Top 5 Bug Tracking Software

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Managing a software development project is not an easy thing, as it involves a lot of hassles. Typically, a software development project has unique lifecycle that includes planning, implementation, development, testing and final product delivery to the client. Each step is important, but software testing and bug management is recognized as the most critical part. For effective bug management, you need to understand a few basic things. To make the process simpler, many developers or software testing executives deploy bug tracking software. Open source bug tracking software can find the bugs accurately and can give you the convenience of easy bug fixing.

For bug tracking, you can use the following systems or software:

1. Unfuddle

This is a secured project management platform that helps in effective as well as accurate bug tracking. The major highlight of the system is that it looks seamless as well as user-friendly. It comes with many advanced features or options for the bug tracking and project management tasks. Not just bug tracking; it also helps in client payment as well as milestone tracking. So, basically it is a project management system that comes with robust bug tracking options.


It is a famous issue tracking system that comes with many advanced features or options. Using this system has certain exceptional benefits that you may not get with other systems. First of all, it is fast and robust. Secondly, it is accurate with bug tracking and fixing tasks.

3. Salesforce

This is yet another web based project management system that comes with effective as well as advanced bug tracking features. You can track bugs and can fix them with ease with this robust tool. Using this tool has many other benefits. In addition to bug tracking, you can plan, execute and schedule your projects.

4. CaseCamp

When it comes to choosing bug tracking tool, CaseCamp is recommended for its amazing as well as interesting features. This open source system is also a project management system. CaseCamp Group is the 5th most popular group in LinkedIn for project management. It shows the popularity of this project management system.