Tips for a Better Project Management

Project management requires some efficient skills. These are important as you will have to meet the requirement to finish a project within the deadline. Project management demands your discipline, your initiating power, your planning power and your executing power to deliver the project within time and budget.

Here are some rules that you must follow to initiate a better project management.

  1. Agility is important

In project management agility serves the best purpose. You must divide the task in short phases that are easier to manage. You will have to assess the project at every step, so agility will help you to assess and reassess the project and adapt it according to the plan.


  1. Micromanage is not beneficial

As a project manager you are a leader and micromanaging at every step is not fruitful you should check and assess at every step but don’t control the flow by trying to make it perfect. Perfection is an illusion. You will only end up disrupting the work flow and ethic.


  1. Keep learning and improving yourself

There is no end to learning as technology is always evolving. Try to keep up with the latest innovations and incorporate them to make your project management skills better.


  1. Continuous planning

The most important part that a project manager plays is that of a planner. You need to plan in a detailed and organized way that will require the participation of your whole team.


  1. Work with diligence

Time is a huge constraint in project management Software. As a project manager you must be on every team member’s shoulder, motivating them and hurrying them to complete the task on time.


  1. Communicate well with your team

An efficient project management is possible when you communicate all the details of the project with your team. Don’t be vague, visualize the process beforehand and then explain them to you team thoroughly.


  1. Initiate open communication

Good and healthy workplace is possible only when you are open to receive concerns and queries of your team member. Make them feel welcome to ask you any questions they feel requires immediate answer. Be accessible through phone and email as well.

CaseCamp vs. BaseCamp

CaseCamp is always known as one of the most effective as well as useful financial management systems, having plenty of advanced features in offering. On the other hand, BaseCamp comes with similar reputation as well. Demand for good project management systems is increasing with the advent of time. Today, you shall find different types of project management systems, having different ranges of features or services in offering. Choosing the right project management system will prove to be an excellent decision for the benefit of your business. Good project management software comes with many advanced features as well as options to offer.

Features of BaseCamp

BaseCamp is a well known project management system. It is fast, robust and enriched with many advanced features. The software comes with different pricing packages. To start with, it would not be hard for a small business to pay the monthly premiums of this software. In fact, the software is also projected for the freelancers. You can create a group of freelancers and can mange extensive projects with perfection. BaseCamp comes with many project management features like file uploading facility, hourly project settings, assistance for creating invoices, etc. The most highlighting part is the seamlessness of this software. Even though you face some technical hassles, professional customer support center will provide you the assistance in this regard.

Various Features of CaseCamp

Like BaseCamp, CaseCamp is another project management software with many advanced features. Those, who are well versed with BaseCamp, shall definitely find CaseCamp to be a better option. It comes with many additional features, like adding data and time, tracking project details and completion rates, setting reminders and many others. It comes with free trial benefits. You can avail free trial for as many as 25 projects. Nevertheless, CaseCamp is also poised with many other interesting features that are not available with other software. So, overall, CaseCamp is a fresh and highly suitable project management system for everyone.

It is essential for the small businesses or freelancers to choose project management software carefully. Inapt selection of project management system will lead to various troubles. On the other hand, choosing the right software is always beneficial.

Top 5 Bug Tracking Software

Managing a software development project is not an easy thing, as it involves a lot of hassles. Typically, a software development project has unique lifecycle that includes planning, implementation, development, testing and final product delivery to the client. Each step is important, but software testing and bug management is recognized as the most critical part. For effective bug management, you need to understand a few basic things. To make the process simpler, many developers or software testing executives deploy bug tracking software. Open source bug tracking software can find the bugs accurately and can give you the convenience of easy bug fixing.

For bug tracking, you can use the following systems or software:

1. Unfuddle

This is a secured project management platform that helps in effective as well as accurate bug tracking. The major highlight of the system is that it looks seamless as well as user-friendly. It comes with many advanced features or options for the bug tracking and project management tasks. Not just bug tracking; it also helps in client payment as well as milestone tracking. So, basically it is a project management system that comes with robust bug tracking options.


It is a famous issue tracking system that comes with many advanced features or options. Using this system has certain exceptional benefits that you may not get with other systems. First of all, it is fast and robust. Secondly, it is accurate with bug tracking and fixing tasks.

3. Salesforce

This is yet another web based project management system that comes with effective as well as advanced bug tracking features. You can track bugs and can fix them with ease with this robust tool. Using this tool has many other benefits. In addition to bug tracking, you can plan, execute and schedule your projects.

4. CaseCamp

When it comes to choosing bug tracking tool, CaseCamp is recommended for its amazing as well as interesting features. This open source system is also a project management system. CaseCamp Group is the 5th most popular group in LinkedIn for project management. It shows the popularity of this project management system.