Online Project Management Software is the simplest way to Store all the Updates of the Project

Managing a business can be hectic especially when it comes to managing numerous projects. A Project Management Software works comes as a great savior for businessmen as well as project manager. A lot of websites provides free online project management software but instead of looking for Best Free Online Project Management Software, you are much better of spending some cash for paid software. Case camp specializes in Online Project Management Software with different software available in different categories to meet the requirements of every type of business. Free project management software can also be obtained but does only fulfill the basic requirements, missing out on some key features. It is worth spending money of paid online project management software as these little features can defeat the purpose of the software.

Project Management Software helps in bringing out the true capabilities of the employees by revealing a detailed report of the work submitted by each member of the team. This helps the Project Manager and the businessman to classify the work force on the basis of efficiency, skills and knowledge and reward them accordingly. Some of the Best Online Project Management Software makes it easier to assign the right responsibilities and load according to the capabilities. This works in the favor of the complete project and can significantly improve the pace of the work on the project.

One of the main advantages of introducing an Online Project Management Software in your business is that it keeps a detailed record of all the activities of the project. This is an excellent feature that saves the tedious paperwork of preparing reports that are time consuming. The precious time and efforts saved in the process can be utilized to complete some other important tasks. The software keeps on updating the records as soon as more work is submitted by any of the team members. This record can also be used to prepare quick presentations to represent the status of the project before the client. New employees can also use the records stored in the Software to enhance their skills. It is extremely important to have the Best Project Management on your side to have all the useful features.

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Online Project Management Software ensure optimum results and best utilization of resources

Project management is one of the main challenges especially with moderate and large scale businesses. Even the best professionals can find it hard to sort out projects efficiently. Project Management Software Packages are the perfect solution for managing every type of complications related to project handling. There are several websites that offer various project management software packages but if you are looking for the Best Online Project Management Software, you need a reputed brand like Case Camp. All its software come with webs based applications to help keep track of the project from any part of the world.

Project Management calls for a complete team to work together and co-ordinate with each other on the assigned project. The tasks related to the project may be assigned to the individuals but all tasks must be combined together to complete the project. Thus, a single individual can spoil the whole project or at least cause an unnecessary lag in performance. Case Camp has developed some wonderful Project Management Software to help all the members of a project to unite together and establish a strong interaction. A Best Online Project Management Software ensures that the Project Manager can always keep an eye on the progress of the project from anywhere. Every team member can submit the individual task that is automatically updated in the software. This ensures that the complete team working on the project is virtually connected to each other all the time especially after the working hours.

Success of the project relies heavily on the performance of the complete team as a single unit. Some companies have sufficient resources but fail to utilize them according to the potential. This is where an Online Project Software can make a huge difference. Case Camp brings some unique features in its project management software to enable the company to analyze the performance of each individual working on the project. Online Project Management Software makes it easier to manage resources and get the optimum outputs. It also helps in distributing the load evenly among the team and keep track of the pace of the project in a systematic manner.

Time Track

CaseCamp is new software program where Project Managers are able to manage a project with less difficulty than BaseCamp. Why CaseCamp? CaseCamp is able to send notifications to developers, clients and Project Managers when something has been re-assigned or added to the To-Do List. CaseCamp also has this tool where it keeps track of the process your project is at. Time Track shows Project Mangers an effective way to review and manipulate the project timeline.

The Time Track tool has an easy way of communicating with the Project Manager on where the project is standing by showing the percentage of the projects completeness. The Project Manager is able to review the hours worked by employees in a simple graph. The Project Manager can edit the due date, add time budget, and view the project’s budget hours, incurred hours and future scheduled hours. The Time Track tool is a simple yet effective tool to keep the Project Managers priorities straight and organized.

Key Benefits of Project Management Software from CaseCamp

Managing a project can be tedious and result into undesired delays and outcomes if you do not have proper software to manage your products. CaseCamp offers an efficient tool for managing all the activities related to a project with amazing ease. Let us explore some of the key benefits of using Project Management Software from CaseCamp.

  1. Simplest Way to Manage Resources Efficiently: Success of a project not only depends on the availability of resources but proper management of resources. Resources mainly include team of members involved in a project. Project Management Software makes it easier to assign tasks to individual members and also update tasks from anywhere. The project manager can easily track the progress on the work assigned to individual members and take necessary actions to improve the efficiency of the team.
  2. Create a Roadmap for the Project: Before starting to work on a project, it is important to create a roadmap which determines the timelines as well as the distribution of tasks. The software guides a project manager by providing a general framework where he can work out the deadlines and distribution of work among the team members. A roadmap also helps to draw out comparisons in future while the project is actually implemented.
  3. Generating quick reports and handling paperwork: Project Management Software minimizes your efforts and time by saving tedious paper work. Software automatically keeps a track of the progress of project and updates the status of the project on a regular basis. Thus, there is no need to spend time and energy in paperwork as you can generate a quick project report using software.
  4. Available on Smartphone with a Simple App: The software helps the members of the team as well as the project manager to stay connected all the time with a simple Mobile application available for Android as well as IOS. It enables GPS tracking to capture the current location of employees. Every employee can register on the app with unique username and password and stay connected with the team all the time. It also helps project manager to differentiate between good and bad employees on the basis of their performance.

What is Case Camp?

CaseCamp is new software where Project Managers are able to manage a project with less difficulty than BaseCamp. Why CaseCamp? CaseCamp is able to send notifications to developers, clients and Project Managers when something has been re-assigned or added to the To-Do List. BaseCamp has this feature as well but CaseCamp is less chaotic than BaseCamp.

When we started using CaseCamp we realized how BaseCamp can be a little overwhelming especially using it for the first time. BaseCamp has a section inside a project that lets the users know what has been modified the latest, it is not a bad feature but it can get overwhelming for a Project Manager and a Client who is trying to figure out where the project is standing. CaseCamp does not have that feature; it is organized software that lets the users browse around where they are more focused on than just bug fixes in the home page. It is also a great place to communicate with Project Managers, developers, and Clients.

CaseCamp lets the users see the issues that are open, fixed and closed. Clients, Developers and Project Managers are also able to make issues priorities before other To-Do items. CaseCamp also lets Project Managers maintain constant communication and assignments to Developers. The comment section in a To-Do item lets Clients, Developers and Project Managers attach screenshots, comment, and assign section to a new person. Everyone is able to see these comments and reply to whoever they want. CaseCamp for us has been a better organization tool than BaseCamp by far.

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