Casecamp Chats

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Hey everyone,

Today we are going to talk exclusively about casecamp -chats.

The casecamp chats is finally live on /, for now the group chats and personal chats can be accessed only by owners, managers, and clients.



The employees will also be able to use the casecamp chats in the future.

Casecamp chats is an easy to use chat feature filled with all emojies , file uploads, and display picture.

The casecamp chats will store all the files shared in conversations in a specific location which could be accessed / deleted whenever needed.

The chat function will also be implemented in casecamp mobile applications, both in IOS/android
Which can be used as a private chat service confined to the company’s contacts.

We have a few clients who use casecamp for freelancing, they felt very powerful with the tool as they are able to monitor, communicate and assess their projects at ease.

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