Top 5 Task Management Software

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Traditional method of task management has been replaced with modernized methods. Today, task management process has become modernized with the introduction of latest technologies. Managing small tasks is convenient with traditional method. But, when you have been awarded the job of managing extensive tasks, you have to be careful on certain things. The process of task management should be robust and advanced. For that, you can deploy a few tools. So, for your convenience, here are top 5 task management systems:

1. Centrallo

As the name suggests, this open source task management system aims centralizing your life. It makes task management process more logical and seamless. It gives you the convenience of effective task management with its arrays of features or options. Positive part of this system is that it feature drag and drop interface. It comes with 1 GB free storage. The downside is also there. It comes with limited attachment size. You can attach only 25 MB at a time.


EasyNote makes it easier to take notes of the daily basis tasks. For effective task management, using this system is always effective. EasyNote comes with many advanced options. It gives you the freedom to schedule tasks, as per your desire. It gives you the convenience to check status of various tasks that you have listed with the system. The best thing is that the system is updated regularly, and thus it stays user-friendly as well as robust. The downside is that the system is not free after certain time. To use all the features of this system, you need to purchase membership.

3. PinTask

PinTask is a simple open source platform for effectual and systematic task management. It comes with many advanced features or options. It has a simple interface to feature. The system is user-friendly and free to be used. Though it is marketed as free, certain extension of feature or options would require extra cost.

4. CaseCamp

This is the most advanced project management as well as task management tool. Being an open source system, it is convenient, user-faintly and easy to be accessed. You need to purchase membership for using the system. CaseCamp is noted as 5th most popular group in LinkedIn.