Top 5 Project Management Software

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Project management is one of the most important tasks that business houses have to deal with. Conducting a project properly is important to clinch high end client satisfaction and better profitability. Not just profitability, proper project management also enhances reputation of a company. It helps a company to grow, and thus it has unparallel importance in today’s world. For project management, using open source software or systems has become the latest trend. If you are searching for such an application, here is a list for you:


This is an excellent open source system for effectual and accurate project planning as well as management. This agile system comes with many advanced features or options. It gives you the convenience of a free private project. You can enjoy having unlimited public projects. If you want more than one private project, you need to purchase the membership options.

2.  Plan Project Management Software

You can easily download this system and install to your desktop. It is fast, robust and convenient system, offering cutting edge options or features. This project management tool is free to use, and you can have any number of private projects as per your needs. Extensive manuals and complicated options are the major drawbacks of this system. You may also encounter a lot of technical problems with this system.

3. Zoho Projects

With a small investment, if you are seeking a professional open source platform for conducting project management tasks, you can easily choose Zoho Projects. It has advanced features or options in offering. It makes the job of project management simple as well as seamless. With $25 per month, you can enjoy the convenience of using this project management software or system.

4. CaseCamp

CaseCamp is one of the Best Online Project Management Tool. It is an open source system that has many options in offering. It gives you the convenience of project management with ease. It comes with some exciting membership plans, and all those plans are highly affordable. Make your project management process convenient with CaseCamp. It gives you an accurate platform to track status of your project and to check other important project details. CaseCamp Group is also 5th largest group in LinkedIn.