Task Management with CaseCamp.com

How to Manage Virtual People with Project Management Tool

Casecamp.com is professional task management software that helps you and your team track to-do lists and manages tasks. This way,  all the tasks and projects will stay organized. CaseCamp.com provides you with all the task management features you need to get things done efficiently.

Task Management Features

Project tasks: Create a task for each of your to-dos and keep them organized in projects

Task lists: The manager can create tasks and assign them to the team members. An email will be sent to assigned member automatically.

Task details: Add all sorts of data and detailed information under each task, such as: assignee, due date, and priority.

Flexible task view: See all your tasks in the list, tasks descriptions in comments, timeline, priority, and status at any time.

My tasks: Each team member knows what to work on by taking a look at their personal dashboard.

Recurring tasks: The manager is able to re-open the to-do list if any changes are needed and re-assign them to the team members.

Task report: See what’s running late, what’s completed, what’s coming up, and more across all your projects.

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