CaseCamp vs. Asana – A Detailed Review

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Project management process is considered as an important thing for every organization. Effective project management can bring higher productivity, profitability and business popularity. The aim of project managers should be completing a project within the fastest possible and with minimal expenditure so that companies can find higher profitability. Optimum usage of resources is the most important part of project management process. These days, projects managers rely upon various online based tools for project management. In this regard, you have options like Asana and CaseCamp. The following section of this article shall provide detailed review on CaseCamp vs. Asana.

Asana Project management Software

This is a popular online based project management system that comes with free initial membership. You can start as a free user, and then can move to become a paid member. Free members have limited access to resources and features, while paid members can avail all the features of the software as per their membership plans.

Asana comes with many features to make project management process seamless experience for the users. It gives you an activity feed to take a look at various projects. You can add new assignments and attachments for managing projects. Apart from these automatic email updates and deadline reminders are some of the common features of this system. You can easily track various tasks and add new followers. The software is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, etc.

CaseCamp Project

CaseCamp is comparative new software than Asana, though it has earned immense popularity over a short period of time. The main benefit of CaseCamp is that it is highly cost-effective. Trial version offers greater access to users on various features or options of the software. You can manage as many as 10 projects with the trial version of this software.

Paid members shall be introduced to unlimited project options and a few new exciting features for seamless project management. Unlike Asana, CaseCamp offers you to create a to-do list, which is a great help for the project managers. It also provides email updates and deadline reminders. You can check project updates, add assignments and track employee performances through this advanced project management system that supports all contemporary operating systems.

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