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Casecamp –User-friendly project management software

Today is the world of competition and competition is increasing in every field of business. With this intensifying competition in business it has become necessity to use the advanced and simplest of technology available in today's time. People are working on various projects at the same time and they need a quick response with every project. No one can think of this without the best of project management software. Also no one can deny the fact that managing so many of projects and so many of task in every single project is of course a time consuming as well as ...
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CaseCamp-Software for Workforce Management

Open Source Project Management Software

Everyone knows about the challenges that one go through looking for the best project management software there is a lot of difficulties inherited in this process. One needs to go through various software, install them and then uninstall them in order to find the best software that can be your requirements. Without a project management software the project managers have to go through all menu process which was consuming a lot of time and tremendous hard work was required in order to complete the project especially at the closing stages. Variety of project management software is available in the market ...
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Why Use Cloud-based SaaS Instead of Traditional Software

SaaS, As compared to traditional business software solutions it has become a powerful and dynamic software solution that can cater to the businesses of all sizes. May it be a smaller size business, a medium scale company, or a very big institution, anyone can make use of SaaS, software as a service, quite comfortable. It can be widely used for messaging services, or ERP systems, or payroll services, or maybe the organizations that are utilizing CRMs. Here we are discussing a few important reasons why you should consider this model for your organization: Hosting Made Simple Everything is going over the cloud ...
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Types of Project Management Software and Tools

These days there are a variety of project management software tools available in the market. These project management software tools come with various functionalities types prices and scopes. One can only decide among so many available alternatives if he or she has the best knowledge about the software features functionalities and a lot more things and then more importantly how those features and functionalities suit your requirements in the best way. The first step is to know, what are the different project management software available in the market:   Desktop project management software– These are the type of software that is installed ...
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Project Planning in

  Users (Adding People, Projects, and Tasks) Manage Users You can set/modify the proxy name for the existing users, fix wage according to their experience, enter the cadre level of the users (Owner, Manager, Employee, Customer), You can enable each user’s status report by clicking the checkbox under the “status Report Active” field and thus you can customize each employees reports and timing. This is applicable for all the employees and can be segregated on projects & teams. Add New Users Adding new users and setting their access-a person is usually a user that can log in, but you can also set up non-login people that ...
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Resource planning in

  User Setting Click on the User Settings icon in the main menu, and you’ll be presented with the General settings tab. In here you can add the user details like Company logo, Avatar, Name, Email ID, Photo, Time Zone, and customize your profile. In addition, you can change email notification preferences for Reports. You can also update/change your password in this section. Time Zone All dates and times are displayed according to your respective time zone. However, you can set your own time zone for your user account and have your local time zone display throughout the project. Displaying dates in your local ...
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Cases (Tasks): You can add and review cases. You can add multiple cases by clicking on add case button and assign them to single or multiple members of the team. You also have an option to hide some specific comments from the customer and also you can give priorities to that cases where only the assigned or any of your team member could view it; So that everyone could know the requirement. Segregate cases: You can filter the cases to single team member / all the cases assigned to anyone and for a past (cases that are due) / anytime. Adding Comments to the ...
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Dashboard on your Project Management Tool

Once you have logged in you will see your default screen with the main menu. Hover over any of the main menus to explore each section, a range of options, and any recently accessed items. Click on the menu item to visit the Project’s, Schedule, Mailbox, Vacation Tracking, or User Settings sections. Within the project area, you will have options like Fixed Projects, Archived, and Hourly Projects. Schedule Dashboard It contains projects status like creating notes, as well as releasing date and change managers. Search Also in the main menu is the quick search box. To find something within Casecamp tool just type in ...
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How to Manage Virtual People with Project Management Tool

Task Management with is professional task management software that helps you and your team track to-do lists and manages tasks. This way,  all the tasks and projects will stay organized. provides you with all the task management features you need to get things done efficiently. Task Management Features Project tasks: Create a task for each of your to-dos and keep them organized in projects Task lists: The manager can create tasks and assign them to the team members. An email will be sent to assigned member automatically. Task details: Add all sorts of data and detailed information under each task, such as: assignee, due date, and priority. Flexible ...
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