Case Camp Status Report

Case Camp is the new project management software build especially for mobile devices. It helps bring employees and customer on the same page. All the information related to the project is easily accessible and the communication gap between employee and customer has been filled by CaseCamp.

A major role in reducing the communication gap is played by the feature of Status Reports. The employees have to send these status reports periodically which can be accessed by the customer using the Customer Interface of CaseCamp. These status reports notify the customer of current progress of the project and help them take appropriate actions accordingly.

The employees can send the status report by accessing the Status Report tab on the Employee Interface, selecting the project they want to give report about and filling the required details. These details include the name of the case under progress, time spend on it, detailed description about what exactly is being done, picture of the employee or the case and current location of the employee.

These status reports are represented in the form of a list to the customer. This list include details like name of the team assigned to the project, time at which the report was saved, name of the employee who has saved the particular status report, number of hours spent by the employee on a particular case, location of the employee when he has saved the report and the image attached to the status report by the employee.

Employee can attach their own picture in the status report, image of the case under progress or screenshot of any issue faced during the completion of the case. These status reports are stored on a database and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as and when required.

The format of these status reports covers all the essential questions often asked by the customers when they ask for the progress report of their project. They also fulfill the task of reporting any issues faced by the employee in the process of completion of any of the cases assigned under their project.

Case Camp Employee Interface


Case Camp is the project management application for mobile platform developed by Auction Software. The idea behind the app is to provide a simple and clean way to manage teams and projects, developed keeping in mind the needs of software development companies.

The application is divided into Customer Interface and Employee Interface. Employees can enter all the information about the ongoing projects such as name of the project, number of cases involved, tasks involved, number of hours spend by the developer and description of what is being done using the Employee Interface.

Employee Interface has functionalities like login through which the employees can access the application using the credentials allotted to them. After logging in they can see two tabs, Activity and Status Report. The activity tab displays all the activities previously completed by the employee with details including date, time, number of cases involved and hours taken to complete the activity.

The Status Report tab displays the name of the projects along with the date and number of cases involved. These projects can be sorted as Fixed Projects and Hourly Projects. If the employee wants to update the status report of any of the listed projects they can simply click on the project name. They are then redirected to a screen where they can feed the number of hours spent on the project and its description.

When the employee save a status report their photo and current location is also saved along with the details entered by them. This way the reviewer can know exactly who was working on the particular task, what was the location of that person, what was the time taken by them and what are the details of that task.

The employee interface of CaseCamp also allows the employee to change their password. The passwords should be changed periodically for added security. Employees can edit their account details by selecting Edit Account option from the Drawer Menu.

Employee Interface of CaseCamp allows the accumulation of information about the ongoing projects into a central database from where the progress of the project and efforts of the employees can be easily reviewed.

Case Camp Customer Interface

Case Camp Customer Interface is the counterpart of the Case Camp Employee Interface app. Customer can login using their credentials upon which they can access the full functionality of the application. After login, the first screen gives a comprehensive view of all the details related to the customer’s project.

The Case List tab displays the project and the various phases through which the project is progressing. Customer can select a particular phase and view the list of tasks assigned to that particular phase. These listed projects can be sorted as Hourly Projects and Fixed Projects.

The My Tasks tab displays all the tasks all the tasks assigned by the customer. Customer can access all the Open and Completed Cases through the options menu from where they give the instructions to the employee working on that task, send them attachments, change the status of the task and assign the task to a different employee.

Using the Plus button on the first or home screen of the application customer can add a new case for the project, select the phase in which the case has to be completed, assign the case to a particular employee and decide the priority of the case in relation to the project.

New case can also be added by accessing the Add New Case option from the drawer menu. Customer can also raise a ticket using the Add New Ticket option from the drawer menu. To add a new ticket the customer has to add information including the name of the project, name of the manager, reason for raising the ticket, priority of the ticket, its status, subject and description giving a detailed reason for raising the ticket.

The customer interface of Case Camp also provides the feature to change the password. For added security these passwords should be changed periodically. By selecting Edit Account option available in the drawer menu, customer can edit the account details submitted by them.Customer Interface of Case Camp is developed so that the customer can keep track of all the phases and cases of the undergoing project and can also give instructions to the employee.

This is Why People Use Casecamp’s Project Management Software

If you are managing a project, you would have to undergo a lot of stress as you manage the products. One nice way to get rid of this unwanted stress is by using the best online project management software which will take care of all the activities that are required to run a project in the most effective and rewarding manner. The Project management software from CaseCamp is one of those few software programs, which does this job in a seamless manner relentlessly. Here are some of the major benefits of using this software to help you with your project.

Helps in developing the roadmap

Roadmaps and timelines are very crucial for the success of any project. With the help of the software from CaseCamp, managers can easily determine the timelines and work on developing the roadmap for the project’s execution. Not only the software helps in creating the roadmap, but it also allows timely comparison of the actual situation with the planned situation to understand whether the project is moving in the right direction or it needs a change of strategy somewhere.

Efficient resource management

It is true that resources are the key to the success of any project, but if those resources are not being managed properly, they are of no use. With the help of the best online project management software, you can assign different task to the resources and keep a track on the progress of each resource. This way, you would be able to control your resources better.

Seamless reporting

Reports are the lifelines for any project and no project manager can run a project without looking at reports. However, generating these reports could be a time taking or expensive task. Either the project manager has to invest his own time in generating the reports before he can run through them, or he will have to hire a dedicated team to do that on his behalf. Either way, it will impact the profitability of the project. This is where the reporting facility of CaseCamp’s project management software comes handy. While using the software, complex reports with multiple fields can be generated in a matter of minutes with the click of the mouse.

Easy to access

The project management software can be easily accessed from smartphones that runs on Android or IOS. This means that no matter where the project manager is, he can always keep an eye on the progress of the project and evaluate the resources without any hassle.