Types of Project Management Software and Tools

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Types of Project Management Software and Tools

Project management software tools are available in a variety of types, scopes, and prices. If you want to use these types of software, first you need to know about them, according to your requirement which suits best. For choosing the best software you need to first know about the different project management software available.

Let us begin with the different types of tool management software-

Desktop project management software– It provides the user the most responsive and high-graphical interface. Generally, desktop applications save the data in their local file, although some allow collaboration between users and save the data in a central database. A simple file-based project if stored on a networked drive, then it can be shared between users and only one user accesses it at any given time.

Web-based project management- This software can be accessed through the availability of the internet through an intranet or extranet, that has all the usual advantages and disadvantages of the web applications.

Single-user project management systems- In this only one person is needed to edit the project at any time. This system can be used in small organizations or only by a bunch of a few people who are involved in project planning.

Collaborative project management systems– They are designed to enable multiple users to modify different parts of a plan at the same time, such as updating their area of responsibility so they can be integrated into the overall plan. Web-based tools usually fall into this category, but only when the user is online.

A comprehensive system- It combines project management or project planning with many other aspects of a company’s operation. For example, you can assign error tracking issues for each project, the project customer list becomes the CRM module, and everyone in the project plan has its own task list, message, calendar, etc. associated with its project.

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