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This week we went on a vacation along with Mr. Casecamp, as we all were bored to work in the same workplace, and surprisingly there was no compromise on work hours and contribution from the employees. On the other hand the work efficiency actually increased the completion rate of the developers increased, as they all were motivated and had absolute freedom to work from any place they wanted, people started forming groups and went to different places to sit with casecamp.

Most of them went to the beach, some to a fancy cafe shop, and some to racing track to name a few.

All the employees were highly responsible and active at work via casecamp.

They are saying that we should make this a regular thing as it is motivating them a lot and makes them experience a great sense of freedom.

As far as the management is concerned all the activity from screenshots to clicks can be monitored with Casecamp’s integration -Time doctor, which reassures the security and non-disclosure of projects.

The picture and the location of the current workplace can be requested at any time and the employee can provide the specified picture as soon as he receives the notification. The employee location will be automatically updated on casecamp.

We are actually considering making this a regular work style, like 4 days a month to start with.

Mr. Casecamp makes it a lot easier to work and deploy codes irrespective of where ever you are.

And that is not all, casecamp is so much more than just a it industry based project management tool.

Mr. Casecamp has a client who uses casecamp for movie production with a few customizations, and the client is quite close to Mr. Casecamp, he says that casecamp is a great tool to organize everything with a clean interface and functionalities and provides very good support, as Mr. Casecamp solved the provision of additional features in time and in the most cost efficient manner.

Timesheet is very useful to regulate the time worked across all the platforms.

So shake hands with casecamp today and experience joy of working along with us.

Mr .Casecamp awards many gift vouchers to his regular users on a regular basis.

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