What is Case Camp?

what is casecamp

CaseCamp is new software where Project Managers are able to manage a project with less difficulty than BaseCamp. Why CaseCamp? CaseCamp is able to send notifications to developers, clients and Project Managers when something has been re-assigned or added to the To-Do List. BaseCamp has this feature as well but CaseCamp is less chaotic than BaseCamp.

When we started using CaseCamp we realized how BaseCamp can be a little overwhelming especially using it for the first time. BaseCamp has a section inside a project that lets the users know what has been modified the latest, it is not a bad feature but it can get overwhelming for a Project Manager and a Client who is trying to figure out where the project is standing. CaseCamp does not have that feature; it is organized software that lets the users browse around where they are more focused on than just bug fixes in the home page. It is also a great place to communicate with Project Managers, developers, and Clients.

CaseCamp lets the users see the issues that are open, fixed and closed. Clients, Developers and Project Managers are also able to make issues priorities before other To-Do items. CaseCamp also lets Project Managers maintain constant communication and assignments to Developers. The comment section in a To-Do item lets Clients, Developers and Project Managers attach screenshots, comment, and assign section to a new person. Everyone is able to see these comments and reply to whoever they want. CaseCamp for us has been a better organization tool than BaseCamp by far.

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