Waterfall vs. agile methodology debate part 3

Agile vs. Waterfall

Waterfall vs. agile

Speakers info:

First Person Name Satyapal Chhabra – Founder and Managing Principal at Ideliver – Waterfall

Satyapal is a household name and thought leader in the world of application delivery and testing. He has been advising companies on how to optimize their application lifecycle management process for nearly 2 decades. Satyapal is currently the Founder and Managing Principal of Ideliver, an award-winning Software Performance and Quality Assurance delivery company.

Second Person Name Mark Yarbro – Performance Test Manager at Bank of America – Waterfall

With over twenty years of hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves experience in a wide variety of environments, both as a leader and as an individual contributor, Mark Yarbro is a Dallas application testing guru. At Bank of America, Mark is known for implementing best in class practices among his 32 performance testing engineers as they support multiple lines of business.

Third Person Name Jay Packlick – Principal, Enterprise Agile Coach at Sabre Corporation – Agile

Jay Packlick is an Enterprise Agile coach working with Sabre. He spent over twenty years of his career getting software done in a variety of roles. He’s dedicated the last fourteen years to learning and helping others implement better ways of achieving the outcomes that matter to them.


Fourth person name Shouvik Bhattacharyya – Serial Entrepreneur and Partner at B12 Consulting – Agile

Shouvik has been investing in Agile-centric practices and companies for the last eight years. These teams have been successful in enabling agile transformation in several large global enterprises, in Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, Airlines, etc. Shouvik has been CEO of public and private companies in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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Names (left to right)

Left side-Waterfall folks:

First Person –Satyapal Chhabra

Second Person- Mark Yarbro

Middle guy(lakshmi)- moderator

Right side-agile folks:

Third Person –Jay Pack lick

Fourth person- Shouvik Bhattacharyya 


Fourth person – Shouvik Bhattacharyya- i like to point it out in the agile world as long as you’re including the right set of

People you might decrease the scope dramatically because you will provide the right value so i think that’s why is becoming more and more

Popular because everybody speak to market today right so you cannot just think i am going to keep on increasing the scope and the customers gonna wait for me


Third person – Jay Packlick-i wanna give one real world example

Middle guy moderatorReal quick!!

Third person  – Jay Packlick  –Real quick!!,I was working with clients they had six months project, we had an algorithm to implement ,the potential for the algorithm was to increase revenue something like 5 million dollars per month , that was the value proposition and they were able to achieve that after 3 weeks, so now it works , they implemented the algorithm demonstrated that we can do that and it went into production in the end of four weeks so they dropped rest of the projects because there was other projects which had much higher return so I am just showing you an example decisions maximize value.if you are in business to make money tend to pay off  you know!! If you update your plan

Middle guy moderator-true argument!!True argument from human value perspective. Scope or value what is the most important thing from the marching edge.

First person-Satyapal Chhabra- lets face it packlick, waterfalls perspective is the scope, not because they don’t want to deliver the value, the word inclusion right , the word inclusion has already covered every part of the scope, scope is given by someone who is qualified- (A)

B-they know the business or they are the business

Third person – Jay PacklickThey think they know, they are making a decision

First person-Satyapal Chhabra-I get it, one thing is , the waterfall again, in mean let’s face it it is something that is meant to deliver within the finite scope or finite cost and manufacture, agile means to, we can do it but we need inclusion by the right people or participation from right people that’s a Hugh assumption

Third person – Jay Pack lickthat’s true

First person-Satyapal Chhabra- that’s why agile becomes cyclic and goes for ever, it gets shelved or I don’t know, waterfall at least tends to deliver something which will be completely like a Motorola’s dynatac like a brick you can hit your wall  ,I don’t you guys know about Motorola’s iridium product it was delivered like a brick you can hit your wall  you can do dumbbells like that ,you can build muscles with it but you cannot make a phone call with that.

Third person Jay Packlick- the first question on the (can’t understand)

First person-Satyapal Chhabra- yes exactly, the point is that


Third person – Jay Packlickso if you’re starting, you probably don’t want that much

First person-Satyapal Chhabra- so point is you went all the with 3 billion dollars investment, when you deliver something waterfall, yes agile would have given you the feedback early, I get the part but again it’s a where do you apply this, it’s up to the business or the IT team I would say to figure it out, what’s the best solution, right, so so, scope maybe encompassing the value

Third person Jay Packlick- so the scope raises the value is the subjective view from you. Mark do you like to add something?


Second Person Name Mark Yarbro-no I think shouvik is excited let him

Fourth person   Shouvik Bhattacharyya-rise rise raise your hand if you want more stocks or more return on your investments. So raise your hands for stocks

Middle guy  moderator- stock buyers come on rise your arms

Third person Jay Packlick-who want return on investment (ROI)? Yeah you are on the agile side, awesome.

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