Case Camp Employee Interface


Case Camp is the project management application for mobile platform developed by Auction Software. The idea behind the app is to provide a simple and clean way to manage teams and projects, developed keeping in mind the needs of software development companies.

The application is divided into Customer Interface and Employee Interface. Employees can enter all the information about the ongoing projects such as name of the project, number of cases involved, tasks involved, number of hours spend by the developer and description of what is being done using the Employee Interface.

Employee Interface has functionalities like login through which the employees can access the application using the credentials allotted to them. After logging in they can see two tabs, Activity and Status Report. The activity tab displays all the activities previously completed by the employee with details including date, time, number of cases involved and hours taken to complete the activity.

The Status Report tab displays the name of the projects along with the date and number of cases involved. These projects can be sorted as Fixed Projects and Hourly Projects. If the employee wants to update the status report of any of the listed projects they can simply click on the project name. They are then redirected to a screen where they can feed the number of hours spent on the project and its description.

When the employee save a status report their photo and current location is also saved along with the details entered by them. This way the reviewer can know exactly who was working on the particular task, what was the location of that person, what was the time taken by them and what are the details of that task.

The employee interface of CaseCamp also allows the employee to change their password. The passwords should be changed periodically for added security. Employees can edit their account details by selecting Edit Account option from the Drawer Menu.

Employee Interface of CaseCamp allows the accumulation of information about the ongoing projects into a central database from where the progress of the project and efforts of the employees can be easily reviewed.