All its software come with webs based applications to help keep track of the project from any part of the world.

Project Management calls for a complete team to work together and co-ordinate with each other on the assigned project. The tasks related to the project may be assigned to the individuals but all tasks must be combined together to complete the project. Thus, a single individual can spoil the whole project or at least cause an unnecessary lag in performance. Case Camp has developed some wonderful Project Management Software to help all the members of a project to unite together and establish a strong interaction. A Best Online Project Management Software ensures that the Project Manager can always keep an eye on the progress of the project from anywhere. Every team member can submit the individual task that is automatically updated in the software. This ensures that the complete team working on the project is virtually connected to each other all the time especially after the working hours.

Success of the project relies heavily on the performance of the complete team as a single unit. Some companies have sufficient resources but fail to utilize them according to the potential. This is where an Online Project Software can make a huge difference.  CaseCamp brings some unique features in its project management software to enable the company to analyze the performance of each individual working on the project. Online Project Management Software makes it easier to manage resources and get the optimum outputs. It also helps in distributing the load evenly among the team and keep track of the pace of the project in a systematic manner.

Casecamp Demo

In the Casecamp demo you can login as a Sponsor, Manager, Employee, and Customer:

A Sponsor and a Manager are able to look at the same settings for example: Home, company settings, users reports, users, time sheets, status report, project reports, and user settings. While an employee can only look at: Home, users, time sheets, status report, and user settings. On the other hand a customer only can see user settings and status report.

Overall the website is supposed to show reports on each project they have. How well they are doing and the revenue they are getting from each project.

Casecamp is basically to keep track of your projects advancements and decide whether or not to make a new version, report and issue, or add a new project. A user can also archive projects or inactivate them. Sponsors and Management users have more options but are more aimed for their employees and users.

Customers can see the exact same thing as a Sponsor or Manager when clicking on a project. A manager and an employee have an interface where they can communicate with each other to set up a starting date.