Benefits of Slack integration


Technology is something which is always evolving. It is presenting you with a better alternative every day. One such alternative is slack, which has potential to strengthen your businesses. If you are someone who works on a remote team, then there is a very good change that you may have struggled in communication. As more and more businesses are growing, teams have found that communication is becoming increasingly more cluttered and work it getting hard to keep track of. For this purpose Slack can be a very effective alternative. Here are some of the benefits of using slack for the purpose of communication.

All the teams communicate at one place

As mentioned before one of the major problems teams are facing is in the communication department. Slack is one such solution which can help you in sorting out this matter. The best thing about slack is that all the communication takes places at one place and it can be divided by creating different channels of various different topics. It can also be helpful in assigning your users to different channels for different topics. Slack can also be useful in assigning the users too many different channels they are needed so that topics are kept visible to all the members of the team.

Integration with services that are already in use

The best part about slack if compared with other tools is that it can be integrated with some of the other web services that we all use every day. Here are some of the tools with which you can integrate slack.

  • GitHub: Slack can be integrated for the purpose of receiving notifications and looking at the code for checking in from the development team.
  • HelpScout: if you want integration of email, then using slack can be very effective. With the help of slack all the members of the team can see the support ticket submission in real time.
  • Trello: This is again one of the best project submission tools. Slack can be used for the purpose of creating, editing and completing the trello portal instantly.

Slack can also enable you to search all the content from one single search boxes, which can also be very effective for you.

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