Time Track

time track

CaseCamp is new software program where Project Managers are able to manage a project with less difficulty than BaseCamp. Why CaseCamp? CaseCamp is able to send notifications to developers, clients and Project Managers when something has been re-assigned or added to the To-Do List. CaseCamp also has this tool where it keeps track of the process your project is at. Time Track shows Project Mangers an effective way to review and manipulate the project timeline.

The Time Track tool has an easy way of communicating with the Project Manager on where the project is standing by showing the percentage of the projects completeness. The Project Manager is able to review the hours worked by employees in a simple graph. The Project Manager can edit the due date, add time budget, and view the project’s budget hours, incurred hours and future scheduled hours. The Time Track tool is a simple yet effective tool to keep the Project Managers priorities straight and organized.