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Hey everyone,

This week we have our CEO working with us in the same building.

We were very pleased to hear him talking about how easy it was for him to manage the projects and employees using casecamp, he emphasized on how important the casecamp chat and code deployment using github integration is to him , as the casecamp chats was private and got immediate replies as it was bound to a specific working community.

So ,this is what we are going to talk about this week-Casecamp chats and code deploy.

CaseCamp chats:

In casecamp chats, the chats can be done with groups or in person.The chat is available across all the casecamp platforms.It is as easy as watsapp while using it in casecamp IOS/android apps.Casecamp chats has all the emogies, file upload,and display picture.

Do you need an important information from your empolyee/boss when they are on vacation,no worries, casecamp chats makes it easier and professional for you

Code deployment:

Codes can be deployed at ease from casecamp deploy using github integration, you can also queue the codes to be deployed, so there is no waiting for the previous code to be deployed.All the codes will be deployed in the give order,the queue can also be rearranged any time before it starts the deployment process.once each code is commited and deployed,the status and relevant URL will end up in commit history and deployment history accordingly.

So, to sum it up the things needed for effective project management are …… Just register with CaseCamp , you will be off to a great start with endless progress.

And Welcome to Casecamp ,have a happy life ahead.

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