CaseCamp Code Deployment

The CaseCamp software that is used primarily for building ecommerce websites involves various types of tasks in order to implement the application successfully on the web. One such main task is the code deployment related to the CaseCamp software. This is required for different types of projects in the CaseCamp software. In order to make sure that the projects function successfully, the code running behind the same ought to be deployed in a proper manner so that there are no issues in the live scenario. Therefore, it is highly crucial to deploy the codes according to actual steps.

Steps for code deployment in CaseCamp software

First and foremost, the main prerequisites that are vital for code deployment in CaseCamp are the GitHub user-id and password because these will be required while executing gradual stepwise code deployment process of CaseCamp. For instance, in the Group Reverse Auction, the initial step of CaseCamp code deployment process is to login with the GitHub credentials followed by addition of the project to be deployed in the depository of GitHub. After this, it is important to set the path of deployment in the concerned screen that will denote the exact location where the code of a particular project will be stored.

After updating all the necessary details related to code deployment of the project in the concerned areas, the user now has to click on the ‘Deploy’ button. The code deployment will be completed within a few seconds after which, it will be possible to view the code in various platforms as well. This is very essential so that code gets seamlessly integrated into the different types of platforms where a certain project will be running because nowadays, there are varied platforms running the same projects and hence, the code ought to be deployed in such a manner that there are no compatibility issues while deploying the project.

In fact, the details of the server such as the host, username, deployment path and other allied characteristics will also be shown in the screen after the deployment that will make it easier for the users to maintain the same in the future as well. The code deployment process is pretty simple and can be used by various companies without any hassle.

Casecamp Chats

Hey everyone,

Today we are going to talk exclusively about casecamp -chats.

The casecamp chats is finally live on /, for now the group chats and personal chats can be accessed only by owners, managers, and clients.



The employees will also be able to use the casecamp chats in the future.

Casecamp chats is an easy to use chat feature filled with all emojies , file uploads, and display picture.

The casecamp chats will store all the files shared in conversations in a specific location which could be accessed / deleted whenever needed.

The chat function will also be implemented in casecamp mobile applications, both in IOS/android
Which can be used as a private chat service confined to the company’s contacts.

We have a few clients who use casecamp for freelancing, they felt very powerful with the tool as they are able to monitor, communicate and assess their projects at ease.

Casecamp reports, time sheet and activity: Hours (Hours worked per day)

Time management is an important prerequisite for any project because it is crucial to complete the deliverables well in time in order to avoid any delays or undesirable situations later on. Moreover, the project that is usually divided into sub-segments is easier to manage if time is divided between these segments properly so that each of the team member work according to the specified timelines predefined in the project. However, it is not quite possible to manage all these manually and therefore, CaseCamp software has been developed that is a brilliant time management tool. If an organization or a company buys this software and implements the same in the project, then surely the time management and subsequent work management becomes much simpler.

CaseCamp utilities for effective time management

Any project will be given a set of jobs to be delivered within a stipulated time and those set of jobs are then divided into the sub-teams each having a certain number of team members who are assigned to do a particular task. Each member therefore has to make sure that the task is over within a given time because one cannot take own sweet time when there is a task to deliver. CaseCamp brings such functionalities packed inside it that time management and task completion can be tackled simultaneously. The following features are available here which make time and task handling easier:

  • It has a got a very user-friendly interface from where it becomes hassle-free for the managers to keep a track on the individual progress of the project tasks on a regular basis.
  • There are special provisions of display of the activities along with the team members who are allotted with the same. These can be updated and viewed by the managers so as to keep a note on the overall working of the project as a whole.
  • There are specialized time sheets and reports for every single team member of the project so that the tasks assigned can be managed according to the status of the work updated regularly.

Hence, the CaseCamp software makes project management smoother owing to effective time management.

Work from anywhere with Mr.casecamp

This week we went on a vacation along with Mr. Casecamp, as we all were bored to work in the same workplace, and surprisingly there was no compromise on work hours and contribution from the employees. On the other hand the work efficiency actually increased the completion rate of the developers increased, as they all were motivated and had absolute freedom to work from any place they wanted, people started forming groups and went to different places to sit with casecamp.

Most of them went to the beach, some to a fancy cafe shop, and some to racing track to name a few.

All the employees were highly responsible and active at work via casecamp.

They are saying that we should make this a regular thing as it is motivating them a lot and makes them experience a great sense of freedom.

As far as the management is concerned all the activity from screenshots to clicks can be monitored with Casecamp’s integration -Time doctor, which reassures the security and non-disclosure of projects.

The picture and the location of the current workplace can be requested at any time and the employee can provide the specified picture as soon as he receives the notification. The employee location will be automatically updated on casecamp.

We are actually considering making this a regular work style, like 4 days a month to start with.

Mr. Casecamp makes it a lot easier to work and deploy codes irrespective of where ever you are.

And that is not all, casecamp is so much more than just a it industry based project management tool.

Mr. Casecamp has a client who uses casecamp for movie production with a few customizations, and the client is quite close to Mr. Casecamp, he says that casecamp is a great tool to organize everything with a clean interface and functionalities and provides very good support, as Mr. Casecamp solved the provision of additional features in time and in the most cost efficient manner.

Timesheet is very useful to regulate the time worked across all the platforms.

So shake hands with casecamp today and experience joy of working along with us.

Mr .Casecamp awards many gift vouchers to his regular users on a regular basis.

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Casecamp Rewards


I wish you all a happy day,

Here at casecamp everyone is very busy with the work and development as usual.

And we have an exciting offer for you folks this week at casecamp,

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Many companies believe that Casecamp is a wonderful tool to build the business on for the unique and powerful features it offers with 24/7 reliable customer support

Casecamp provides unique customization options
To suit the specific needs of the each client.

Our users find Mr. Casecamp’s Timesheet and reports the best solution to manage the development as it provides all the needed data with great user interface and export options.


The main motive of casecamp is to make project management as easy as possible, which is most time and cost effective.

Do you need a unique project management hybrid like casecamp or even better for your company, feel free to approach Mr. Casecamp ,

Mr. Casecamp will make sure to forge the perfect tool for you in the most cost effective way in the market.

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Wish you a cheerful and profitable work week.

Casecamp will support you all the way and fullfill all your project management needs.

People here are very eager to develop and implement new things to make sure that Mr.Casecamp’s users have a cutting edge,ahead of the curve project management solution in the industry.

Thanks a lot .

Mr.Casecamp -IT headaches reliever

Hi everyone,great day , Its time for Mr.Casecamp’s

weekly newsletter.

It has been calm climate at work.

Everyone is constantly engaged With thier work.

I was contemplating all that has been going around in the office and i happen to think about -How the potential of all the employees can be well utilised .

And i knew for sure that the whole concept of being an entrepreneur is being able to know to retrieve data and analyse,- to assess the right data.

When i was thinking on these lines ,I came across Robert herjavac’s interview on business development and project management.

He is a great guy who started from nothing but now he is a millionaire.

The immigrant turned business giant, such a heroic story filled with hardships and melodrama.

In the interview ,Robert emphasizes on how important it is for a business owner or an entrepreneur to know his data i.e Relevant data which tells one how exactly the business is running.

Please refer:  , to watch the interview


unnamed (4)


Running a successful business is all about having the relevant data on the table, every owner should think in the terms of easing the project management and assessment processes of the projects.

Sometimes we take pain killers from the pharmaceuticals in order kill those IT headaches managing never ending problems.

Now we have a new solution online to take care of your headaches- Mr. Casecamp

My mom never lets me take tablets when I have headaches or cold. She tells me- “eat healthy and free your mind organize and meditate, you will be fine”.


unnamed (5)


If you want to assess each and everything that goes on at work every second of every day with ease and peace of mind just take Mr.Casecamp  with you.

Please feel free to contact Mr.casecamp any time of the day.






Casecamp-team and culture


Hi everyone, it’s time for Mr. CaseCamp’s weekly newsletter!

Happy spring time! Let the month of May bring exuberant life ahead with the blossoms of the colorful flowers thriving with their calming aroma and beauty.

We at Casecamp say: “Be progressive everyday and happiness will love you”. This superficial sentence was uttered by Avanthika our senior developer. Now this is the mantra of the company.

Here at CaseCamp everyone is very curious and thirsty for knowledge. Everyone works on learning new things everyday and impart knowledge to one another, to improve our work ethics and understand each other so we can work to our fullest efficiency.

We have a new IOS developer named Austin joining us! Austin is a young, vibrant guy who loves art and music, and uses his passion for it to create his designs within the mobile apps. We are happy to have him on board.

One more addition to our team as a node. js developer is Jenil! His dream was to study aerospace engineering, but life made him land here with us as a computer engineer. Even though he was not able to pursue aerospace, there is no difference in the scale of his passion towards innovation. He is trying to implement AI in CaseCamp using Tensor flow – A platform to perform numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors) communicated between them. The flexible architecture allows you to deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device with a single API.

So machine learning will help you analyze all the dependencies that might miss our eyes to better understand the statuses of the companies, projects, and products.

Talking about designs and technology. Our celebrity designer Leo is leaving us shortly. We wish him all the best for all his future endeavors, but not to worry, we have great designers here to take care of the space, we have Rehyan who is a great designer. He quotes: “learning should be never narrow”  . Broad and rich knowledge can be condensed or narrowed down to a specific stream of work which will in turn be delivered as the best. Diverse knowledge is what everyone should pursue irrespective of what role they play in the field”. Rehyan is a loyal employee we have, so it was sad for the company, especially to Rehyan when he learned that Leo is leaving us soon. Leo was like a brother to him.

And to say a few things about me, the writer of this newsletter, my name is Pratap Paul. I am a project manager and business developer here. I love cars and to ride bikes. I am an obsessive thinker and a fan of intellectual conversations. I am currently pursuing psychology.

I used to walk for hours not minding the distance  when I was short on resources to pursue my passion in film making with a solid mind set withstanding all the pain, trying to channel all that binds me to energy with constant thought – keep moving forward. Which reminds me of a quote by Nietzsche:“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”
I prefer not to talk much about myself , so that’s all about me for now.

So coming back to the celebrity of this newsletter – Mr. CaseCamp
Whatever happens in the company, among and across the team is always discus
Whatever happens in the company, among and across the team is always discussed with Mr.CaseCamp
CaseCamp allows us to collaborate about What is happening on an extremely professional scale, and also on an electrifying personal scale. The owner can hide the specific tasks from the clients
if needed.
We use CaseCamp in all the ways possible here. we use it to plan events and hangouts, so everyone is on the same page, and with the use of its mobile applications we use it like WhatsApp to communicate one another within the selected community, which gives a sense of uniqueness and privacy. The location tracking feature is very useful when going out as we can monitor everyone’s location with ease.
Mr. CaseCamp is very professional at work and down to earth friendly on personal events.

No matter what project you plan, Mr.CaseCamp is there to assist providing 24/7 consistent customer service.

So to sum it up we have a webinar on Tuesday :18-4-2017, 11.30 AM UTC(5.00 PM IST).

Casecamp assessments and reports

Hi everyone,

Mr. Casecamp wishes you a happy weekend ahead filled with great memories with your loved ones

As we already know a reasonable amount of Mr. Casecamp’s qualities by now.

We will talk about Mr. Casecamp’s fancy new features in this newsletter. Today it’s all about Mr. Casecamp and his class and motives.

Let me tell you the Prime motive of Mr. CaseCamp

Casecamp’s motive is to make sure and build using all resources possible to satisfy the project management needs of all the clients.
Mr. Casecamp will forge the software suit in such a way That it will fit the specific needs of any user as a strong reliable armour and an exquisite and estimable tailored Suit. A perfect project management software suit to wear to work with the privilege of carrying work with you anywhere.

To make the basics clear.

The new features integrated in casecamp  are

The reports:

When time doctor is being integrated in casecamp you can see the total hours worked by each employee on each task.

The CaseCamp chats:

In casecamp the chats can be used to chat with the specific users and groups

It has a great user interface and works just like watsapp might be even better, this provides quick and versatile communication within the work community irrespective of where they are.

And to give a hint on an upcoming fuctionality .

The budget tracking for each task and each project will be more easy than eating a piece of cake .

Deliver the budget with a click of a button with all absolute data.

That is it for this week’s news letter.

We at casecamp are constantly engaged with development and very eager to satisfy more users everyday.

Join Mr.Casecamp and never feel the pressure of project management ever again.

Thanks a lot .



Casecamp communications


Hey everyone,

This week we have our CEO working with us in the same building.

We were very pleased to hear him talking about how easy it was for him to manage the projects and employees using casecamp, he emphasized on how important the casecamp chat and code deployment using github integration is to him , as the casecamp chats was private and got immediate replies as it was bound to a specific working community.

So ,this is what we are going to talk about this week-Casecamp chats and code deploy.

CaseCamp chats:

In casecamp chats, the chats can be done with groups or in person.The chat is available across all the casecamp platforms.It is as easy as watsapp while using it in casecamp IOS/android apps.Casecamp chats has all the emogies, file upload,and display picture.

Do you need an important information from your empolyee/boss when they are on vacation,no worries, casecamp chats makes it easier and professional for you

Code deployment:

Codes can be deployed at ease from casecamp deploy using github integration, you can also queue the codes to be deployed, so there is no waiting for the previous code to be deployed.All the codes will be deployed in the give order,the queue can also be rearranged any time before it starts the deployment process.once each code is commited and deployed,the status and relevant URL will end up in commit history and deployment history accordingly.

So, to sum it up the things needed for effective project management are …… Just register with CaseCamp , you will be off to a great start with endless progress.

And Welcome to Casecamp ,have a happy life ahead.

CaseCamp vs. BaseCamp

CaseCamp is always known as one of the most effective as well as useful financial management systems, having plenty of advanced features in offering. On the other hand, BaseCamp comes with similar reputation as well. Demand for good project management systems is increasing with the advent of time. Today, you shall find different types of project management systems, having different ranges of features or services in offering. Choosing the right project management system will prove to be an excellent decision for the benefit of your business. Good project management software comes with many advanced features as well as options to offer.

Features of BaseCamp

BaseCamp is a well known project management system. It is fast, robust and enriched with many advanced features. The software comes with different pricing packages. To start with, it would not be hard for a small business to pay the monthly premiums of this software. In fact, the software is also projected for the freelancers. You can create a group of freelancers and can mange extensive projects with perfection. BaseCamp comes with many project management features like file uploading facility, hourly project settings, assistance for creating invoices, etc. The most highlighting part is the seamlessness of this software. Even though you face some technical hassles, professional customer support center will provide you the assistance in this regard.

Various Features of CaseCamp

Like BaseCamp, CaseCamp is another project management software with many advanced features. Those, who are well versed with BaseCamp, shall definitely find CaseCamp to be a better option. It comes with many additional features, like adding data and time, tracking project details and completion rates, setting reminders and many others. It comes with free trial benefits. You can avail free trial for as many as 25 projects. Nevertheless, CaseCamp is also poised with many other interesting features that are not available with other software. So, overall, CaseCamp is a fresh and highly suitable project management system for everyone.

It is essential for the small businesses or freelancers to choose project management software carefully. Inapt selection of project management system will lead to various troubles. On the other hand, choosing the right software is always beneficial.

CaseCamp vs. Intercom

Professional project management software or system is required by everyone these days. From freelancers to small business owners, everyone needs to adopt better project management process for financial development or advancement. Better project management is actually the key of seamless business process management. When projects are managed with precision, things become quite simpler for a business to be managed. Now, for project management, different tools are used. Here, in this article, we shall find a sharp comparison on various features of CaseCamp and Intercom.

Basic Difference

While CaseCamp has been considered as a dedicated project management system or tool, Intercom has been noted as a fundamentally new way of communicating with customers. It is a project management tool as well, having some basic differences in offering.

Differences in Customers

CaseCamp has been considered as an effective project management system for different customers, including freelancers, small businesses, startups, large scale businesses, etc. Intercom is mainly suitable for small and medium scale businesses.

Difference in Pricing

Difference in pricing between CaseCamp and Intercom is marginal, though CaseCamp comes with some interesting features with a very low pricing. It also offers free trial for up to 25 projects. This is definitely one of the most interesting benefits of using CaseCamp.

Differences in Various Features

Both CaseCamp and Intercom are enriched with many interesting features as well as options. CaseCamp offers group discussion feature to the user and as a result it becomes suitable for the small business users. One can easily upload project files or share project documents with other project members. On the other hand, Intercom comes with team inbox, real time updates and customer user profiles.

User Review and Customer Support

CaseCamp possesses excellent user reviews due to its modernized features as well as options. Using this software is always seamless experience. You may get some technical problem, but there is nothing to worry as you can always call customer support center for help. CaseCamp Is known for its professional and expertise customer support care. On the other hand, Intercom is considered as one of the most cutting edge systems for project management. It too has excellent customer support in offering for users.