How to Reduce That Headache of Design Revisions


After years and years of working, one of the most intimidating feelings is waiting for client’s response to the work done. Will they be satisfied what you have done? Does it meet their expectations? What if they said something negative?

“Can we have a little more curve here?”

“I think this color doesn’t suit here.”

“This thing is awful near the corner.”

It doesn’t matter if you are new to working with clients or you have been doing it since years, dealing with client feedback is always exerting. Whatever the time is, you must deal with them lightly, because if you begin to bend for them, you can easily lose control over the project.

So how to handle these times where your clients request repetitive revisions? Most importantly, is there any way you can prevent this from happening? Yes! We have an answer to that.

Be Selective

There come a few clients that love to use their designers as their technicians. They like to take advantages of your skills and use them for some grumpy work. The best way you can get rid of them is that you must avoid them and turn them down at the first step. But you must be wondering how to detect such clients?

  1. Such clients can be recognized in the manner they communicate. How they explain their work and how they are serious about the job being get done.
  2. Look for how passionate they are about the project.
  3. Do they know their goals?
  4. Do they show avid interest while working with you?

By asking and evaluating such questions, you can easily avoid the annoying clients.

Define Some Things

You are smart if you already know how to handle revision beforehand and that you state on your website about some policies, in which you can state your conditions and terms about design revisions.

The client must understand how hard the work is and how much brains you are pouring for work, after all, the design is a game of imagination, and you cannot sell your imagination for a few bucks.

So, get to work, have some awesome clients and define your goals. The design is a process of learning, creating, getting rejected by annoying clients and you avoid them today if you follow some good things.

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