The Top 3 Reasons to Use Cloud-based SaaS Instead of Traditional Software

SaaS, short for “Software as a Service”, has become a powerful and dynamic software solution for businesses of all sizes when compared to traditional business software solutions. It is mostly used by organizations utilizing CRM’s, payroll services, ERP systems, messaging services, etc. as part of their day to day operations. Here are the top 3 reasons why your organization should consider the benefits of using the SaaS model:

1. Hosting made Simple

SaaS systems are hosted in the cloud. This eliminates the need for your business to invest in additional expensive IT equipment along with accompanying storage and maintenance costs. Furthermore, all processing power needed to run your software as well as system updates are supplied and managed by your cloud provider.

2. SaaS is Scalable as Needed

SaaS is largely a pay-per-use type of service model that allows an organization to quickly scale its systems to meet its software needs. It is exciting because this essentially means that with the flick of a switch, an organization can grow or shrink its access to additional technical features and system capabilities as required.

For example, smaller organizations often do not need all of the technical bells and whistles that come with a robust enterprise software system, yet they understand that at some future day they might. Using the SaaS model, such organizations will appreciate that they don’t have to invest in a full and complete software solution upfront, with all of the cost burden associated with such a purchase. Rather, they can begin using SaaS at a lower tier service level with more basic features, and when the need to scale arises, arrangements can be made to up-scale with minimal effort. No need to bust your budget!

3. Unmatched Accessibility and Customization

Because SaaS is hosted in the cloud, your software systems can be accessed anywhere that an internet connection is available (and system access is authorized). This means your users are no longer limited to using only those computers that have your software installed. With a SaaS based system, your users can access your software via any computer or other supported devices, such as tablets and mobile devices.

This allows your employees to be more mobile and productive when the need for remote access arises. With regard to customization of cloud-based software, many systems can be white labeled and branded specific to your organization. This is useful when a company may need to deploy software that interacts directly with its customers and vendors but desires not to let these outside parties to know that the software is from an external provider.

Project Management


  • Resource Management
  • Fixed Budget Planing
  • Project Roadmap
  • Interactive Apps to manage project
  • Real time hours from Developers
  • Employee in beach or office
  • Drag and Drop cases
  • Time Tracking
  • Convert fixed to issues based project
  • Estimated vs Actual Hours
  • Vacation Tracking
  • Email Management
  • MailBox
  • Billing & Invoicing client
  • Payment Gateway
  • Theme change
  • Responsive
  • iphone app
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  • Customize to any industry
  • Analytics & Reports