CaseCamp is the Best Agile Project Management Tool

People look for project management tools for effective project management purpose. They employ project management tools for the purpose of seamless management of the project with perfection. Conventional project management method is not suitable these days. It can lead to confusions and it also involves a lot of paperwork. Hence, eventually the process of project management becomes costly with traditional method for project management. To cut down cost by reducing paperwork and to attain more organized or systematic approach for project management, using CaseCamp is highly recommended.

Agile Tool for Project Management

CaseCamp has been regarded as open of the leading and agile tools for project management. It comes with interesting ranges of features and advanced options CaseCamp comes with all standardized options for project management. It gives option for adding multiple projects, project completion rate analysis, deadline, to do list and many more. Creating a new project and running the project is hassling free experience. The software can be shared as centralized project management platform among the remote users. Overall, the software is poised with all sorts of advanced features and options to make the process of project management tactful and robust.

Cost-effective Tool

CaseCamp is a cost-effective tool. It comes with some basic project management features as well as options. The software comes with trial membership. Users can have up to 10 projects with the free trail membership. This is one of the best benefits of this tool. Other project management tools do not offer such wide range of options with trial version of the software. They do not also offer free use of the tool till 10 projects. Apart from this, CaseCamp is cheaper in terms of price of membership than other project management tools. Due to all these reasons, CaseCamp can be termed as cost-effective or affordable project management tool. It comes within the range of affordability for both freelancers and small businesses.

CaseCamp comes with many advanced features as well as options for effectual and tactful project management. The software is user-friendly and also poised with excellent ranges of options. With simple, modern and robust interface, it makes the process of project management simpler.

Choosing between CaseCamp and TimeCamp

The pleasure of project management reaches its zenith with the help of the innovative and impressive project management tools that perfects the domain of project management with the diversified features. A proper project management requires seamless integration, collaboration and operation of all the tasks of a project by ensuring active participation from all the team members. Though the output of a project management tool is similar for all the tools today, yet, the features of each tool might differ in certain ways. These differences make it very easy for the businesses to identify the exact product that can be chosen in order to meet the requirements. Two of the major players in the genre of project management are CaseCamp and TimeCamp. Both these offer various services related to project management but there are some distinguishing factors between the two tools. These points are mentioned below for better understanding:

•    As the name goes for TimeCamp, there are certain exclusive time-related tools here like time entry notes, time entry time-to-time, graphical timesheets, computer activities assigned to time entries, automatic time tracking with rules and keywords, away time detection and timer unlike CaseCamp that does not have so many time tools although has a designated time management system that perform almost the similar tasks as those mentioned above.

•    Gantt chart analysis, which is a fabulous feature of the CaseCamp software, is not present in the TimeCamp software.

•    There is a separate ticketing system in CaseCamp project management tool that cannot be found in TimeCamp tool but the feature of providing support in the TimeCamp software is present in different form.

•    The Code Integration facility is one of the best features of the CaseCamp project management software whereas the TimeCamp software does the active directory integration.

•    Other main differentiating points between the two tools pertain to the domain of document management, task synchronization, creation of teams or groups in a project, iOS App tracking, Android App tracking, calendar based project management and budget management.

All these points will enable the businesses of various types to select the actual project management tool that will be suitable for a particular business.