Assembla vs. CaseCamp

Project management is one of the most important things for the business house. Both small scale and large scale businesses use different kinds of project management systems to make their project management process seamless. With the advent of time, we find more effective, simplified and user-friendly systems for project management. Here in the following section, let us find some basic difference between the two popular project management systems. One is CaseCamp, while the other one is Assembla. Both these systems have their unique benefits in offering. So, here is the comparison for you.


When it comes to finding a project management system, cost-effectiveness emerges as one of the most important factors. So, we shall try to find cost-effective of these project management systems. On the basis of cost-effectiveness, CaseCamp is ahead of Asembla. CaseCamp offers free usage up to 10 projects. Assemble offers trial version, which does not provide access to all the major features. Moreover, monthly cost of CaseCamp is lower than Assembla.

Unique Features

CaseCamp is known for its unique ranges of features. It gives you the convenience of using Gantt charts for the purpose of best project management software. It additionally features to do list and many other project management tools. CaseCamp comes with more language support than Assembla. Due to all these unique features in offering CaseCamp has been found as one of the fastest growing project management systems. Assembla is also good, but unavailability of certain features is the most daunting part. For example, Gantt chart analysis feature is unavailable with Assembla.

Types of Customers

CaseCamp is a professional project management system for everyone. From freelancers to small or large scale businesses, everyone can use this project management software. On the other hand, Assembla is mainly developed to suit small and large scale businesses. Freelancers would not find this system to be effective or useful for their purposes.


The most important factor to judge software is user-friendliness. CaseCamp comes with an interactive as well as user-friendly platform. Assembla is also another user-friendly application for project management. However, if they are compared, CaseCamp can be found as one of the most user-friendly systems.