SharkTank Robert herjavec on business development and project management

This interview is definitely a must watch for start ups and young entrepreneurs,
Robert Herjavac is a sensible visionary ,His altruistic nature is very profound,
I am sure all his opinions on business is going to intrigue all the listeners .
Robert is an entrepreneur was born in Yugoslavia (Croatia) in a mediocre family .His father was a manager and an anti communist who went to jail 22 times every time accusing and abusing fellow communists.
Roberts dad was a 15th born child, Roberts grandfather was dead when his father was in his grandmother’s womb.

As Robert’s life was in peril, Robert along with his mother migrated to Italy as an immigrant.
Robert had only enough money to take the train from Heilbronn to Toronto (Canada) when they landed in Canada, he lived with a family whom his mother knew in their basement for 2 years.
Robert’s dream was to earn 1000 dollars per year relevant to his age like 50000 per year by the time he turned 50, with a decent house and a used covert .

Robert is now a millionaire and he says he always keeps doing things which scares him and keeps him on edge, to motivate him to do business with high enthusiasm and potential

Robert also says is you are a person who is afraid of change, please do not do business,He says change is constant.
Robert says most small business owners do not consider business as  a business
Robert says its significant to treat the business as a living thing,  a living system and the need for constant iteration as we do with any living thing.

A person should be on constant anamnesis and have an  attitude of -bring it on every day, else he cannot survive. Robert utters that adaptability is what is needed to survive.

Robert spends more on the company than the sales achieved 3 years ago.
And the payroll or loan is above the sales 5 years ago, which tends to freak him out every day.
Robert shares an experience with his employee which goes like, there was an employee name bob who used the every third client to develop his own company.

This came as a shock to Robert as he was a kind guy and genuine person.
Robert considers himself as a control freak but also says that people need to learn to let go of certain responsibilities to respective people still being responsible for the actions

Robert emphasizes on the importance of having the data in front of you on how the business is running is a must, Robert says that he is a better leader than a manager as he came from a hell hole in life, desperation to survive taught him to thrive in business.
Robert says one needs to invest more time as the company grows bigger, one needs to invest time in the right sectors and maintain conversations with the right employees. So it’s very important to equip with the perfect tools to make the data assessment accurate.

Robert has a phrase engraved on a granite over his desk stating,-“everyday someone wakes up with the sole intention to kick your ass”

He quotes,-“if you are very comfortable with the life currently its the beginning of the end”.
Robert is currently trying to make his businesses global.

Assembla vs. CaseCamp

Project management is one of the most important things for the business house. Both small scale and large scale businesses use different kinds of project management systems to make their project management process seamless. With the advent of time, we find more effective, simplified and user-friendly systems for project management. Here in the following section, let us find some basic difference between the two popular project management systems. One is CaseCamp, while the other one is Assembla. Both these systems have their unique benefits in offering. So, here is the comparison for you.


When it comes to finding a project management system, cost-effectiveness emerges as one of the most important factors. So, we shall try to find cost-effective of these project management systems. On the basis of cost-effectiveness, CaseCamp is ahead of Asembla. CaseCamp offers free usage up to 10 projects. Assemble offers trial version, which does not provide access to all the major features. Moreover, monthly cost of CaseCamp is lower than Assembla.

Unique Features

CaseCamp is known for its unique ranges of features. It gives you the convenience of using Gantt charts for the purpose of best project management software. It additionally features to do list and many other project management tools. CaseCamp comes with more language support than Assembla. Due to all these unique features in offering CaseCamp has been found as one of the fastest growing project management systems. Assembla is also good, but unavailability of certain features is the most daunting part. For example, Gantt chart analysis feature is unavailable with Assembla.

Types of Customers

CaseCamp is a professional project management system for everyone. From freelancers to small or large scale businesses, everyone can use this project management software. On the other hand, Assembla is mainly developed to suit small and large scale businesses. Freelancers would not find this system to be effective or useful for their purposes.


The most important factor to judge software is user-friendliness. CaseCamp comes with an interactive as well as user-friendly platform. Assembla is also another user-friendly application for project management. However, if they are compared, CaseCamp can be found as one of the most user-friendly systems.

Jira Vs Casecamp – A Comparison between Two Popular Project Management Systems

With the advent of time, businesses have identified that project management process plays key role in business progress. It helps reducing inflation, maximizing uses of resources and increasing client satisfaction level. As businesses have realized the importance of project management, it has turned important for project managers to perform with more precision as well as accuracy. Today, project managers rely a lot on the project management software or system. Software makes the process of managing projects simpler. As a result, more organized as well as productive approach can be taken to conclude the important projects of an organization. Here in the following section, we shall find a sharp comparison between Jira and CaseCamp. Both these systems are considered as advanced and effective for accurate project planning as well as management.


We shall take a look at the case of CaseCamp at first. This software is comparative newer than Jira. But, it has gained good popularity over the shortest period of time. It features 100% client satisfaction report, while Jira shows 90% client satisfaction as well as retention report. CaseCamp is an advanced system, but at the same time it is highly cost-effective. Users can kick start with the trial version of software. Trial version is completely free. But, the best part is that, trial version allows managing as many as 10 projects. For small businesses, using CaseCamp over Jira or other project management software is definitely more convenient idea from the aspect of cost or expenditure.

CaseCamp is poised with a lot of interactive project management features or options. From creating ‘to do list’ to tracking project progress status or employee performances, this software gives a realistic as well as rational approach for effective project planning and management.


Jira is a popular and well known application or system or project management. It also comes with trial version, but with limited features only. Users have to opt or the paid version for getting better control over project management process. Top brands, like eBay, Cisco, etc. use Jira. On the other hand, CaseCamp also bags some reputed clients, including NDTV, Wedding.Com, Eriksson, etc. CaseCamp offers ticketing, calendar and Gantt chart analysis. With Jira, such features are unavailable.

SmartSheet Gantt vs. CaseCamp Gantt Charts

A project management system is required by the projects managers these days. Software makes the job easier, and it also brings accuracy in the process of project management. Since there are a lot of projects management applications available, it is a sheer dilemma for the users to find the best project management system. Different project management systems are poised with different features. One of the common features that every project manager looks for is Gantt chart. Both CaseCamp and SmartSheet include Gantt charts. So, in this article, we shall find a sharp comparison between Gantt charts of these two project management software.

SmartSheet Gantt Charts

SmartSheet comes with an interactive Gantt chart feature. It helps visualizing a project, and it makes easier to under situation or progress or condition of a project. With conditional formatting, you can customize the project seamlessly. You need to turn on critical path to check the tasks. It helps to estimate project completion date. As a result, you shall be able to plan project completion with more precision as well as accuracy. As you make finishing project on time almost a habit, you shall start getting immense appreciations from clients.

SmartSheet Gantt chart offers simple drag and drop editing. To add an item, you need to drag and drop the item. This project management software makes it easier for everyone to update project, adjust deadlines and assign fresh tasks to the employees. Overall, Gantt chart is considered as a great visual layout for effective project management. Using SmartSheet Gantt chart is more than satisfactory experience for everyone.

CaseCamp Gantt Charts

CaseCamp is considered as one of the finest project management systems these days. It comes with many benefits in offering. It has clinched almost 100% client satisfaction record as a professional application for project management. The Gantt chart is the major highlight of this software. Gantt chart of CaseCamp is more interactive in comparison to the charts of SmartSheet. You have more choices and options for customizing the chart with this software. As a result project managers get better control over the projects and can plan project completion within the stipulated deadline.

CaseCamp vs. Asana – A Detailed Review

Project management process is considered as an important thing for every organization. Effective project management can bring higher productivity, profitability and business popularity. The aim of project managers should be completing a project within the fastest possible and with minimal expenditure so that companies can find higher profitability. Optimum usage of resources is the most important part of project management process. These days, projects managers rely upon various online based tools for project management. In this regard, you have options like Asana and CaseCamp. The following section of this article shall provide detailed review on CaseCamp vs. Asana.

Asana Project management Software

This is a popular online based project management system that comes with free initial membership. You can start as a free user, and then can move to become a paid member. Free members have limited access to resources and features, while paid members can avail all the features of the software as per their membership plans.

Asana comes with many features to make project management process seamless experience for the users. It gives you an activity feed to take a look at various projects. You can add new assignments and attachments for managing projects. Apart from these automatic email updates and deadline reminders are some of the common features of this system. You can easily track various tasks and add new followers. The software is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, etc.

CaseCamp Project

CaseCamp is comparative new software than Asana, though it has earned immense popularity over a short period of time. The main benefit of CaseCamp is that it is highly cost-effective. Trial version offers greater access to users on various features or options of the software. You can manage as many as 10 projects with the trial version of this software.

Paid members shall be introduced to unlimited project options and a few new exciting features for seamless project management. Unlike Asana, CaseCamp offers you to create a to-do list, which is a great help for the project managers. It also provides email updates and deadline reminders. You can check project updates, add assignments and track employee performances through this advanced project management system that supports all contemporary operating systems.