Case Camp Customer Interface

Case Camp Customer Interface is the counterpart of the Case Camp Employee Interface app. Customer can login using their credentials upon which they can access the full functionality of the application. After login, the first screen gives a comprehensive view of all the details related to the customer’s project.

The Case List tab displays the project and the various phases through which the project is progressing. Customer can select a particular phase and view the list of tasks assigned to that particular phase. These listed projects can be sorted as Hourly Projects and Fixed Projects.

The My Tasks tab displays all the tasks all the tasks assigned by the customer. Customer can access all the Open and Completed Cases through the options menu from where they give the instructions to the employee working on that task, send them attachments, change the status of the task and assign the task to a different employee.

Using the Plus button on the first or home screen of the application customer can add a new case for the project, select the phase in which the case has to be completed, assign the case to a particular employee and decide the priority of the case in relation to the project.

New case can also be added by accessing the Add New Case option from the drawer menu. Customer can also raise a ticket using the Add New Ticket option from the drawer menu. To add a new ticket the customer has to add information including the name of the project, name of the manager, reason for raising the ticket, priority of the ticket, its status, subject and description giving a detailed reason for raising the ticket.

The customer interface of Case Camp also provides the feature to change the password. For added security these passwords should be changed periodically. By selecting Edit Account option available in the drawer menu, customer can edit the account details submitted by them.Customer Interface of Case Camp is developed so that the customer can keep track of all the phases and cases of the undergoing project and can also give instructions to the employee.