Casecamp reports, time sheet and activity: Hours (Hours worked per day)


Time management is an important prerequisite for any project because it is crucial to complete the deliverables well in time in order to avoid any delays or undesirable situations later on. Moreover, the project that is usually divided into sub-segments is easier to manage if time is divided between these segments properly so that each of the team member work according to the specified timelines predefined in the project. However, it is not quite possible to manage all these manually and therefore, CaseCamp software has been developed that is a brilliant time management tool. If an organization or a company buys this software and implements the same in the project, then surely the time management and subsequent work management becomes much simpler.

CaseCamp utilities for effective time management

Any project will be given a set of jobs to be delivered within a stipulated time and those set of jobs are then divided into the sub-teams each having a certain number of team members who are assigned to do a particular task. Each member therefore has to make sure that the task is over within a given time because one cannot take own sweet time when there is a task to deliver. CaseCamp brings such functionalities packed inside it that time management and task completion can be tackled simultaneously. The following features are available here which make time and task handling easier:

  • It has a got a very user-friendly interface from where it becomes hassle-free for the managers to keep a track on the individual progress of the project tasks on a regular basis.
  • There are special provisions of display of the activities along with the team members who are allotted with the same. These can be updated and viewed by the managers so as to keep a note on the overall working of the project as a whole.
  • There are specialized time sheets and reports for every single team member of the project so that the tasks assigned can be managed according to the status of the work updated regularly.

Hence, the CaseCamp software makes project management smoother owing to effective time management.

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