Why Freelancers Should Use CaseCamp?

CaseCamp is known as one of the most effective as well as leading tools for the purpose of project management. A project management too is something that everyone should use so that projects can be managed in better way and they can be approached in systematic manner. When project has been approached in systematic manner, it gets completed within a certain deadline and the final output becomes satisfactory for the end-users. If executives fall into a mess while managing projects, the final result or output eventually becomes non-satisfactory. This is the reason why project management should be considered as an important thing.

For effectual project management, you need to find robust as well as systematic project management software. For this purpose CaseCamp can be used. Freelancers can get the following benefits by using CaseCamp project management software.

Effective Time Management

Freelancers often suffer from time management issues and thus they lose projects as well as clients. To retain projects and clients, you can consider using CaseCamp. The software shall help you in the process of project management with its unique features or options. You can set daily based targets and to-do lists. Thus, it would become easier as well as systematic for you to organize as well as execute the projects.

Managing Deadlines

Freelancers often have to work on different projects at the same time. Thus, it is important to schedule the tasks for the projects as per the project deadlines. For deadline tracking and checking work progress on constant basis, you can simply use CaseCamp. This software will give you constant updates on the deadline of various projects.

Tracking Work Progress

It is important to track work progress time to time so that you can manage the projects in better way. For that reason, freelancers must use CaseCamp.

Project Updates

With CaseCamp, freelancers can register new updates and client inputs on the projects. This will make the process of project management completely seamless. CaseCamp is a simple to use and robust tool. It makes the process of project management convenient for both freelancers and small businesses. Being a cost-effective platform, it is suitable for freelancers particularly.

CaseCamp vs. BaseCamp

CaseCamp is always known as one of the most effective as well as useful financial management systems, having plenty of advanced features in offering. On the other hand, BaseCamp comes with similar reputation as well. Demand for good project management systems is increasing with the advent of time. Today, you shall find different types of project management systems, having different ranges of features or services in offering. Choosing the right project management system will prove to be an excellent decision for the benefit of your business. Good project management software comes with many advanced features as well as options to offer.

Features of BaseCamp

BaseCamp is a well known project management system. It is fast, robust and enriched with many advanced features. The software comes with different pricing packages. To start with, it would not be hard for a small business to pay the monthly premiums of this software. In fact, the software is also projected for the freelancers. You can create a group of freelancers and can mange extensive projects with perfection. BaseCamp comes with many project management features like file uploading facility, hourly project settings, assistance for creating invoices, etc. The most highlighting part is the seamlessness of this software. Even though you face some technical hassles, professional customer support center will provide you the assistance in this regard.

Various Features of CaseCamp

Like BaseCamp, CaseCamp is another project management software with many advanced features. Those, who are well versed with BaseCamp, shall definitely find CaseCamp to be a better option. It comes with many additional features, like adding data and time, tracking project details and completion rates, setting reminders and many others. It comes with free trial benefits. You can avail free trial for as many as 25 projects. Nevertheless, CaseCamp is also poised with many other interesting features that are not available with other software. So, overall, CaseCamp is a fresh and highly suitable project management system for everyone.

It is essential for the small businesses or freelancers to choose project management software carefully. Inapt selection of project management system will lead to various troubles. On the other hand, choosing the right software is always beneficial.

Jira Vs Casecamp – A Comparison between Two Popular Project Management Systems

With the advent of time, businesses have identified that project management process plays key role in business progress. It helps reducing inflation, maximizing uses of resources and increasing client satisfaction level. As businesses have realized the importance of project management, it has turned important for project managers to perform with more precision as well as accuracy. Today, project managers rely a lot on the project management software or system. Software makes the process of managing projects simpler. As a result, more organized as well as productive approach can be taken to conclude the important projects of an organization. Here in the following section, we shall find a sharp comparison between Jira and CaseCamp. Both these systems are considered as advanced and effective for accurate project planning as well as management.


We shall take a look at the case of CaseCamp at first. This software is comparative newer than Jira. But, it has gained good popularity over the shortest period of time. It features 100% client satisfaction report, while Jira shows 90% client satisfaction as well as retention report. CaseCamp is an advanced system, but at the same time it is highly cost-effective. Users can kick start with the trial version of software. Trial version is completely free. But, the best part is that, trial version allows managing as many as 10 projects. For small businesses, using CaseCamp over Jira or other project management software is definitely more convenient idea from the aspect of cost or expenditure.

CaseCamp is poised with a lot of interactive project management features or options. From creating ‘to do list’ to tracking project progress status or employee performances, this software gives a realistic as well as rational approach for effective project planning and management.


Jira is a popular and well known application or system or project management. It also comes with trial version, but with limited features only. Users have to opt or the paid version for getting better control over project management process. Top brands, like eBay, Cisco, etc. use Jira. On the other hand, CaseCamp also bags some reputed clients, including NDTV, Wedding.Com, Eriksson, etc. CaseCamp offers ticketing, calendar and Gantt chart analysis. With Jira, such features are unavailable.

SmartSheet Gantt vs. CaseCamp Gantt Charts

A project management system is required by the projects managers these days. Software makes the job easier, and it also brings accuracy in the process of project management. Since there are a lot of projects management applications available, it is a sheer dilemma for the users to find the best project management system. Different project management systems are poised with different features. One of the common features that every project manager looks for is Gantt chart. Both CaseCamp and SmartSheet include Gantt charts. So, in this article, we shall find a sharp comparison between Gantt charts of these two project management software.

SmartSheet Gantt Charts

SmartSheet comes with an interactive Gantt chart feature. It helps visualizing a project, and it makes easier to under situation or progress or condition of a project. With conditional formatting, you can customize the project seamlessly. You need to turn on critical path to check the tasks. It helps to estimate project completion date. As a result, you shall be able to plan project completion with more precision as well as accuracy. As you make finishing project on time almost a habit, you shall start getting immense appreciations from clients.

SmartSheet Gantt chart offers simple drag and drop editing. To add an item, you need to drag and drop the item. This project management software makes it easier for everyone to update project, adjust deadlines and assign fresh tasks to the employees. Overall, Gantt chart is considered as a great visual layout for effective project management. Using SmartSheet Gantt chart is more than satisfactory experience for everyone.

CaseCamp Gantt Charts

CaseCamp is considered as one of the finest project management systems these days. It comes with many benefits in offering. It has clinched almost 100% client satisfaction record as a professional application for project management. The Gantt chart is the major highlight of this software. Gantt chart of CaseCamp is more interactive in comparison to the charts of SmartSheet. You have more choices and options for customizing the chart with this software. As a result project managers get better control over the projects and can plan project completion within the stipulated deadline.

This is Why People Use Casecamp’s Project Management Software

If you are managing a project, you would have to undergo a lot of stress as you manage the products. One nice way to get rid of this unwanted stress is by using the best online project management software which will take care of all the activities that are required to run a project in the most effective and rewarding manner. The Project management software from CaseCamp is one of those few software programs, which does this job in a seamless manner relentlessly. Here are some of the major benefits of using this software to help you with your project.

Helps in developing the roadmap

Roadmaps and timelines are very crucial for the success of any project. With the help of the software from CaseCamp, managers can easily determine the timelines and work on developing the roadmap for the project’s execution. Not only the software helps in creating the roadmap, but it also allows timely comparison of the actual situation with the planned situation to understand whether the project is moving in the right direction or it needs a change of strategy somewhere.

Efficient resource management

It is true that resources are the key to the success of any project, but if those resources are not being managed properly, they are of no use. With the help of the best online project management software, you can assign different task to the resources and keep a track on the progress of each resource. This way, you would be able to control your resources better.

Seamless reporting

Reports are the lifelines for any project and no project manager can run a project without looking at reports. However, generating these reports could be a time taking or expensive task. Either the project manager has to invest his own time in generating the reports before he can run through them, or he will have to hire a dedicated team to do that on his behalf. Either way, it will impact the profitability of the project. This is where the reporting facility of CaseCamp’s project management software comes handy. While using the software, complex reports with multiple fields can be generated in a matter of minutes with the click of the mouse.

Easy to access

The project management software can be easily accessed from smartphones that runs on Android or IOS. This means that no matter where the project manager is, he can always keep an eye on the progress of the project and evaluate the resources without any hassle.

How the really low price and great customer support of CaseCamp rocks

You already invest so much in a business or office making, that you feel like you must earn back the investment through fast and fat revenue generation. And in such a point of time only you realize that all you are lacking is a good and efficient project management software and system. What do you do then? You have two choices. One is to wait for some time till you get the best project management tool for your business. The other way is to get anything that fits your budget for the time being to suffice the work.

A better decision

Now there is actually no point investing in stuff which won’t yield. And if you plan to buy something now, and later invest again on the same thing of better quality then also it would be a waste of money. Hence, a good sensible decision would be to do whatever you want to at the very best, without quality compromises. And when you have the CaseCamp project management tool so affordable, then you don’t have to worry about budget also.

Low price of CaseCamp’s project management tool

If you did not get the time to compare between other project management software with Casecamp’s then watch now that it costs only $25 for unlimited number of users every month. This means you have to spend only $25 dollar monthly for the special facilities, and no the higher amounts of $75 or $99, which other rival softwares of the same type asks for, without even offering half of the features that CaseCamp’s tool offers.

Great customer support

Besides the amazingly low cost, great features which are the best in the market, with mobile apps etc, which it offers, you also can get great customer support. Their customer support team is available 24/7, which means you always have help. Now in the first few days of trying the software, you would face some issues. And while you learn there may come queries. To handle all that you would get a full time customer support and this is a great assurance of service to try and buy a product.

How to hold the grip of your ecommerce business with CaseCamp

Whenever you think of eCommerce, and making your career in it, you would have to think of setting up your own blog or website. And when you set up a blog or site, you would need many processes within it. Any online business cannot be flourished without a strong backing and support of a management team and system. However one person alone, and single handedly also can manage things to a huge extent, if the supporting software is good. And in eCommerce one of the best support systems you can get is through the CaseCamp project management system.

What is the CaseCamp project managing system

This is an online software. This means you see it online, watch tutorials and demo online, down load it online, try it , and when you are satisfied then you buy it online. This software is to manage your business online. This means everything you need is presented in front of your eyes with total detailed reporting and graph comparison, and SWOT analysis and all, and things are really managed. All this happens through the online software which manages things in real time.

Your job is only to feed important data and accesses, and the rest will be handled by the system. This is the amazing CaseCamp system, which is deemed the best online project management software.

The official site tells about the software while comparing it with two other competitors. And the analysis shows clearly, that the many features which the other rival softwares do not offer some seamless with CaseCamp’s project management system.

The best features of the project management system

Some of the best features of the system are the To Do list, the Time Management system, Calendar, Ticketing system, Employee tracker, Document manager, Team tracker and Smart phone app. The other rivals like Jira and Basecamp do not provide all of them. But this project management system by CaseCamp has all of it and much more.

The best online project management software can change the face of a business, and make all the wrong things right with gradual improvements all round. That is why you must implement one at the earliest to keep things in tight control.

Casecamp –User-friendly project management software with highly advanced features

With the competition intensifying in every filed of business, it has become almost indispensable to use the advanced technology now. Can anyone think of managing a project without the application of the project management software? Really speaking, the project can be managed without software, but it would not only very much difficult and inconvenient, but at the same time, it would be quite a time and energy consuming task. Also, the project managers may find it difficult to ensure the timely completion, and this may further adversely affect the achievement of desired result. However, with the advent of the Casecamp, the project managers needn’t worry about any difficulties. As the highly advanced and user-friendly software, it would prove to be the best technology to facilitate the efficient management of projects.

Salient features of Casecamp

There are several highly advanced features in Casecamp that render immense convenience and ease to the managers to manage the projects in an effective manner. Below are some chief features of the Casecamp:

•    User-friendly software: Casecamp is quite user-friendly and the managers do not need to take special lessons to learn operating it. Also, all the other concerned parties can conveniently use this project management software.
•    Effective time management: Not only does it facilitate tracking of the working period of employees, but at the same time, it also reminds that a particular task needs to be completed in the given time. It intimates all the concerned parties to complete their respective tasks within a given time period.
•    Tacking of budget: It helps tracking the budget and the managers can ensure the completion of the project without causing the increment in the budget.
•    Management of resources in an efficient manner: By facilitating the assignment of tasks and updating it on regular basis, Casecamp helps the managers efficiently manage the resources and achieve timely and desired result.
•    App for Smartphone: Casecamp can be used through Smartphone through a simple app. So, the managers, sponsors, employees, and customers etc. can use this project management software using their Smartphone.

Briefly speaking, Casecamp, as the project management software is a complete package ensuring the on-time completion of projects in an effective manner.

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