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Hi everyone,

Mr. Casecamp wishes you a happy weekend ahead filled with great memories with your loved ones

As we already know a reasonable amount of Mr. Casecamp’s qualities by now.

We will talk about Mr. Casecamp’s fancy new features in this newsletter. Today it’s all about Mr. Casecamp and his class and motives.

Let me tell you the Prime motive of Mr. CaseCamp

Casecamp’s motive is to make sure and build using all resources possible to satisfy the project management needs of all the clients.
Mr. Casecamp will forge the software suit in such a way That it will fit the specific needs of any user as a strong reliable armour and an exquisite and estimable tailored Suit. A perfect project management software suit to wear to work with the privilege of carrying work with you anywhere.

To make the basics clear.

The new features integrated in casecamp  are

The reports:

When time doctor is being integrated in casecamp you can see the total hours worked by each employee on each task.

The CaseCamp chats:

In casecamp the chats can be used to chat with the specific users and groups

It has a great user interface and works just like watsapp might be even better, this provides quick and versatile communication within the work community irrespective of where they are.

And to give a hint on an upcoming fuctionality .

The budget tracking for each task and each project will be more easy than eating a piece of cake .

Deliver the budget with a click of a button with all absolute data.

That is it for this week’s news letter.

We at casecamp are constantly engaged with development and very eager to satisfy more users everyday.

Join Mr.Casecamp and never feel the pressure of project management ever again.

Thanks a lot .



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