Waterfall vs. agile methodology debate part 6

Agile vs. Waterfall

Waterfall vs. agile

Speakers info:

First Person Name Satyapal Chhabra – Founder and Managing Principal at Ideliver – Waterfall

Satyapal is a household name and thought leader in the world of application delivery and testing. He has been advising companies on how to optimize their application lifecycle management process for nearly 2 decades. Satyapal is currently the Founder and Managing Principal of Ideliver, an award-winning Software Performance and Quality Assurance delivery company.

Second Person Name Mark Yarbro – Performance Test Manager at Bank of America – Waterfall

With over twenty years of hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves experience in a wide variety of environments, both as a leader and as an individual contributor, Mark Yarbro is a Dallas application testing guru. At Bank of America, Mark is known for implementing best in class practices among his 32 performance testing engineers as they support multiple lines of business.

Third Person Name Jay Packlick – Principal, Enterprise Agile Coach at Sabre Corporation – Agile

Jay Packlick is an Enterprise Agile coach working with Sabre. He spent over twenty years of his career getting software done in a variety of roles. He’s dedicated the last fourteen years to learning and helping others implement better ways of achieving the outcomes that matter to them.

Fourth person name Shouvik Bhattacharyya – Serial Entrepreneur and Partner at B12 Consulting – Agile

Shouvik has been investing in Agile-centric practices and companies for the last eight years. These teams have been successful in enabling agile transformation in several large global enterprises, in Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Airlines, etc. Shouvik has been CEO of public and private companies in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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Names (left to right)

Left side-Waterfall folks:

First Person –Satyapal Chhabra

Second Person- Mark Yarbro

Middle guy(lakshmi)- moderator

Right side-agile folks:

Third Person –Jay Pack lick

Fourth person- Shouvik Bhattacharyya 

Middle guy moderator-guess one thing, only one thing you would say which is strength for your way of approach and solid weakness; I want you to recognize both of them from the approach that you discuss

Second Person Mark Yarbro- oh you want us to talk about our entrap.

Middle guy moderator- yes you’re shrewdly actually misplucking from Esperance perspective right.

Third Person Jay Packlick-So what, its greatest strength and

Middle guy moderator-greatness and strength and I mean

Second Person Mark Yarbro- this is like a job interview right it’s already starting with disagreement.

Middle guy moderator-it is, it is, when you pick one that you fell like the most important thing which you wanna hire from a practical now view perspective, that’s the essence I am looking for.

First Person Satyapal Chhabraso the strength it works and the weakness it doesn’t optimize resources, it’s very sequential, you have lot of wasted time

Middle guy moderator-so you are you gonna lever that guy, blah blah blah

Second Person Mark Yarbro-yes, what you gonna do, when you read articles about agile great on how great and wonderful agile is and terrible waterfall is , don’t believe either side right!!,at the bank we do waterfall but we do every 90 days and we do design , coding, component integration testing, system integration testing, performance testing and we do 1200 applications every 90 days right!!? It works and its rapid ,its iterative but its vey very easy if work through a stick stigma like we are, it’s easy to have blind spots , loss of resources , people sit on their hands and a lot a waste of time. Or doing the wrong things because we are not rapidly iterating, it’s like you knowing where the bathroom is right!!, if you were to follow , you close your eyes and walk to the bathroom how many time gonna stuck your toe and trip over a chair, agile your constantly coming and looking to make sure you can make adjustments right !!? Right!! Think about it like driving to Cleveland right!! You wanna see on the map, waterfall is, I want to see it on the map with Dallas and Cleveland on a same piece of paper and what route are we gonna take agile is ok where the bathroom gonna stop helping with the distance mu car can go right!!, where we gonna take meals, when we gonna sleep right its myth real world should be brought alive

Fourth person Shouvik Bhattacharyya – so I think use the example of financial success company who were engaged in, so the CIA wanted to move over as he said, you know!! 75 percent of the organization does waterfall in 25 percent of the assets, so as in terms of strength, when you want to start the next project and say actually this the way we are gonna go, you get the top talent it’s the sexiest thing, there is a lot excitement so the strength is if you’re a manager or a in the market or the it side, you get the best, team best resources whatever you need Right!?Son the weakness is that creates unrealistic time to market because everybody is so excited, I think lot of time we offer service of postmortem of agile projects right!? And in that what we find out is that it did deliver but the expectations were so unrealistic that this was gonna be done faster , better , cheaper every single time that people use it you know !! And especially waterfall people like my friends here are been added for 70 years they are experts in bringing the other people down

Middle guy moderator-really that’s just old

Fourth person Shouvik Bhattacharyya – yeah!? I have to get it in, I have to get it in, so what happens is that experts are going to wait ohh!! Agile Is going to fail or or we say even if it succeeded I have been in the situation of postmortem where, they say oh, oh it looks like you know!! it was little, it was a slight variance but you know within the boundaries of acceptance and the waterfall guys will come and say, no no, no, no , we have done ie so much better and we have done a better scope, it goes back to scope vs. value, so that’s what I see as the strength and the weakness

Third Person Name Jay Packlick- so

Middle guy moderator-jay

Third Person Name Jay Packlick-so I am out of paint word ,we obviously painted the difference between this two approaches, and that’s why I could speak to the strength, so waterfall is actually more of a mind set, waterfall is a mindset I want to eliminate uncertainty by asking the right questions , do enough research ,make decisions early that they pay off and that actually works really great in two scenarios , relatively simple problems ,which is not our world it never were, in complicated problems , there is actually a framework called canephen, which very clearly defines how you approach problems, in canephen, next level, complexity yields to announces, that’s awesome there are enough parts to it ,enough information, enough analysis I can answer questions allow me know how to proceed, in a complex world, where I have autonomous agents ,multiple layers  , the technology stack in this thing is probably 20 levels deeper than you and I started with  one computer talking to one database right !?

Second Person Mark Yarbro- That’s 100 times more than Apollo space craft

Third Person Name Jay Packlick- yeah, not just the computing power, it is interacting with lots of stages in the universe some of which are trying to destroy it in you, so our ability as human beings, yeah!!, our ability as human beings to reason around something this complex has capped out, we cannot understand in advance what the fuck is this gonna do

Middle guy moderator-wooo

Third Person Name Jay Packlick-excuse my language, so here is the deal, in a world of complexity , I had better use and approach that is empirical , I have better use in approach that says let me do something and understand if it worked or not because I cannot understand in advance whether it will for some for some things, so what is the strength in agile ,it is a match to the problem of complexity , it is match of the problem trying to understand the world beyond our understanding the unknown unknowns are way beyond our imagination, so we better have a mechanism to advance and move forward in away its rational not in a way that suits our desire from predictability because that is not the world we live in, so that’s the strength in agile , what’s its weakness ,you know living in an unpredictable world is hard in, embracing the unpredictable is hard , human beings don’t want to do that, asking people to step up and be accountable and be all in and be skillful and motivated is not something lot of people are not prepared to do, so weakness of this process weakness of this approach is human barter system like earning system

Second Person Mark Yarbro- and everyone in the organization should confront, come up with that at the same time

Third Person Name Jay Packlick-absolutely


Second Person Mark Yarbro-right!! Because the individual contributors can commit and the management can say you’re fired, you didn’t meet your deliver load


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