Waterfall vs. agile methodology Debate Part 1

Agile vs. Waterfall

Waterfall vs. agile

Speakers info:

First Person Name Satyapal Chhabra – Founder and Managing Principal at Ideliver – Waterfall

Satyapal is a household name and thought leader in the world of application delivery and testing. He has been advising companies on how to optimize their application lifecycle management process for nearly 2 decades. Satyapal is currently the Founder and Managing Principal of Ideliver, an award-winning Software Performance and Quality Assurance delivery company.

Second Person Name Mark Yarbro – Performance Test Manager at Bank of America – Waterfall

With over twenty years of hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves experience in a wide variety of environments, both as a leader and as an individual contributor, Mark Yarbro is a Dallas application testing guru. At Bank of America, Mark is known for implementing best in class practices among his 32 performance testing engineers as they support multiple lines of business.

Third Person Name Jay Packlick – Principal, Enterprise Agile Coach at Sabre Corporation – Agile

Jay Packlick is an Enterprise Agile coach working with Sabre. He spent over twenty years of his career getting software done in a variety of roles. He’s dedicated the last fourteen years to learning and helping others implement better ways of achieving the outcomes that matter to them.


Fourth person name Shouvik Bhattacharyya – Serial Entrepreneur and Partner at B12 Consulting – Agile

Shouvik has been investing in Agile-centric practices and companies for the last eight years. These teams have been successful in enabling agile transformation in several large global enterprises, in Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Airlines, etc. Shouvik has been CEO of public and private companies in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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First link

Names (left to right)

Left side-waterfall folks:

First Person –Satyapal Chhabra

Second Person– Mark Yarbro

Middle guy(lakshmi)- moderator

Right side-agile folks:

Third Person –Jay Pack lick

Fourth person– Shouvik Bhattacharyya



First Person (Satyapal Chhabra) – it does not necessarily address what agile world is but it has ratchets to go faster and quicker, take example talk about performance, if you look at the classical performance testing it gives you up to transition phase , it’s still a waterfall and we are going very much penetrations in a day to get the optimum state, so if you look at it , inclusion of all the aspects of people who are participating because the hype cases moves right there and you get value out of it, so chabra I am not gonna address , it’s just that the reality is how determines it , its traditional but it delivers and my argument, I am not a kings expert, I would say it’s a republican on democrats.











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