It’s a High Time for Fair and Linear Growth Companies Today!

Aggressive growth brings glory. Every startup story that features on the cover page of any magazine has something to flaunt with them. Competition is cutthroat indeed. But every startup needs fair and linear growth, like who doesn’t like?

Linear growth can be achieved where domains are not fascinated with unnatural network effects. The simple and good products that are sold at reasonable prices with which customers are happy are the real bill for any business. That goodwill received from customers themselves is the real nectar of all the hard work of the business and its employees.

But they need limelight as well. Slow methods create negative growth in their minds, but only slow methods can grow the business aggression and that’s the truth.

This world is filled with problems and those need a solution by people who are willing to put in the work for the long run. We are not talking about exponential working hours but the patient and sustainable work that is very much useful in the long run.

Capitalism as a system brings many types dysfunctions with it. But few of them can be deadly as monopolies are associated with the aggressive growths. That’s why we call it a cut-throat competition. Markets are acting as a force for good quickly break down and get manipulated when only a few power players remain to call all the shots.

The world needs reprogramming of the entrepreneurs. So many decisions are taken in the earlier stages of the businesses with the hustle and that’s why a few ventures turn back to the dust.

More people should choose the path of the linear growth, they should embrace this growth with vigor and pride rather than embracing the glory that is achieved in a hurry. They should not make any apologies for the need of an aggressive and non-sustainable business that cannot live in harmony with other businesses of the similar description.

The path of Linear Growth has been a proud thing for CaseCamp. This growth is sustainable and people already know and believe that we are here for a long haul.

We wish you the same with all other brands. Competition is good but it should be for a better tomorrow.