Project management is a challenging task demanding many responsibilities. However, by using, managing projects goes smooth and stress-free!
CaseCamp is a tool that enables you to manage the whole project and control the Software Development Life Cycle Management effectively.
Here you can create the phases like Definition, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, Alpha release and Beta release. Also create a To-do List, set the priority and assign to resources.
You can track the time taken to complete each task, status of the To-do list, status of the employees, in addition to, managing the employee’s vacation, Payroll and many more useful functionalities.
Every information gathered by can be represented via statistical graph, chart and get downloaded or printed out for easier access.

• Gives an easy to understand visual display of the scheduled time of a task or activity.
• Makes it easy to develop “what if” scenarios.
• Enables better project control by promoting clearer communication.
• Becomes a tool for negotiations.
• Shows the actual progress against the planned schedule.
• Can report results at appropriate levels.
• Allows comparison of multiple projects to determine risk or resource allocation.
• Rewards the project manager with more visibility and control over the project.

How CaseCamp Works

Casecamp is a project management tool to manage your projects under budget and complete projects ahead of schedule. The owner has various abilities such as opening new project, assigning project to specific product manager, reviewing status reports, creating open cases and assigning cases to specific employee. Similarly, the manager and employee have the access to all open cases so that they could collaborate with each other. The customer has the ability to review the progress of the project and leave feedback to the modification made by developers. The case priority could be set and changed by all users. The following are flow diagram for the owner, customer, manager and employee.





Casecamp Chats

Hey everyone,

Today we are going to talk exclusively about casecamp -chats.

The casecamp chats is finally live on /, for now the group chats and personal chats can be accessed only by owners, managers, and clients.



The employees will also be able to use the casecamp chats in the future.

Casecamp chats is an easy to use chat feature filled with all emojies , file uploads, and display picture.

The casecamp chats will store all the files shared in conversations in a specific location which could be accessed / deleted whenever needed.

The chat function will also be implemented in casecamp mobile applications, both in IOS/android
Which can be used as a private chat service confined to the company’s contacts.

We have a few clients who use casecamp for freelancing, they felt very powerful with the tool as they are able to monitor, communicate and assess their projects at ease.

Work from anywhere with Mr.casecamp

This week we went on a vacation along with Mr. Casecamp, as we all were bored to work in the same workplace, and surprisingly there was no compromise on work hours and contribution from the employees. On the other hand the work efficiency actually increased the completion rate of the developers increased, as they all were motivated and had absolute freedom to work from any place they wanted, people started forming groups and went to different places to sit with casecamp.

Most of them went to the beach, some to a fancy cafe shop, and some to racing track to name a few.

All the employees were highly responsible and active at work via casecamp.

They are saying that we should make this a regular thing as it is motivating them a lot and makes them experience a great sense of freedom.

As far as the management is concerned all the activity from screenshots to clicks can be monitored with Casecamp’s integration -Time doctor, which reassures the security and non-disclosure of projects.

The picture and the location of the current workplace can be requested at any time and the employee can provide the specified picture as soon as he receives the notification. The employee location will be automatically updated on casecamp.

We are actually considering making this a regular work style, like 4 days a month to start with.

Mr. Casecamp makes it a lot easier to work and deploy codes irrespective of where ever you are.

And that is not all, casecamp is so much more than just a it industry based project management tool.

Mr. Casecamp has a client who uses casecamp for movie production with a few customizations, and the client is quite close to Mr. Casecamp, he says that casecamp is a great tool to organize everything with a clean interface and functionalities and provides very good support, as Mr. Casecamp solved the provision of additional features in time and in the most cost efficient manner.

Timesheet is very useful to regulate the time worked across all the platforms.

So shake hands with casecamp today and experience joy of working along with us.

Mr .Casecamp awards many gift vouchers to his regular users on a regular basis.

And don’t forget to post in review for Mr.Casecamp in capterra

Casecamp Rewards


I wish you all a happy day,

Here at casecamp everyone is very busy with the work and development as usual.

And we have an exciting offer for you folks this week at casecamp,

Please post a review for us on capterra and redeem Amazon or flipkart coupon worth $25.


Many companies believe that Casecamp is a wonderful tool to build the business on for the unique and powerful features it offers with 24/7 reliable customer support

Casecamp provides unique customization options
To suit the specific needs of the each client.

Our users find Mr. Casecamp’s Timesheet and reports the best solution to manage the development as it provides all the needed data with great user interface and export options.


The main motive of casecamp is to make project management as easy as possible, which is most time and cost effective.

Do you need a unique project management hybrid like casecamp or even better for your company, feel free to approach Mr. Casecamp ,

Mr. Casecamp will make sure to forge the perfect tool for you in the most cost effective way in the market.

Start using casecamp as a paid user for at least 3 months and get $25 worth amazon coupon .So please post a review and practice casecamp in the company as a paid user and redeem $50 worth amazon coupon.

Wish you a cheerful and profitable work week.

Casecamp will support you all the way and fullfill all your project management needs.

People here are very eager to develop and implement new things to make sure that Mr.Casecamp’s users have a cutting edge,ahead of the curve project management solution in the industry.

Thanks a lot .

Mr.Casecamp -IT headaches reliever

Hi everyone,great day , Its time for Mr.Casecamp’s

weekly newsletter.

It has been calm climate at work.

Everyone is constantly engaged With thier work.

I was contemplating all that has been going around in the office and i happen to think about -How the potential of all the employees can be well utilised .

And i knew for sure that the whole concept of being an entrepreneur is being able to know to retrieve data and analyse,- to assess the right data.

When i was thinking on these lines ,I came across Robert herjavac’s interview on business development and project management.

He is a great guy who started from nothing but now he is a millionaire.

The immigrant turned business giant, such a heroic story filled with hardships and melodrama.

In the interview ,Robert emphasizes on how important it is for a business owner or an entrepreneur to know his data i.e Relevant data which tells one how exactly the business is running.

Please refer:  , to watch the interview


unnamed (4)


Running a successful business is all about having the relevant data on the table, every owner should think in the terms of easing the project management and assessment processes of the projects.

Sometimes we take pain killers from the pharmaceuticals in order kill those IT headaches managing never ending problems.

Now we have a new solution online to take care of your headaches- Mr. Casecamp

My mom never lets me take tablets when I have headaches or cold. She tells me- “eat healthy and free your mind organize and meditate, you will be fine”.


unnamed (5)


If you want to assess each and everything that goes on at work every second of every day with ease and peace of mind just take Mr.Casecamp  with you.

Please feel free to contact Mr.casecamp any time of the day.






Casecamp-team and culture


Hi everyone, it’s time for Mr. CaseCamp’s weekly newsletter!

Happy spring time! Let the month of May bring exuberant life ahead with the blossoms of the colorful flowers thriving with their calming aroma and beauty.

We at Casecamp say: “Be progressive everyday and happiness will love you”. This superficial sentence was uttered by Avanthika our senior developer. Now this is the mantra of the company.

Here at CaseCamp everyone is very curious and thirsty for knowledge. Everyone works on learning new things everyday and impart knowledge to one another, to improve our work ethics and understand each other so we can work to our fullest efficiency.

We have a new IOS developer named Austin joining us! Austin is a young, vibrant guy who loves art and music, and uses his passion for it to create his designs within the mobile apps. We are happy to have him on board.

One more addition to our team as a node. js developer is Jenil! His dream was to study aerospace engineering, but life made him land here with us as a computer engineer. Even though he was not able to pursue aerospace, there is no difference in the scale of his passion towards innovation. He is trying to implement AI in CaseCamp using Tensor flow – A platform to perform numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors) communicated between them. The flexible architecture allows you to deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device with a single API.

So machine learning will help you analyze all the dependencies that might miss our eyes to better understand the statuses of the companies, projects, and products.

Talking about designs and technology. Our celebrity designer Leo is leaving us shortly. We wish him all the best for all his future endeavors, but not to worry, we have great designers here to take care of the space, we have Rehyan who is a great designer. He quotes: “learning should be never narrow”  . Broad and rich knowledge can be condensed or narrowed down to a specific stream of work which will in turn be delivered as the best. Diverse knowledge is what everyone should pursue irrespective of what role they play in the field”. Rehyan is a loyal employee we have, so it was sad for the company, especially to Rehyan when he learned that Leo is leaving us soon. Leo was like a brother to him.

And to say a few things about me, the writer of this newsletter, my name is Pratap Paul. I am a project manager and business developer here. I love cars and to ride bikes. I am an obsessive thinker and a fan of intellectual conversations. I am currently pursuing psychology.

I used to walk for hours not minding the distance  when I was short on resources to pursue my passion in film making with a solid mind set withstanding all the pain, trying to channel all that binds me to energy with constant thought – keep moving forward. Which reminds me of a quote by Nietzsche:“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”
I prefer not to talk much about myself , so that’s all about me for now.

So coming back to the celebrity of this newsletter – Mr. CaseCamp
Whatever happens in the company, among and across the team is always discus
Whatever happens in the company, among and across the team is always discussed with Mr.CaseCamp
CaseCamp allows us to collaborate about What is happening on an extremely professional scale, and also on an electrifying personal scale. The owner can hide the specific tasks from the clients
if needed.
We use CaseCamp in all the ways possible here. we use it to plan events and hangouts, so everyone is on the same page, and with the use of its mobile applications we use it like WhatsApp to communicate one another within the selected community, which gives a sense of uniqueness and privacy. The location tracking feature is very useful when going out as we can monitor everyone’s location with ease.
Mr. CaseCamp is very professional at work and down to earth friendly on personal events.

No matter what project you plan, Mr.CaseCamp is there to assist providing 24/7 consistent customer service.

So to sum it up we have a webinar on Tuesday :18-4-2017, 11.30 AM UTC(5.00 PM IST).

Casecamp assessments and reports

Hi everyone,

Mr. Casecamp wishes you a happy weekend ahead filled with great memories with your loved ones

As we already know a reasonable amount of Mr. Casecamp’s qualities by now.

We will talk about Mr. Casecamp’s fancy new features in this newsletter. Today it’s all about Mr. Casecamp and his class and motives.

Let me tell you the Prime motive of Mr. CaseCamp

Casecamp’s motive is to make sure and build using all resources possible to satisfy the project management needs of all the clients.
Mr. Casecamp will forge the software suit in such a way That it will fit the specific needs of any user as a strong reliable armour and an exquisite and estimable tailored Suit. A perfect project management software suit to wear to work with the privilege of carrying work with you anywhere.

To make the basics clear.

The new features integrated in casecamp  are

The reports:

When time doctor is being integrated in casecamp you can see the total hours worked by each employee on each task.

The CaseCamp chats:

In casecamp the chats can be used to chat with the specific users and groups

It has a great user interface and works just like watsapp might be even better, this provides quick and versatile communication within the work community irrespective of where they are.

And to give a hint on an upcoming fuctionality .

The budget tracking for each task and each project will be more easy than eating a piece of cake .

Deliver the budget with a click of a button with all absolute data.

That is it for this week’s news letter.

We at casecamp are constantly engaged with development and very eager to satisfy more users everyday.

Join Mr.Casecamp and never feel the pressure of project management ever again.

Thanks a lot .



Casecamp communications


Hey everyone,

This week we have our CEO working with us in the same building.

We were very pleased to hear him talking about how easy it was for him to manage the projects and employees using casecamp, he emphasized on how important the casecamp chat and code deployment using github integration is to him , as the casecamp chats was private and got immediate replies as it was bound to a specific working community.

So ,this is what we are going to talk about this week-Casecamp chats and code deploy.

CaseCamp chats:

In casecamp chats, the chats can be done with groups or in person.The chat is available across all the casecamp platforms.It is as easy as watsapp while using it in casecamp IOS/android apps.Casecamp chats has all the emogies, file upload,and display picture.

Do you need an important information from your empolyee/boss when they are on vacation,no worries, casecamp chats makes it easier and professional for you

Code deployment:

Codes can be deployed at ease from casecamp deploy using github integration, you can also queue the codes to be deployed, so there is no waiting for the previous code to be deployed.All the codes will be deployed in the give order,the queue can also be rearranged any time before it starts the deployment process.once each code is commited and deployed,the status and relevant URL will end up in commit history and deployment history accordingly.

So, to sum it up the things needed for effective project management are …… Just register with CaseCamp , you will be off to a great start with endless progress.

And Welcome to Casecamp ,have a happy life ahead.

Case Camp Customer Interface

Case Camp Customer Interface is the counterpart of the Case Camp Employee Interface app. Customer can login using their credentials upon which they can access the full functionality of the application. After login, the first screen gives a comprehensive view of all the details related to the customer’s project.

The Case List tab displays the project and the various phases through which the project is progressing. Customer can select a particular phase and view the list of tasks assigned to that particular phase. These listed projects can be sorted as Hourly Projects and Fixed Projects.

The My Tasks tab displays all the tasks all the tasks assigned by the customer. Customer can access all the Open and Completed Cases through the options menu from where they give the instructions to the employee working on that task, send them attachments, change the status of the task and assign the task to a different employee.

Using the Plus button on the first or home screen of the application customer can add a new case for the project, select the phase in which the case has to be completed, assign the case to a particular employee and decide the priority of the case in relation to the project.

New case can also be added by accessing the Add New Case option from the drawer menu. Customer can also raise a ticket using the Add New Ticket option from the drawer menu. To add a new ticket the customer has to add information including the name of the project, name of the manager, reason for raising the ticket, priority of the ticket, its status, subject and description giving a detailed reason for raising the ticket.

The customer interface of Case Camp also provides the feature to change the password. For added security these passwords should be changed periodically. By selecting Edit Account option available in the drawer menu, customer can edit the account details submitted by them.Customer Interface of Case Camp is developed so that the customer can keep track of all the phases and cases of the undergoing project and can also give instructions to the employee.

Benefits of Slack integration

Technology is something which is always evolving. It is presenting you with a better alternative every day. One such alternative is slack, which has potential to strengthen your businesses. If you are someone who works on a remote team, then there is a very good change that you may have struggled in communication. As more and more businesses are growing, teams have found that communication is becoming increasingly more cluttered and work it getting hard to keep track of. For this purpose Slack can be a very effective alternative. Here are some of the benefits of using slack for the purpose of communication.

All the teams communicate at one place

As mentioned before one of the major problems teams are facing is in the communication department. Slack is one such solution which can help you in sorting out this matter. The best thing about slack is that all the communication takes places at one place and it can be divided by creating different channels of various different topics. It can also be helpful in assigning your users to different channels for different topics. Slack can also be useful in assigning the users too many different channels they are needed so that topics are kept visible to all the members of the team.

Integration with services that are already in use

The best part about slack if compared with other tools is that it can be integrated with some of the other web services that we all use every day. Here are some of the tools with which you can integrate slack.

  • GitHub: Slack can be integrated for the purpose of receiving notifications and looking at the code for checking in from the development team.
  • HelpScout: if you want integration of email, then using slack can be very effective. With the help of slack all the members of the team can see the support ticket submission in real time.
  • Trello: This is again one of the best project submission tools. Slack can be used for the purpose of creating, editing and completing the trello portal instantly.

Slack can also enable you to search all the content from one single search boxes, which can also be very effective for you.

Till exempel muntorsk, som tillverkas av det globala läkemedelsföretaget. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is due to den här webbplatsen the fact that there are a couple.

Online Project Management Software is the simplest way to Store all the Updates of the Project

Managing a business can be hectic especially when it comes to managing numerous projects. A Project Management Software works comes as a great savior for businessmen as well as project manager. A lot of websites provides free online project management software but instead of looking for Best Free Online Project Management Software, you are much better of spending some cash for paid software. Case camp specializes in Online Project Management Software with different software available in different categories to meet the requirements of every type of business. Free project management software can also be obtained but does only fulfill the basic requirements, missing out on some key features. It is worth spending money of paid online project management software as these little features can defeat the purpose of the software.

Project Management Software helps in bringing out the true capabilities of the employees by revealing a detailed report of the work submitted by each member of the team. This helps the Project Manager and the businessman to classify the work force on the basis of efficiency, skills and knowledge and reward them accordingly. Some of the Best Online Project Management Software makes it easier to assign the right responsibilities and load according to the capabilities. This works in the favor of the complete project and can significantly improve the pace of the work on the project.

One of the main advantages of introducing an Online Project Management Software in your business is that it keeps a detailed record of all the activities of the project. This is an excellent feature that saves the tedious paperwork of preparing reports that are time consuming. The precious time and efforts saved in the process can be utilized to complete some other important tasks. The software keeps on updating the records as soon as more work is submitted by any of the team members. This record can also be used to prepare quick presentations to represent the status of the project before the client. New employees can also use the records stored in the Software to enhance their skills. It is extremely important to have the Best Project Management on your side to have all the useful features.

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Online Project Management Software ensure optimum results and best utilization of resources

Project management is one of the main challenges especially with moderate and large scale businesses. Even the best professionals can find it hard to sort out projects efficiently. Project Management Software Packages are the perfect solution for managing every type of complications related to project handling. There are several websites that offer various project management software packages but if you are looking for the Best Online Project Management Software, you need a reputed brand like Case Camp. All its software come with webs based applications to help keep track of the project from any part of the world.

Project Management calls for a complete team to work together and co-ordinate with each other on the assigned project. The tasks related to the project may be assigned to the individuals but all tasks must be combined together to complete the project. Thus, a single individual can spoil the whole project or at least cause an unnecessary lag in performance. Case Camp has developed some wonderful Project Management Software to help all the members of a project to unite together and establish a strong interaction. A Best Online Project Management Software ensures that the Project Manager can always keep an eye on the progress of the project from anywhere. Every team member can submit the individual task that is automatically updated in the software. This ensures that the complete team working on the project is virtually connected to each other all the time especially after the working hours.

Success of the project relies heavily on the performance of the complete team as a single unit. Some companies have sufficient resources but fail to utilize them according to the potential. This is where an Online Project Software can make a huge difference. Case Camp brings some unique features in its project management software to enable the company to analyze the performance of each individual working on the project. Online Project Management Software makes it easier to manage resources and get the optimum outputs. It also helps in distributing the load evenly among the team and keep track of the pace of the project in a systematic manner.

Time Track

CaseCamp is new software program where Project Managers are able to manage a project with less difficulty than BaseCamp. Why CaseCamp? CaseCamp is able to send notifications to developers, clients and Project Managers when something has been re-assigned or added to the To-Do List. CaseCamp also has this tool where it keeps track of the process your project is at. Time Track shows Project Mangers an effective way to review and manipulate the project timeline.

The Time Track tool has an easy way of communicating with the Project Manager on where the project is standing by showing the percentage of the projects completeness. The Project Manager is able to review the hours worked by employees in a simple graph. The Project Manager can edit the due date, add time budget, and view the project’s budget hours, incurred hours and future scheduled hours. The Time Track tool is a simple yet effective tool to keep the Project Managers priorities straight and organized.

Key Benefits of Project Management Software from CaseCamp

Managing a project can be tedious and result into undesired delays and outcomes if you do not have proper software to manage your products. CaseCamp offers an efficient tool for managing all the activities related to a project with amazing ease. Let us explore some of the key benefits of using Project Management Software from CaseCamp.

  1. Simplest Way to Manage Resources Efficiently: Success of a project not only depends on the availability of resources but proper management of resources. Resources mainly include team of members involved in a project. Project Management Software makes it easier to assign tasks to individual members and also update tasks from anywhere. The project manager can easily track the progress on the work assigned to individual members and take necessary actions to improve the efficiency of the team.
  2. Create a Roadmap for the Project: Before starting to work on a project, it is important to create a roadmap which determines the timelines as well as the distribution of tasks. The software guides a project manager by providing a general framework where he can work out the deadlines and distribution of work among the team members. A roadmap also helps to draw out comparisons in future while the project is actually implemented.
  3. Generating quick reports and handling paperwork: Project Management Software minimizes your efforts and time by saving tedious paper work. Software automatically keeps a track of the progress of project and updates the status of the project on a regular basis. Thus, there is no need to spend time and energy in paperwork as you can generate a quick project report using software.
  4. Available on Smartphone with a Simple App: The software helps the members of the team as well as the project manager to stay connected all the time with a simple Mobile application available for Android as well as IOS. It enables GPS tracking to capture the current location of employees. Every employee can register on the app with unique username and password and stay connected with the team all the time. It also helps project manager to differentiate between good and bad employees on the basis of their performance.

What is Case Camp?

CaseCamp is new software where Project Managers are able to manage a project with less difficulty than BaseCamp. Why CaseCamp? CaseCamp is able to send notifications to developers, clients and Project Managers when something has been re-assigned or added to the To-Do List. BaseCamp has this feature as well but CaseCamp is less chaotic than BaseCamp.

When we started using CaseCamp we realized how BaseCamp can be a little overwhelming especially using it for the first time. BaseCamp has a section inside a project that lets the users know what has been modified the latest, it is not a bad feature but it can get overwhelming for a Project Manager and a Client who is trying to figure out where the project is standing. CaseCamp does not have that feature; it is organized software that lets the users browse around where they are more focused on than just bug fixes in the home page. It is also a great place to communicate with Project Managers, developers, and Clients.

CaseCamp lets the users see the issues that are open, fixed and closed. Clients, Developers and Project Managers are also able to make issues priorities before other To-Do items. CaseCamp also lets Project Managers maintain constant communication and assignments to Developers. The comment section in a To-Do item lets Clients, Developers and Project Managers attach screenshots, comment, and assign section to a new person. Everyone is able to see these comments and reply to whoever they want. CaseCamp for us has been a better organization tool than BaseCamp by far.

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Overview of Casecamp

Casecamp provides a platform to prepare and track interaction with potential or existing shoppers, partners, agents and alternative contacts.Also forms a contact base wherever the interaction and therefore the history of contacts are managed and hold on. All new events (phone calls, messages, meetings) connected with a contact or company are simply logged and any interaction will be planned, as well as by mistreatment integrated tasks.And Provides On-demand client Relationship Management (CRM) package for managing your client relations during a higher manner. That helps contour your organization-wide sales, marketing, client support, and inventory management function during a single system.

Business processes within the casecamp

Leads and Deals are often processed with substantial automation exploitation business processes. A business method will contain any and every one doable actions with CRM elements: causing email, assignment responsibility, setting tasks, etc.Business processes will modification the standing of components, fill in fields, and make new components comparable to deals.

Managing Interaction

The Cascamp contains instruments to make reports, import/export contacts, carryout analysis, and to perform segmentation of the audience as precisely as needed.  Incoming contacts or leads are often divided among sales managers, promoting campaigns are often analyzed, and access permission to any deal or lead are often varied depending on its standing or different parameters.

The interface within the CRM is convenient and intuitive, and it includes a CRM-only activity stream. This stream could be a universal interface that allows actions (notes, emails, tasks, conferences and phone calls) to be initiated on any object or objects within the CRM from one purpose. Most significantly, cascamp enables you to decide whether or not to store knowledge in cloud or on your own server.

Emails to clients
Send individual or cluster emails to an inventory of leads, contacts, or firms.every CRM manager will use a separate email account otherwise you will assign one email address to be utilized by all. Message templates, mail merge and integrations with preferred email selling platforms ar out there in addition.
Whether you utilize casecamp, email shopper, webmail or mobile email app to send emails, all messages are synced with the CRM and appended to the suitable CRM object.

Access Rights and Roles in CRM

You can assign access to CRM parts during a very versatile method, dividing them among company workers at any stage of the client engagement method. Any group, department or separately chosen user within the computer network is also allotted a ‘role’ comparable to sales manager, team leader, administrator, etc. These roles will then be allowed access to parts of the CRM.

Casecamp keeps a close log of that workers accessed your CRM records and what they did with them. As an associate degree administrator, you’re ready to read this info and restore previous values if necessary.

Integration together with your web site

If you receive leads from your web site (if there’s an order form or some reasonably feedback form), you’ll feed the leads generated on to the CRM.

Casecamp Demo

In the Casecamp demo you can login as a Sponsor, Manager, Employee, and Customer:

A Sponsor and a Manager are able to look at the same settings for example: Home, company settings, users reports, users, time sheets, status report, project reports, and user settings. While an employee can only look at: Home, users, time sheets, status report, and user settings. On the other hand a customer only can see user settings and status report.

Overall the website is supposed to show reports on each project they have. How well they are doing and the revenue they are getting from each project.

Casecamp is basically to keep track of your projects advancements and decide whether or not to make a new version, report and issue, or add a new project. A user can also archive projects or inactivate them. Sponsors and Management users have more options but are more aimed for their employees and users.

Customers can see the exact same thing as a Sponsor or Manager when clicking on a project. A manager and an employee have an interface where they can communicate with each other to set up a starting date.

7 Tips for Becoming a Successful Project Manager …

1)project management

          Staying committed to your profession suggests that investment the time and energy into staying current with new thinking and techniques in project management.It doesn’t got to be full coaching courses; You may possibly get all the data you wish from seminars; Trade journals and on-line resources.Maintaining so far suggests that not solely can the new techniques weave their means into your delivery vogue,It might conjointly mean new opportunities within the future.

2. Take accreditation

          Find the proper balance between accreditations that the marketplace demands and what you would like for skilled growth.Project managers get progressively annoyed once bound accreditations are asked for by using organisation seven supposing those accreditations are not any replacement for real expertise.The sensible answer is to provide your customers what they (need|they require) while listening to what you furthermore might need.

If you’ve not taken some quite skills gap analysis in recent years now could be the time to require a glance at a number of the project management ability frameworks (available from Association for Project Management (APM) and Project Management Institute (PMI) for example). The talents gap analysis is probably going to point a number of the lot of activity aspects of project management that require attention therefore don’t dismiss coaching courses that address these however don’t carry a proper certification standing.

3. Keep your mind open to new experiences

               The direction your career takes contributes to the success you’ll reach.The nice factor a few career in project management is that the direction isn’t extremely that clear.New product,new services, business sector changes will all impact the direction our career may take.Bear in mind of in operation among your temperature and actively search out new opportunities that may give stretch goals.Equally be open once approached regarding opportunities which will appear a touch left-field.Dismissing them out of hand while not investigation more might be an excellent chance incomprehensible.

4. Expand your repertoire

               Being a project manager doesn’t mean your data should stop at project management.Project managers area unit operating to bring amendment to AN organisation – at a small level among a product or service based mostly project or at a lot of macro level like business transformation.It stands to reason that a project manager Un agency has a lot of understanding of the business And of wherever their project fits into the larger image of an organisation can delivera lot of with success.Areas appreciate advantages realisation,business analysis; company strategy and business coming up with area unit areas that ought to be explore any.


5. Be self-aware

               The importance of the behavioral aspects of a project manager’s job are well documented.Your temperament and approach to the work you are doing has extensive consequences – on your immediate team; stakeholders and senior management.Being conscious,understanding however others see you and the way you influence their work is one in all the primary steps to recouping at communication and other people management.This naturally results in understanding a lot of regarding the complexities of people.

6. Develop listening skills

             A flourishing project manager is one that is aware of the reality of the quote, “We have 2 ears and one mouth so we will listen double the maximum amount as we tend to speak.” Epictetus.It shouldn’t would like rationalization but it’s a reminder that the project manager is that the supporter of project success and the way will they hope to create a practical image of what wants delivering from others if they’re talking all the time?

7. Remember the answers are in the grey bits – it’s not always black and white

             If project management was black and white, all comes and project managers would achieve success. The trick to being a lot of sure-fire than others is recognising that it’s ne’er that simple or easy, that the answers that create the distinction square measure invariably within the gray areas.


A Internetmaster (from web and master), also known as an online designer, internet developer, website author, web site administrator, web site organizer, or web site publisher may be a writer for maintaining one or several websites.The duties of master could making certain that the web servers, hardware and software package area unit operational properly, coming up with the web site, generating and redaction sites.As a general rule, skilled webmasters “must even be well-versed in internet group action software package, payment-processing software package, and security software package.Due to the RFC 822 demand for establishing a “postmaster” email address for the only purpose of contact for the e-mail administrator of a website, the “webmaster” address and title were on the side adopted by analogy for the web site administrator.


CRM systems customers square measure served higher on day to day method and with additional reliable data their demand of self service from firms will decrease. If there’s less ought to contact with the corporate for various issues,customer satisfaction level will increase.These central edges of CRM are connected hypothetically to the 3 quite equity that square measure relationship, worth and complete, and within the finish to client equity. Seven edges were recognized to produce worth drivers.

  • Increased ability to focus on profitable customers.
  • Integrated help across channels.
  • Increased sales division potency and effectiveness.
  • Improved rating.
  • Bespoken product and services.
  • Improved client service potency and effectiveness.
  • Personalized selling messages conjointly known as as campaigns.

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Customer relationship management package is obtainable in an exceedingly variety of installations together with
on-premises (where the package resides within the company firewall and is managed by IT operations), or as web-based (cloud applications) where the package is hosted by a CRM supplier and accessed by the client business on-line via the provider’s secure services.

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CRM is additionally a tool,a technology and a procedure to manage,improve,or facilitate sales, support and connected interactions with customers, prospects, and business partners throughout the enterprise.

The Top 3 Reasons to Use Cloud-based SaaS Instead of Traditional Software

SaaS, short for “Software as a Service”, has become a powerful and dynamic software solution for businesses of all sizes when compared to traditional business software solutions. It is mostly used by organizations utilizing CRM’s, payroll services, ERP systems, messaging services, etc. as part of their day to day operations. Here are the top 3 reasons why your organization should consider the benefits of using the SaaS model:

1. Hosting made Simple

SaaS systems are hosted in the cloud. This eliminates the need for your business to invest in additional expensive IT equipment along with accompanying storage and maintenance costs. Furthermore, all processing power needed to run your software as well as system updates are supplied and managed by your cloud provider.

2. SaaS is Scalable as Needed

SaaS is largely a pay-per-use type of service model that allows an organization to quickly scale its systems to meet its software needs. It is exciting because this essentially means that with the flick of a switch, an organization can grow or shrink its access to additional technical features and system capabilities as required.

For example, smaller organizations often do not need all of the technical bells and whistles that come with a robust enterprise software system, yet they understand that at some future day they might. Using the SaaS model, such organizations will appreciate that they don’t have to invest in a full and complete software solution upfront, with all of the cost burden associated with such a purchase. Rather, they can begin using SaaS at a lower tier service level with more basic features, and when the need to scale arises, arrangements can be made to up-scale with minimal effort. No need to bust your budget!

3. Unmatched Accessibility and Customization

Because SaaS is hosted in the cloud, your software systems can be accessed anywhere that an internet connection is available (and system access is authorized). This means your users are no longer limited to using only those computers that have your software installed. With a SaaS based system, your users can access your software via any computer or other supported devices, such as tablets and mobile devices.

This allows your employees to be more mobile and productive when the need for remote access arises. With regard to customization of cloud-based software, many systems can be white labeled and branded specific to your organization. This is useful when a company may need to deploy software that interacts directly with its customers and vendors but desires not to let these outside parties to know that the software is from an external provider.

Project Management


  • Resource Management
  • Fixed Budget Planing
  • Project Roadmap
  • Interactive Apps to manage project
  • Real time hours from Developers
  • Employee in beach or office
  • Drag and Drop cases
  • Time Tracking
  • Convert fixed to issues based project
  • Estimated vs Actual Hours
  • Vacation Tracking
  • Email Management
  • MailBox
  • Billing & Invoicing client
  • Payment Gateway
  • Theme change
  • Responsive
  • iphone app
  • android app
  • Customize to any industry
  • Analytics & Reports