Best Project Management CaseCamp Vs BaseCamp

CaseCamp-Software for Workforce Management

What are CaseCamp and Basecamp?

CaseCamp is the straightforward software for project management, that has all the features and capabilities that are needed by a company to manage its projects and team members in unified and a single location. It provides the clutterless and a neat user interface that allows for the smooth navigation and access to information, it also provides the fast and seamless communication to the team.

BaseCamp is one of the most popular online project management systems which suite according to today’s need and branded as a reliable service that provides simple setup and needs short learning time. The first place in this category, however, is held by Wrike which has subtotal points of 9.8 out of 10 and it is the winner of best project management software awards which was held  2016. You can compare the Wrike with BaseCamp to see which is suitable for your company.

General description on CaseCamp and BaseCamp-

CaseCamp is a free web-based project management system and collaboration software tool. It offers structures, including to-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones.

Whereas the BaseCamp is a software app that helps a company to wrangle people with different roles, objective and aim towards a common goal of finishing the project by being together.

Available Integrations-

CaseCamp participates in the below business systems and applications-

  • Slack
  • BaseCamp GitHub
  • Twilio
  • TimeDoctor


BaseCamp claims of massive integrations, apps, and add-ons, which includes-

  • Everest
  • Head
  • enRoute
  • Daypack
  • Carabiner
  • Feeds

Benefits of CaseCamp and BaseCamp-

A team needs the functionalities and tools which are needed to work on the projects and CaseCamp is that project management tool. It comes with the traditional tool which keeps everyone updated about the tasks and carried out the complete degree of priorities urgency associated with each task.

BaseCamp covers many bases when it comes to managing the projects, even if members of the team are far from each other. It comes with the myriad of features and tools that makes companies able to efficiently monitor their projects and complete the projects in the time and under the budget.

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