Casecamp –User-friendly project management software

Today is the world of competition and competition is increasing in every field of business. With this intensifying competition in business it has become necessity to use the advanced and simplest of technology available in today’s time. People are working on various projects at the same time and they need a quick response with every project. No one can think of this without the best of project management software. Also no one can deny the fact that managing so many of projects and so many of task in every single project is of course a time consuming as well as energy consuming process. There may be problems lens the timely completion of project and this may affect the achievement of desired results. However now with the advent of casecamp the project managers will not need to worry about any such difficulties. Casecamp is highly advanced and user-friendly software using the best of technology available in today’s world in order to facilitate the efficient management of projects


Salient features of Casecamp


Casecamp is a highly powerful and advanced software with lots of features that provide huge functionalities for the project managers to manage the projects with great convenience and in an effective manner. We will highlight some of the features below:


  •  User-friendly software: Casecamp is quite user-friendly and the managers do not need to take special lessons to learn operating it. Also, all the other concerned parties can conveniently use this project management software.
    •    Effective time management: Not only does it facilitate tracking of the working period of employees, but at the same time, it also reminds that a particular task needs to be completed in the given time. It intimates all the concerned parties to complete their respective tasks within a given time period.
    •    Tacking of budget: It helps tracking the budget and the managers can ensure the completion of the project without causing the increment in the budget.
    •    Management of resources in an efficient manner: By facilitating the assignment of tasks and updating it on regular basis, Casecamp helps the managers efficiently manage the resources and achieve timely and desired result.
    •    App for Smartphone: Casecamp can be used through Smartphone through a simple app. So, the managers, sponsors, employees, and customers etc. can use this project management software using their Smartphone.

Briefly speaking, Casecamp, as the project management software is a complete package ensuring the on-time completion of projects in an effective manner.

Open Source Project Management Software

Everyone knows about the challenges that one go through looking for the best project management software there is a lot of difficulties inherited in this process. One needs to go through various software, install them and then uninstall them in order to find the best software that can be your requirements. Without a project management software the project managers have to go through all menu process which was consuming a lot of time and tremendous hard work was required in order to complete the project especially at the closing stages. Variety of project management software is available in the market but now the challenge is which one is the best suitable project management software for your use. CaseCamp experts have now resolved this issue for you. Our expert professionals are well aware of the situations that project management managers need to go and therefore that is the one reason they help you in finding the best open source project management software.


What type of software do you really want?

There is plenty of online project management software available in the market these days developed by various companies. And it is quite obvious that a lot of project managers find it difficult to find the best one among a huge list of alternatives. Or we can also say that they do not have much time to sit and go through each and every alternative in the market. A lot of options sometimes create confusion among managers but as we all know there is no place for any type of confusion while selecting the best project management software. This is where our experts come into the picture that can help you in finding the best tool for your use. They understand your requirement and then give you a solution with the best project management software that fulfills all your requirement.


Complete support to our clients


Our team is highly appreciated by our valuable clients only for two reasons. First one is our highly competitive software creation ability where we create the best suitable software for you real quick and the second one is over support dedication. We are available 24/7 for our esteemed client. Creating highly efficient open source project management software is only the one quality of our professionals but on the other hand, they are very well versed in supporting your clients or project managers for any kind of help they need. Our belief has been in educating anyone and everyone whether he or she may or may not be our client. Even if you have never used our project management software our experts can still help you in guiding the best usage and render all possible support and solution decide providing you with the best possible project management software ever

Why Use Cloud-based SaaS Instead of Traditional Software

SaaS, As compared to traditional business software solutions it has become a powerful and dynamic software solution that can cater to the businesses of all sizes. May it be a smaller size business, a medium scale company, or a very big institution, anyone can make use of SaaS, software as a service, quite comfortable. It can be widely used for messaging services, or ERP systems, or payroll services, or maybe the organizations that are utilizing CRMs. Here we are discussing a few important reasons why you should consider this model for your organization:

  1. Hosting Made Simple

Everything is going over the cloud these days and there is no doubt that SaaS systems are hosted on the cloud as well. This also eliminates the cost of additional expensive IT equipment that is to be established in your office and moreover it reduces the cost of resources and their salaries who maintain the IT structures in your office. The other great benefit is all the system updates or securities or firewalls are managed by your Cloud Service Provider

  1. SaaS is Scalable as Needed

The other amusing feature is that it is utilized as pay per use type of Service model. You can only use in limited numbers as and when required. In other words, an organization can grow or shrink its resources and Technical features with just a click of a button.

It is as simple as if the organization is smaller and does not require a lot of functionality like a robust Enterprise software system but they feel they will need those features sometime in future. Using the SaaS model for such organizations is the dream come true. They can begin with the small set of features to keep their costs low and when their need to scale arises arrangements can be made to enhance the functionalities, therefore, in the beginning, they can control their costs by usinga limited set of basic functionality

  1. Unmatched Accessibility and Customization

With this, you can access your software system from anywhere in the world as it is hosted in the cloud. In other words, you are no longer limited to use only the computers that are installed in your office. Using SaaS-based systems your staff can access the software from any computer or mobile devices or tablets from anywhere across the world. This helps in increasing productivity when there is a need for remote access. We can also help you to white label the software under your brand so your employees or clients do not see it as software from a third party.

Types of Project Management Software and Tools

These days there are a variety of project management software tools available in the market. These project management software tools come with various functionalities types prices and scopes. One can only decide among so many available alternatives if he or she has the best knowledge about the software features functionalities and a lot more things and then more importantly how those features and functionalities suit your requirements in the best way. The first step is to know, what are the different project management software available in the market:


Desktop project management software– These are the type of software that is installed on your computer and are most responsive fast and have a very fast response time. Desktop applications save their data in the local file and only one user can use the data at one time. For some software, there are options to use them on a network and then it can be scaled to be used by more than one uses but within the same network


Web-based project management- Web-based software can be accessed from anywhere whenever there is internet connectivity through an intranet or an extranet. These are in the form of web applications and a huge security is required while working at various locations


Single-user project management systems- This type of system is designed for the single user. Such kind of systems is in the project planning where a bunch of a few people is involved or maybe the management people are involved in the designing phase of the project. This can be used in small organizations where there are only one or two people who can manage the whole process.


Collaborative project management systems– This kind of system is designed in order to have more than one user work at the same time. Multiple users can work on the same project within their scope and limits updating their area of responsibility. These systems have the facility to integrate more than one module and assign users for all the models. The users can be given rights to access only the sections where they will be working and administrators can then combine all the areas to get the final output of the project. Web-based tools usually fall in this category.


A comprehensive system- This kind of system has the combination of project management software or Project Planning software along with the various other aspects of company operations. For an example, you can associate the employee’s productivity according to the work he does and then you can also attach his attendance which is coming from another system and then the module shows the complete integration of the employee’s performance. This kind of system integrates CRM module where everyone in the project has its own messages calendar task list and everything associated with the project.

Project Planning in


Users (Adding People, Projects, and Tasks)

Manage Users

You can set/modify the proxy name for the existing users, fix wage according to their experience, enter the cadre level of the users (Owner, Manager, Employee, Customer), You can enable each user’s status report by clicking the checkbox under the “status Report Active” field and thus you can customize each employees reports and timing.

This is applicable for all the employees and can be segregated on projects & teams.

Add New Users

Adding new users and setting their access-a person is usually a user that can log in, but you can also set up non-login people that you just want to keep track of (only users that can log in count toward your user restriction).

To add a new user click “Add people to project” which will show you a new user form to complete.

Add the Persons details like Email, Level (Manager, Customer, Employee), select a project, and set a default module for them to see when they login and gives them access to all of the Projects that the Organization has access to, or you can give them access to one or more individual projects. Remember if you only wish them to have task access (e.g. you do not wish to give them full Project access), you simply add them to tasks in the tasks area.

You can add new users to by entering their details and give them project access or can just allow to be apart of the whole group. Each user is assigned to the projects that they work on.

The owners are the super admin who has the full control & permissions, while managers have shared permissions and the users will have restricted permission to the tool.
* The invites/requests are sent to the users as email notifications.

Time Sheets

You can manage your workforce with online timesheet. You can view your employees/teams members hourly / project timing that is billable.

Status Reports

You can also extract exact details like employee name, project name/id, started date & time, task name & id, task actual hours, and the location where they are working from.


The Projects area which is a default main page is used to setup your Project Management & Tasks, add People to them, and for day to day management and investigation of your Projects.

Here is a list of all the projects you currently have access to, along with the Organization the project belongs to, the Person who is pinned to the project, start date, overall project duration and recently updated timing widget.

You can click on each project icon that is listed in this section to view your projects details or click on the edit link under each project to make any changes/update the project details.

To add a new project you can click “Add New Project” button you can create a new project, view archived projects and get help from our technical assistance centre-TAC (We will see this later).

Project Reports

You can view overall report of all individual projects. You week each project`s cases, completion time, day/week/month wise tasks and time. Also you can view the overall time worked on a project.

Fixed Projects

The Fixed Project area which is a default main page is used to setup your Project Management & Tasks, add People to them, and for day to day management and investigation of your Projects.

Here is a list of all the projects you currently have access to, along with the Organization the project belongs to, the Person who is pinned to the project, start date, overall project duration and recently updated timing widget.

You can click on each project icon that is listed in this section to view your projects details or click on the edit link under each project to make any changes/update the project details

Resource planning in


User Setting

Click on the User Settings icon in the main menu, and you’ll be presented with the General settings tab. In here you can add the user details like Company logo, Avatar, Name, Email ID, Photo, Time Zone, and customize your profile. In addition, you can change email notification preferences for Reports. You can also update/change your password in this section.

Time Zone

All dates and times are displayed according to your respective time zone. However, you can set your own time zone for your user account and have your local time zone display throughout the project. Displaying dates in your local time may help you stay up to date on assignments and due dates, especially if your course time zone differs significantly from where you reside.

Note: If you set a time zone in your user settings, you can always view the course time zone by hovering over any date and time in your course. The text will show both the local time and course time.

Status Report & Users

Manual Status Report – You can filter and view a complete report for an individual member or you can even filter for more specific reports as (case by case) or for individual employees.



Cases (Tasks):

You can add and review cases. You can add multiple cases by clicking on add case button and assign them to single or multiple members of the team. You also have an option to hide some specific comments from the customer and also you can give priorities to that cases where only the assigned or any of your team member could view it; So that everyone could know the requirement.

Segregate cases:

You can filter the cases to single team member / all the cases assigned to anyone and for a past (cases that are due) / anytime.

Adding Comments to the cases:

To add a comment to a case by simply typing your text in the text box available and clicking on the Add this comment button. You can also attach Files to your comment. Here you can also discuss about the requirement and re-view the comments whenever and wherever you are.

Dashboard on your Project Management Tool

Once you have logged in you will see your default screen with the main menu. Hover over any of the main menus to explore each section, a range of options, and any recently accessed items. Click on the menu item to visit the Project’s, Schedule, Mailbox, Vacation Tracking, or User Settings sections. Within the project area, you will have options like Fixed Projects, Archived, and Hourly Projects.

Schedule Dashboard

It contains projects status like creating notes, as well as releasing date and change managers.


Also in the main menu is the quick search box. To find something within Casecamp tool just type in this box to see an instant list of matching items. Click on one of the search results to take you directly to that item.

Profile Widget

It contains your personal info which you can do the update and your recent activities are also listed here.


    • Uploading and Managing Files

Files are always attached to either a comment/tasks, ensuring that only those People with permissions will see the respective Files. To upload a new file, you can click “add an attachment” button below the text area (your comment) Ensure the file has completed uploading before switching to another page or closing your browser.

    • To View all Files of individual projects

The Files tab within a Project shows all of the Files that have been uploaded to Tasks or to the Project. You can even filter the files by week, month and year.


The Project Calendar provides a personalized view of the Projects and Tasks that you have access to. You can view the calendar in Month, Week, or Day formats and click back and forward between periods as desired. You can move any event by dragging it to the preferred date range.

You can view detailed dates of all the tasks, to-do`s, actions that have occurred and yet to happen of the entire project duration. By clicking each task it will redirect to the history to show you the detailed view of entire conversation, actions & uploads.


This is more like a mailbox, where you can view all the message logs. The messages that you received, sent etc…

Add projects

Mind as you start to migrate more of your projects into your new system.

  • Add the project name, code, details and the tasks required to complete it
  • Add the estimated hours required for each task
  • Add budget and timeline
  • Add workers to tasks, and Project managers to Projects
  • Tell your team it`s ok to Pin the Person most important at the current time
  • Have your team complete the work and add their hours and estimates for % complete

As you progress, your project managers can review the hours Estimated and Logged (Actual) along with the % complete, and tweak and manage timelines accordingly.

Task Management with is professional task management software that helps you and your team track to-do lists and manages tasks. This way,  all the tasks and projects will stay organized. provides you with all the task management features you need to get things done efficiently.

Task Management Features

Project tasks: Create a task for each of your to-dos and keep them organized in projects

Task lists: The manager can create tasks and assign them to the team members. An email will be sent to assigned member automatically.

Task details: Add all sorts of data and detailed information under each task, such as: assignee, due date, and priority.

Flexible task view: See all your tasks in the list, tasks descriptions in comments, timeline, priority, and status at any time.

My tasks: Each team member knows what to work on by taking a look at their personal dashboard.

Recurring tasks: The manager is able to re-open the to-do list if any changes are needed and re-assign them to the team members.

Task report: See what’s running late, what’s completed, what’s coming up, and more across all your projects.