Jira Vs Casecamp – A Comparison between Two Popular Project Management Systems

With the advent of time, businesses have identified that project management process plays key role in business progress. It helps reducing inflation, maximizing uses of resources and increasing client satisfaction level. As businesses have realized the importance of project management, it has turned important for project managers to perform with more precision as well as accuracy. Today, project managers rely a lot on the project management software or system. Software makes the process of managing projects simpler. As a result, more organized as well as productive approach can be taken to conclude the important projects of an organization. Here in the following section, we shall find a sharp comparison between Jira and CaseCamp. Both these systems are considered as advanced and effective for accurate project planning as well as management.


We shall take a look at the case of CaseCamp at first. This software is comparative newer than Jira. But, it has gained good popularity over the shortest period of time. It features 100% client satisfaction report, while Jira shows 90% client satisfaction as well as retention report. CaseCamp is an advanced system, but at the same time it is highly cost-effective. Users can kick start with the trial version of software. Trial version is completely free. But, the best part is that, trial version allows managing as many as 10 projects. For small businesses, using CaseCamp over Jira or other project management software is definitely more convenient idea from the aspect of cost or expenditure.

CaseCamp is poised with a lot of interactive project management features or options. From creating ‘to do list’ to tracking project progress status or employee performances, this software gives a realistic as well as rational approach for effective project planning and management.


Jira is a popular and well known application or system or project management. It also comes with trial version, but with limited features only. Users have to opt or the paid version for getting better control over project management process. Top brands, like eBay, Cisco, etc. use Jira. On the other hand, CaseCamp also bags some reputed clients, including NDTV, Wedding.Com, Eriksson, etc. CaseCamp offers ticketing, calendar and Gantt chart analysis. With Jira, such features are unavailable.