What is the Best Project Management Software for 2018?

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You must be thinking that what are the best management tools or software that creative agencies, in-house team, and studios use to create their best creative work. These fields of have one thing in common in their work, that is, they work so creatively. If you got to know about some of the best project management software for 2018, you will be able to produce better work.

It will be so great if you will find out about the perfect marketing project management software that can handle everything in your agency. The best project management tool is a more than just a one trick pony, it can do everything, replacing the slew of other tools you rely on.

What is the best project management software used by agencies?


While most of the software of project management is on the list of cloud-based or site-specific, but Synergist offers the users a choice of how they prefer to use it. It includes the users of the Android and Apple devices. Either way, the product can be accessed from multiple devices and is fully scalable as your agency grow. It mixes easily with your current email program and also with the CRM software.


It is very affordable and powerful agency project management tool. It tracks time, manages projects and help in analyzing the results and then make sure that you get paid for the mixing of the different accounting tools. You can use the trigger for the easy-to-use design.

Function Point-

It is the tool which is built on the primary use of the creative industry and digital industry. You will get a good overview of using the software. It covers all functionality requirements fully with a tool that includes an all-in-one cloud-based workflow for the task and project management.


Workfront is an online software for project management which is designed for agencies, service team, IT teams, for collaboration between internal and external clients and for the marketing team. The software allows you, for task management, tracking, and prioritization.

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